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"who am I" said the girl she looked to know nothing as if she was just born her face showed eyes that were curious of the world as many thoughts cross her mind they were growing in number but then she saw the body of the snake and started to eat the body giving her 30 biomass making a screen appeared

[mutant body has reached the mind level to choose mutations for its self]

" ohh what is this thingy what can it do" said the girl as she started to play with the screen going to the mutation pool seeing the things on it first she taped on the [luner sun eye lv0] but the screen said that she was to low of a rank to level up the eye so she started to tap on other ones till she stopped at [dead skin lv0] leveling it up to 5 and then it said it was evolving it gave her two options to what it can evolve to the first was [hard dead skin lv0] and the other was [ smooth dead skin lv0] she again just tap one and that was the smooth one she the started to tap on other ones but the only one that worked was the [snake scales lv0] making it evolve too the options of the scales was [scale hide lv0] and [ plated skin lv0] this time she chose the hide and then the screen disappeared and she felt warmed and tingly

her body started to change first her skin healed and looked more healthy but still blue and then scales started to grow on her skin growing on her arms and shins they grow on her back under her breast and some under her eyes the color of the scales were grey and dead looking and she was now taller by a inch or two but she was by human standards beautiful but that does not mean anything in the world of beast so after she was done with this floor she went down the stairs to the next floor

the second floor was not much different from the first it was less a juggle and more a forest but there were beast here so she started to walk around until she met a little green man with a rusty sword but it was easy to kill but gave a very small amount of xp and the biomass was the same as the rats and so she started to hunt the green man as they were easy to kill and had a good amount of biomass for how weak they


as she was hunting she found a group of the green man four with swords and one with a bow she started to run at them on all four she then jumped on the lead of the group slashing it and started to do the same to the rest of the group but the one with a bow got away so she just ate the four getting to 15 biomass and added it to the only thing she could that being the [ scale hide lv0] and bringing it up to lv5 but it did not evolve so she just needs to hunt more which she likes to do so she started to walk to where the green man with a bow ran towards a small opening that was filled with small huts

as the girl started to get closer she saw a large hut in the middle of the opening and the bow man was running to it and when it got there a larger one came out of the hut with a club in hand when it saw the bow man run to it it started to yell at the man but after it saw what the bow man was pointing at it smirked at the girl it the screamed and all of the green man left there huts after they saw the beauty at their door they grind and got there weapons ready

one of the green man with a stone spear changed at the girl but she blocked the attack with the scales on her arm making some of them to crack but she didn care a just swiped at the man ripping his throat open to the eyes of the others they saw their brother die some of them looked scared but most were raging to kill her

five of the green man changed at her but she had already killed one of the cowards the big one started to get mad that his men where being massacred some of his man even ran to go to the other village so he started to run at the girl and then swung the club at her but missed the attack and got bite on the neck hard trying to swing his body around to get the girl off his neck but that was a bad move as when the girl fell off she had a big chunk of his neck in her mouth as he slowly died he watched the girl swallow the chunk of neck and started to walk to him and punched his head in

she started to eat all of the green man she killed but she knew that some ran but she can smell them so she just ate the bodys and leave them for later when she was done eat she got 24 biomass getting the scales to lv8 with 3 leftover biomass she then started to fallow the trails of the green man that ran what she found was a smaller camp of green man guarding at doorway to the next floor but it was guarded by one of those big green man but he had a skull on his head and a staff as she was looking at the big one she had killed the rest of the green man and as she got to the man he spoke saying "so yourrr theee one thattt killlled myyy mannn youuu better beee ready to makeee myy newww mannn"

the green man started to dance and chant but she was already slashing at him but he was able to get a attack off the attack was a ice arrow that stabbed her hand and started to freeze it but the man was dead by that time and so like last time she got a notification

[ floor 2 boss: goblin shaman has been slade the slare rewards for the boss is]


> 3 to mind and soul

> spell scroll: (fireball)

>low grade mutation

[level up8>10]

[2 stat points in body and 2 stat points because of race:zombie]

[4 stat points in soul and 2 stat points because of gene:sunshine witch]

[ mutant body has reached the max level of there race when user is ready to evolve go to the evolution menu]

[ stats increase by]

body: 17>19



[ low graded mutation was able to be added]

[mutation [ natures ears] has been added to mutation pool]

[ spell scroll:(fireball) has been added to core]

[ do to the core being dead the spell has changed to (frostbite)]

the girl stared at the wall of texts in front of her as she did , her head started to hurt as new Knowledge of the spell (frostbite) was put in her head and her ear became flatter and pointed as the mutation [natures ears] appeared




gene:sunshine witch

lv:10/10 (can evolve)





mutations:dead sun eye lv0, undead mana eye lv0, undead claws lv0, smooth dead skin lv0,corrupted fangs lv0, lesser mana core lv0, secondary muscular system lv0, rotten brain lv0, scale hide lv0, natures ears lv0



frostbite: a spell that shots a ball of mist at the target freezing where it hits

mana cost: 15

spell rank: beginner


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