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the girl was looking at the floor boss it was a large lizard that was on fire it was asleep making puffs of smoke when it snores it had a red gem on its neck the girl started to think of what she can do to get the gem she came up with a idea it was her spell she can freeze it so she started to build the spells in here core she then aimed at its mouth and the legs

she did hit it but she miss one of its legs so when she was going for the gem it started to slash the leg at her but she just started to pull out the gem she got the gem out but she lost one of her legs for it but when the gem came out the lizard died

[ boss: ruby lizard prince has been slade the slare rewards for the boss is]

> 1500xp

> 5 soul

> ruby lizard robes

> normal grade mutation

[level up 8>10

[ 6 stats points in soul and mind 4 stats points in body because of race:nature zombie]

[ 4 stats points in soul and 2 stats points because of gene:sunshine witch]

[ stats increase by

body 33>37

mind 34>40

soul 65>75

[ mid graded mutation was able to be added]

[mutation [gem spiked tail lv0] has been added to mutation pool]

"ahhh" said the girl as from her butt came out a small red tail it only being 5cm in length and 5mm in width on the tale was small red gems and the end was like a arrowhead made of the same red gem

but the girl just didn care as she was staring down the big gem in her hands and as she looked at the gem it glowed an a weird energy went to her body and then the screen said

[ beast core has been observed]

>lesser mana core lv0-1

>spell core lv0-1

>1 enlightenment point

she then ate the body of the lizard giving her 150 biomass sadly she couldn eat the bones so she left them there and as she went to the next floor she missed that the mana she released from leveling and observing the gem went to the bones making green crystals these green crystals started to shift the bones making a humanoid body and then the crystals covered it and made a crystalline skin it looked like a female lizardman with very shiny skin that was fuming in anger and said " most find her most make her mine brood queen for she has given me life"

" yes sister we must make her aware brood queen" said the Droid that came out of the trees this time she didn have spider legs on her back but a second set of hands made of spider limbs "and if we want her we must fuse as we are both her creatures so we have the ability too it will make us stronger it will be the way for us to make her aware brood queen for good" the Droid walk up to the crystal lizardman and grabbed her hand and then a light came out from there bodys and there body started to fuse the Droid body grow to the sizes of the lizardman and her first set of arms grow scales and the nails grow sharp and crystalline her eyes opened they were like that of a dragon and her tail was segmented because of the gem like carapace and as the fusion finished she sigh " now I must find her she is my everything I need her I want her to be mine she is my ... .. .

the girl was at the beginning of the fourth floor and the monsters on this floor are harpies and a group of harpies are in front of her and they started to launch feathers at her and the feathers were able to get through her defenses sticking to her arm this is bad as she cannot attack them as they are flying and her spell is too slow to hit them so she ran back up the stairs but the harpies just followed her up too she could not get away from them as hard as she can but it was impossible and to make it worse one of the harpies hit a feather in to her eye blinding the eye and just as her hp was reaching zero she heard a roar

" ruauaaagh how dare you hurt my precious Gaia you filthy birds I pluck your wings out and smash your head with my hands" that was the last thing she heard as she slowly fell unconscious but before she fully fell unconscious she so this message

[name has been given by Droid the name of mutant body is Gaia and by having a name Gaia has been granted the evolution of mutation [ rotten brain lv0] to [ rotten heart lv0] and by have a rank 4 gene you have been given a family name: Soulennix]


(Droids POV)

hose waek poultry thought they can kill my Gaia because she can attack them they hurt her so much that she went unconscious I must protect her but first I need to pull out the feathers in her body it makes me more angry at how damaged her body is I must find a safe place and this dungeon is not safe at all I must leave and that is what the Droid did it pick up Gaia off the ground and ran out of the dungeon finding a luxury room in a abandoned night club yes this room is perfect for my Gaia she will love it it matches here eyes and because she thought of her eyes she remembered that they are destroyed and she has to pluck the feathers out she is still angry that someone dared to hurt her Gaia but seeing her full body she just hug Gaia and then looked at her status


name:Droid Crystales


Class:forest warrior






skills: slash lv1, tail smash lv0,forest fuse lv5, fast recovery lv1, fire breath lv0, forest wrath lv2, silk makingl v1, command reptiles lv0,poison bite lv0

special skills: Gaia beast fuse, body manipulation

skill point:5

it would be best to use my skill points for now as a means to protect my Gaia so level up slash to 6 Droid just stayed with Gaia in her arm till she fell asleep on the bed with the one she loved


