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"thats a lot of fun stuff but first let me eat my food and see what I got" said the girl that was devouring the goblin shaman and she got 60 biomass from it so she finished upgrading the scale hide from lv8 to lv10 making it able to evolve into (slimy scales lv0) or (full body scales lv0) she choose the slimy scales as her evolution and then she upgraded natures ears to the max and it then evolved into the two choices of (pray ears lv0) or (forest ears lv0) and this time she had a natural dislike to the word pray so she instinctively picked the forest ears and the screen said something

[the mutant body has upgraded all mutations to the max they can at this point so when the mutant body evolves it will have a mutated evolution]

and as the screen said that the girls body changed as her scales turned dark green and started to produce a slime from the cracks in between the scales it was a small amount of slime but it was like a cyan color and her ear became more pointed and had a vine tattoo coming from them going to the base of her ears they had a liveliness to them as if they were really

"okay time to evolve?" said the girl as she taped on the evolution tab and she fell unconscious some kind of black shell covered her body as she was undergoing evolution

"where is this" said the girl as she was standing in a black sea and in front of her was a small stone pillar and on it was words that said " those how secure power will be given power" she didn care for what it said but she was interested in the blue screen in front of her that was talking to her

[the mutant body has started the evolution process]

[ the mutant body has reached the point of soul stat level to see evolution choices]

[ the mutant body has not reached the level to show what mutations happen to the evolution]

[these are the evolutions]

> strong zombie F

> blotted zombie F

> tanker zombie E

> mage zombie D

[ do note that the mutant body cannot see what changes to the evolutions but can read the descriptions of the evolutions to try to predict the mutations]

>strong zombie<

[it is just a stronger zombie then the rest it is little bit faster but it is still easy to kill]

stat points per lv (2 to body and 1 lv point)


>blotted zombie<

[it is slower but it has a acid filled belly]

stat points per lv (1 to all stats)

mutations: acid belly

>tanker zombie<

[ its a large zombie that has hard skin and that can charge at you]

stat point per lv (3 to body 1 to mind)

mutations: hard skin, sprint legs

>mage zombie<

[ its a zombie that has started its path to magic attacks and intelligence as this zombie has a weaker body]

stat point per lv (3 to mind 1 to soul and body)

mutations: spell core, mana skin

" what are these and what is a mage zombie?"

[mutant body has chosen mage zombie as evolution]

[the evolution mage zombie has mutated into nature zombie]

>nature zombie<

[a mutation of a mage zombie this zombie has gills on its neck that suck in death mana and releases life mana this is one of the only type of undead that is not effected by life mana]

stat point per lv (3 to mind and soul 2 to body)

mutations: living lungs, spell core, natures mana skin

as the screen said this the sea disappeared and the girl fell asleep for the evolution was finishing up the shell the girl was in started to crack and a thick pollen was sprayed out of the shell making it cover plants and when it did the plants growth speed up but what came out from the pollen was a girl she had a red gem in her four head her body was less dead looking but still looked off she has gills on her neck that made small amount of life energy and her dirty black hair had a green end to it

"ahhh I feel so much better as if I am in a new body" said the girl as she was stretching making pop sounds come from her body "well I guess it is time to go to the next floor so I can test my new abilities" she then started to walk to the next floor of the dungeon

but as she was on the next floor a big spider walked to the plants that grow because of the pollen and then the plants started to move to the spider and tangled up the spider but instead of killing it it started to inbed into the carapace and started to reform to a humanoid shape it looks like a druid but it has spider legs coming from her back and she also had rubys on her hands "I must find her I must have her she will be mine"

as the girl got to the third floor she got attacked by a large lizard but it was not able to break her scales so she just stabbed it in the neck she then remembered the extra biomass that she can spend and with this lizard she has 55 biomass that is able to evolve something to lv10 and that is what she did she upgraded her [ undead claws lv0] all the way to lv10 making it evolve to either [large undead claws lv0] or [iron nails lv0] she choose the iron nail one and her claws became back to normal but they had a metallic luster to them

she then started to look for more monsters to hunt and at the end of her hunt she had killed most of the monsters from this floor she also noticed that the floor was bigger then the last floor and it had more monsters and with that she had a big chunk of biomass bringing it up to 195 that was so much she can level three things to lv10 and two to lv5 so she did she max [smooth dead skin lv10] [corrupted fangs lv10] [luner sun eye lv10] [living lungs lv5] and [natures mana skin lv5] her smooth dead skin evolved to [ perfect dead skin lv0] or [living skin lv0] she choose perfect dead skin next is corrupted fangs evolved to [death fangs lv0] or [double row maw lv0] she choose double row maw next is luner sun eye evolved to [solar system eye lv0] or [ falling sun eye lv0] she choose solar system eye next is living lungs evolved to [life giving lungs lv0] or [natures lungs lv0] she choose natures lungs next natures mana skin evolved to [ mana beast hide lv0] or [ forest beast hide lv0] she choose mana beast hide and she was now done with the evolutions so she was waiting for the changes the first was her skin it became smooth and soft but it was abnormally pale then her fangs stay but behind them was a secondary row of teeth her left eye became more red and the white dot where now in a what looks like a solar system and the last one was right next to the other eye after that the gills became bigger and had a green glow coming from them and last was some grey fur was now where her scales end

with all the monsters she killed she leveled up a lot

[level up 1>8

[ 21 stat points in soul and mind 14 stat points in body because of race:nature zombie]

[14 stat points in soul and 7 stat points because of gene:sunshine witch]

[stats increase by







Race:nature zombie

Gene:sunshine witch






mutations:solar system eye lv0, undead mana eye lv0,iron nails lv0,perfect dead skin lv0, double row maw lv0, lesser mana core lv0, secondary muscular system lv0, rotten brain lv0, slimy scales lv0,forest ears lv0, natures lungs lv0, mana beast hide lv0


spells:frostbite:a spell that shots a ball of mist at the target freezing where it hits

mana cost:15

spell rank:beginner


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