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the apocalypse done right chapter 9

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(there will be some mistakes, i didn have wifi)

it would take a while for the base to be constructed on the top floor, so I grabbed my ice pick and a couple of pistols.

I walked to the gate and hopped over it and made my way to the zombie-infested streets.

[you are leaving your safe zone.

difficulty: easy, hard, insane, YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE.]

since I was already used to the apocalypse and knew the zombies I would face I clicked you will not survive.

[you will not survive: zombies will actively hunt you down. they will do anything in their power to kill you.


increase crystals

increase stats


- every zombie knows your location.

-mini-bosses know your location automatically

- zombies increase in strength periodically.

- "portals" will start appearing if completed


1 hour: nothing

2 hours: antibiotics

3 hours: (zombies start appearing infinitely)

4 hours: snack bar (it serves unlimited Mexican food)

5 hours: body refinement pill

6 hours: a phone with all the LN

7 hours: boss

8 hours: ( zombies get higher durability)

9 hours: title "to angry to die".

10 hours: ????


24 hours: 15 red crystals]

in the distance, a screech so horrific was heard. I put on my earphones and played music and readied my scythe.

the sounds of thousands of zombies were heard throughout the city. the remaining people in the city looked horrified and tried their best to not make any sounds.

I could see zombies emerge from the alleyways, and windows and even the cannibals were emerging from the sewers.

"ain that some **," I said.

I could feel that the zombies were now bloodlust, and they started sprinting toward me.

I started with a jog before I started slashing off heads. in my hands, the scythe looked like a flash of purple. heads were rolling, limbs were flying, and even bolt joined in on the fun.

where he came from? I don know either, but at least he can take out the weaker zombies.

I laughed out loud as the big boys started appearing. margwas, tanks, eagles, toxic zombies, even bombers.

I took aim and shot the explosives in the chest causing hordes of zombies to be exploded.

I used my scythe to cartwheel backward and out of danger. I saved my pistol ammo for the margwas because ain no way am I getting close to its disgusting mouth.

slash, shoot, roll, shoot... seconds turned into minutes, minutes turned into hours...

I was able to stay awake because my body was stronger and faster than normal humans.

also because I was shoving crystals in my mouth to recover my stamina. luckily there weren any side effects except constant headaches.

at least it helps recover my stamina, otherwise, I would not be able dead by now.

I got an incoming call and as fast as I could I clicked the button on my earphones and answered the call.

"what are you doing," I heard Anna shout.

I flinched at the loud noise and answered, "what do you mean."

"you are on the television and it shows you fighting hordes of zombies," she said.

"is that SO," I said the last part louder as I took a big swing with the scythe.

"you are surrounded by the monsters," violet shouted over the phone.

"I need only ten more minutes," I said as I cartwheeled backward dodging an attack from a tank.

bolt came to my side and he took off the tanks arm.


species: mutated wolf

level up

3 red cores

14 purple]

"good boy," I said shooting an eagle.

I noticed the zombies began to be scarce and I only saw fifty zombies left.

I knew there were hundreds of thousands of zombies still left in the city but the alarm I set for 24 hours went off.

after dispatching the zombies I went to the nearest hotel and took a nice shower and cleared all the blood from my hair.

when I got out of the shower I got a message from the system and I checked it out.

(author note: Im just going to estimate that she killed an average of 310 zombies an hour, it usually would be at least 700 but too much math makes my head hurt

310 x 60 = 18,600

18,600 x 24 = 446,400

446,400 x 5 = 2,232,000

2,232,000 ÷ 20,000 = 111.6

author note end]

[name: Diana

(XP 400/20,100) (lvl 194)

strength: 100 (x7)

speed 100(x7)

vitality 100 (x7)

endurance 100(x7)

sense 40 (100 max)


{you completed YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE

claim rewards?


I clicked on yes and a list of rewards was given to me.

(Im going to put it here)

I had to say they were good rewards for killing zombies endlessly. bolt and I made our way to the bunker.

I entered to see the 5 girls staring at me and I knew I was **ed, even bolt knew it.

he had to shrink his size to fit in the door and when he saw the girls he shrunk into a puppy and hid behind my feet.

"what were you thinking," Anna said limping towards me.

she walked forward and smacked me, however instead of it hurting me, it instead made her scream in pain.

she grabbed her hand and I made my over to her and inspected her hand.

"sprained... should be fixed in a day or two," I informed.

it would take minutes if I gave her a core, so I grabbed one from my bag and gave it to her.

"eat this. it will heal in minutes and it will strengthen your body, downside? you might get some headaches," I told her.

"aren those from the zombies," Vanessa said horrified.

"Trust me these things aren harmful. there not even toxic, trust me you think I would give something harmful to my sister?

if you don believe me Ill take them right now," I said.

to prove my point I grabbed my knife and cut myself and I popped a crystal into my mouth and swallowed.

it healed within seconds because of my high vitality. however, what didn last was my sister hitting me with a pan.

it bent the pan and I felt a sting.

"a perfectly good pan wasted," I said rubbing my head.

I grabbed the pan and looked at the big head that was implanted into it and damn I had a big head.

"damn I got a big head," I said surprised.


i hope you enjoyed it, Im going to to update

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