(Gaia POV)

I felt a this soft thing blanketing my body that was still not fully recovered from the harpies then I moved my arm but it was stuck in something and then I heard a moan from the thing I then started to freak out as I might be in danger an after some struggling I made it out of the blanket and what I saw made me freeze it was some sort of person with four arms and a tail and as I was frozen it started to wake up and her eyes opened they were emerald green and looked like the eyes of a lizard but much more dominating

it then spoke "ahhh Gaia your awake Im so happy that you are ok I wouldve cried if you didn wake up im so happy Im so happy Im so happy Im so happy" said the weird lady she was crushing me in her arms it was painful "ahhwgh stop you are hurting me and how are you and way are you calling me Gaia" she then started to lessen her grip on me and looked down and started to pout " Im sorry for hurting you it was a acedent and my name is Droid and I gave you the name Gaia because you gave me live and you are my world" she said that with a light blush on her face but I was still confused by what she said " what do you mean by I gave you life" I said in confusion "when you evolved it released a lot of nature energy and it needed to go somewhere and it went in to the plants and when a spider passed by it fused with it making the Droid and then the Droid followed you till it found another the Crystales then they fused making me Droid Crystales and if you make me apart of your family I can gain your family name so please make me apart of your family" that was a lot to take in but I went with it " so how do I add you to my family"

[ Gaia is try to add Droid to her family what part do you put her]



" ohhumm it says that I have two choices them being wife and sister which one should I choose" I saw that when I said wife Droid hummed at that "chose wife chose it chose it chose it" " ok ok ok I choosing it" and I pressed on wife

[ congratulations on your wedding as you are now married to Droid Crystales Soulennix you gain the ability to see your wifes system massages you may now kiss the bride]

and as that massage ended Droid grabbed my head and gave a deep passionate kiss to my lips the sensation was amazing my new rotten heart started to beat faster I feel like I never want this to end she then started to poke her tongue although I like this it has to stop so I pull away from her lips "we need to stop" she looked at me like her puppy died " but but I want you so much please allow me to do more" "n n n n no I have to use my biomass" " what Gaia you are a mutant" Droid was surprised by what I said " y yes I am" she then hugged me "Im so happy to have such a powerful wife but for now Ill let you use your biomass" I then started to look at my mutations Droid was looking over my shoulder " hay Droid what should I do should I upgrade my tail or my other mutations" she had her head in my lap "humm I think that you should upgrade your tail so aware tails are the same" opening my status I started to upgrade my tail till it was able to evolve into [gem armored tail] or [ gem twin tail] I told Droid of my evolutions and we agreed that gem twin tail was the best choice next seeing that I also have enough to get one of my weaker mutations to evolve thinking that it will work together I start to upgrade my scales getting [poison scales] or [drake hide] choosing drake hide finishing off must of my biomass

my tails are now 50 cm long and 10 cm weighed my hull belly is covered in creamy white scales and the scales on my back have a underlined red glow to them and they felt warmth to the touch " wow Gaia your so awesome" said Droid as she laid on top of me inching closer " ohhumm Droid what are you doing" " oh you know having fun with my beautiful wifes body



Name:Gaia Soulennix

Race:nature zombie

Gene:sunshine witch






mutations:solar system eye lv0,undead mana eye lv0,iron nails lv0,perfect dead skin lv0,double row maw lv0,lesser mana core lv1,secondary muscular system lv0,rotten heart lv0, drake hide lv0,forest ears lv0, natures lungs lv0,spell core lv1,mana beast hide lv0, gem twin tail lv0


spells:frostbite, drakes flaming roar

family: Soulennix

wife: Droid Crystales Soulennix

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