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Chapter 26: Fear

At this moment, Huang Wei looked over and his gaze met Huang Xiaolongs. The corner of Huang Weis mouth stretched into a disdainful sneer, and his eyes were brimming with hatred.

Ever since they came back from the Li Residence, Huang Weis hatred towards Huang Xiaolong increased every day. Every time he recalled the scene of Li Lu holding Huang Xiaolongs hands right in front of him, asking Huang Xiaolong not to leave, he wished he could gnaw on Huang Xiaolongs flesh and drink his blood.

Their gazes collided and shifted away.

Huang Xiaolong, his father and mother sat across Huang Ming, father and son.

A short while later, Grandfather Huang Qide arrived.

Seeing his Grandfather appear again at this years Clan Assembly, Huang Xiaolong already knew why. In spite of the fact that he trained Huang Wei wholeheartedly, at last years Clan Assembly, Huang Xiaolong beat up Huang Wei ruthlessly, and it more or less blemished his reputation.

This time, most likely, he wanted to see Huang Wei return the favor, so that his reputation would remain untarnished.

Everyone stood up to salute as Huang Qide walked towards the main podium.

“En, everyone sit down.” Huang Qides face was full of smiles as he waved his hand to indicate everyone to sit.

And everyone sat down.

Same as last year, Chief Housekeeper Chen Ying stood up to oversee the event. After he had received Huang Qides nod of approval, he declared loudly. “The Annual Assembly begins!”

The Annual Clan Assembly begins!

For a moment, the Main Foyer was silent. Then, one by one, the disciples who had awakened their martial spirits this year went up the stage to spar with each other.

And those who had awakened their martial spirits last year were to wait for the new disciples to finish before they could go up the martial stage.

No one was really paying attention to the spar between this years disciples who just awakened their martial spirits not too long ago; it was clear they were looking forward to the fight between Huang Wei and Huang Xiaolong.

Last year, Huang Wei, as Huang Clan Manors most talented person, the person that the Old Manor Lord trained with dedication, was severely walloped by Huang Xiaolong, what would happen this year

Huang Qide too was filled with expectation as he sat upon the main podium.

Under the crowds expectation, the first batch of disciples finished.

Once again, the Main Foyer were strangely quiet for a moment. Almost at the same time, all looked towards Huang Wei and Huang Xiaolong.

What differed from last year was, this time, Huang Xiaolong stood up first, and slowly walked up to the martial stage at the center.

Seeing it was Huang Xiaolong who first went to the stage, the crowd felt a little strange.

Standing tall on the martial stage, Huang Xiaolong looked at Huang Wei, in a cold voice said, “What Afraid to come up”

Huang Wei jumped up in anger, with a sarcastichaha laugh, he leaped onto the martial stage. As he stood across Huang Xiaolong, he said “Me, afraid to come up Thats the funniest joke under the heavens! Last time you ambushed me, and were lucky enough to win by half a move, do you think you will be fortunate again this year”

The entire hall was silent as his words rang out.

Weird expressions swept through the crowd.

Ambush Lucky enough to win by half a move

Huang Xiaolong didnt expect this Huang Weis skin is thick to this extent.

Huang Wei ignored the weird stares thrown at him, turned his head towards Huang Qide and said, “Grandfather, according to Assemblys rules during the sparring event no one is allowed to interfere, correct”

He looked at Huang Peng when he finished saying this; his meaning was written all over his face– he was afraid Huang Peng couldnt control himself and interfere if Huang Xiaolong was beaten half to death.

“Yes, no matter who it is, no one is allowed to interfere!” Huang Qide nodded as he said with a decisive tone, not to be doubted. When all who were present heard this, they realized this is the Old Manor Lords warning to Huang Peng.

How could Huang Peng and Su Yan not realize what Huang Qides words meant Even though they were angered, they were mostly worried about their son.

Huang Wei calmed down after he got Grandfathers assurance. A blood-thirsty light flashed across his eyes as turned around to look at Huang Xiaolong. The anger and hatred that he had been suppressing for the past year broke out completely.

“Huang Xiaolong, today I will show you the difference between grade ten martial spirits and grade seven martial spirits! I will let you see how far my terrifying strength has reached!” Huang Wei said in a low voice as his battle qi broke out like flash flood, exhibiting his strength before all those present and at the same time, his martial spirit, the Three-Eyed Black Tiger appeared behind him.

Compared to last year, it had grown two-thirds bigger, black rays glimmered on its body, and it emanated the coercion of a Xiantian.

“Such a strong battle qi! This is Third Order, no, peak mid-Third Order! God, its actually the peak of the mid-Third Order!”

“Young Lord Huang Weis talent defying the heavens. Within a year, he advanced from Second Order to peak mid-Third Order!”

Every elder and housekeeper inside the Main Foyer was shocked with their mouths agape– some even jumped up from their seats.

On the main podium, when Huang Qide saw the elders, and housekeepers shocked faces when Huang Wei revealed his strength, his face was full of smiles, which turned into laughter for he couldnt resist laughing out loud.

Below the stage, Huang Mings face had already blossomed into a big smile early on, and he nodded his head in satisfaction as he looked at his son.

Having revealed his strength, Huang Wei looked at Huang Xiaolong with a smirk and said in a cold tone. “Huang Xiaolong, now that youve seen the extent of my strength do you feel extreme fear! Dont worry, fear is normal, and no one here will laugh at you! Finally, you understand the gap between our talents The difference between us is not something your dog ** luck of three Yang fruits can make-up!”

“Fear” Huang Xiaolong looked at Huang Wei who was feeling full of himself, shook his head and said icily, “Is this all the strength you have Make your move, this time not only do I want to beat you until your Dad cant recognize you, but I will hit till even Grandfather cant recognize you!”

The group of elders and housekeepers heard this and each shook their heads. Not one person believed Young Lord Huang Xiaolong would emerge victorious against a peak mid-Third Order Young Master Huang Wei.

And anger was apparent on Huang Qides face, as he sat on the podium. This grandson, Huang Xiaolong, was too presumptuous!

“Really” Huang Wei laughed. A hint of viciousness flitted across his eyes and his silhouette flashed and in the blink of an eye, he appeared before Huang Xiaolong. His fists punched out with all his might.

“Xiaolong!” Seeing Huang Weis fist was about to hit Huang Xiaolong, Huang Peng, and Su Yans faces were filled with worry as they stood up from their seats. At this time, Huang Qide who was angered by Huang Xiaolongs presumptuous sentence released his aura, locking onto his son, Huang Peng, his eyes icy as he shouted, “Whoever dares to interfere will be dealt with according to the clan rules!”

However, at this time, Huang Qide suddenly noticed that the Main Foyer had fallen into a strange silence, every elder, housekeeper and disciple were stunned with their mouths wide open looking at the martial stage. Feeling doubt, Huang Qide turned towards the stage just like everyone. On the stage, nobody knew when Huang Weis fists that were about to hit Huang Xiaolong was locked and stopped midair!

With Huang Qide and everyone else watching with rapt attention, Huang Xiaolong looked coldly at Huang Wei and said, “I too shall let you see part of my strength!”


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