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invincible Chapter 24: Protecting Loved Ones

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Chapter 24: Protecting Loved Ones

After Li Mu had spoken, Li Cheng was feeling very nervous as he went towards the blood-soaked coffin. His palm hit the coffin cover, and it flew away, revealing the dead body of a sixteen to seventeen-year-old boy!

The color of the boys skin had turned to a muted green, so dark that it looked almost black.

When Li Cheng got a clear look at the youths face, his entire body trembled and his eyes became red-rimmed as tears fell from his face. “Fenger! My Fenger!” Li Cheng carried the boys body out of the coffin and hugged him tightly.

“My Fenger!”

“You cannot die, Fenger!”

Li Chengs mournful wails were heart-wrenching.

And when Li Mu saw the young boys face, tears fell from his face. He stood there and cried, no longer caring about face or dignity before the crowd.

“Brother, Brother!” At this moment, Li Lu who was standing beside Huang Xiaolong dashed out to reach the young boy, sobbing pitifully as both of her hands shook the young boys shoulder. “Brother, whats wrong with you Brother, please wake up! I dont want you to die, I dont want to you to die!”

“Brother, please wake up!”

“Wake up!”

Li Lus sobs were choked, unable to come out.

At this time, the guards, maids, and experts of the Li Residence all knelt down and cries filled the area. The young boy who died was Li Lus brother, Li Feng and Li Chengs only son. Li Fengs was very talented and, like Li Lu, he possessed top grade nine martial spirits. Three years ago, he was spotted by Distinct Cloud Sect, one of the most prominent sects of Luo Tong Kingdom, and was taken as an inner court disciple. No one could have imagined that he would be killed and sent back to Li Residence as Li Mus birthday gift!

All the patriarchs of the other families and experts who were present shook their heads. They came to congratulate Old Patriarch Li on his eightieth birthday, but instead this scene unraveled before them!

“Fenger, this is Grandfathers fault. Grandfather has harmed you!” Li Mu knelt down, both of his hands trembled as he touched his grandsons face. His tears fell on on his grandsons body, but his grandson could no longer move, and could no longer hear his voice.

“Rest assured, Grandfather will definitely avenge you! Absolutely!” Determination showed in Li Mus eyes.

From afar, Huang Xiaolongs eyes were red as he watched the scene before him.

All around was silence.

After a long time has passed, Li Mu carried his grandsons body into Li Residence, and everyone followed. Inside the Li Residence, the once festive and colorful decorations with the red clothes were now offensive to the eye.

The birthday banquet did not happen.

And not long after, the patriarchs and experts who came to convey congratulatory wishes left. The initially festive and lively Li Residence became gloomy and deadly silent.

In the end, only Huang Xiaolongs group of five was the last to remain in Li Residence.

“Brother Li, Im sorry for your grief.” Huang Qide came beside Li Mu and said in barely a whisper. “If theres anything, all you need is to send a message, our Huang Clan Manor will be the first to assist!”

Even Huang Qide didnt imagine such a thing would happen; given the circumstances, it no longer made sense for them to stay any longer at Li Residence.

“Brother Huang, thank you!” Li Mu said in a sorrowful voice.

Huang Qide nodded for there was nothing more that could be said; he turned around and was about to leave with Huang Xiaolong and the rest, but Li Lu suddenly ran over to Huang Xiaolong, sobbing, ”Xiaolong, dont go, okay”

All present turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong blanked. He hesitated for a moment, and then he patted Li Lus shoulder gently, and said, “Dont worry. I will come and visit you often. I will kill whoever is responsible and avenge your brother.”

Hearing Huang Xiaolongs words, everyone smiled while shaking their heads; they took his words as something naïve children would say, and none of them took Huang Xiaolongs words seriously. Even Li Mu wasnt confident to kill the other party, not to say an eight-year-old child

“Then you definitely must come and see me.” Li Lu said as tears ran down her face.

Huang Xiaolong could only nod.

Li Mu got up and personally saw Huang Xiaolongs group out of the Li Residence and only went back in when the five silhouettes vanished.

By evening, Huang Xiaolongs group of five reached Huang Clan Manor.

Huang Xiaolong did not practice that night. He stood on a peak in the back mountain, looking at the twinkling stars in the evening sky.

Two meters behind Huang Xiaolong, stood Fei Hou, keeping watch.

Out of nowhere, Huang Xiaolong suddenly asked,“Fei Hou, when people die, do you think they will become a star in the night sky”

Fei Hou was stunned, for he didnt expect Huang Xiaolong would ask such a question. “Stars in the night sky”

“In my previous hometown, someone once said that when a person dies, they become a star in the night sky to protect their loved ones.” Huang Xiaolong explained softly.

“Become a star in the night sky To protect their loved ones” Fei Hou shook his head, smiled. “In this world, only those with power and strength can guard and protect their loved ones.”

“Power and strength!” Huang Xiaolong repeated.

“Yes, power and strength!” Fei Hou nodded.

Thats right, power and strength! Huang Xiaolong clenched his fists tightly. Under the night sky, his eyes shone like the stars– only the strong have the power to guard and protect loved ones.

He must become strong! He had to grow stronger quickly!

Only this way could he guard and protect his loved ones!

An invisible aura emanated from Huang Xiaolong, scaring Fei Hou.

“Lets go back!” Huang Xiaolong said lightly a moment later while withdrawing the aura emanating from his body. He turned around and headed downwards towards Huang Clan Manor and Fei Hou followed.

Once back at Huang Clan Manor, Huang Xiaolong took out the cold jade bed, sat down, and started practicing Asura Tactics as the spiritual aura from the netherworld gushed down like an endless waterfall.


Time flies and quickly ten months went by.

Huang Peng noticed that his son had increased his effort in training ever since he came back from Li Residence. Every day, his son stayed inside the small courtyard to practice, hardly stepping out. His parents hearts ached to see their sons crazed training regimen, so they decided to go to the small courtyard and visit Huang Xiaolong.

In the past ten months, Huang Xiaolongs battle qi increased at a monstrous rate. Half a month after he came back from Li Residence, he advanced to mid-Fourth Order from peak early-Fourth Order, and two months later, late-Fourth Order.

After ten months, not only did Huang Xiaolong breakthrough to the Fifth Order, he actually advanced to peak late-Fifth Order!

As for the Body Metamorphose Scripture, he had reached the fifth stage – Power to Haul Nine Bulls Like One.

That morning, the weather was sunny. At the back mountain, Huang Xiaolong swung his blades and a hundred rays of light appeared, forming two five meters tall cyclones circling nonstop. As Tempest of Hell rotated, every tree and bush in its path was cut into a hundred pieces, when suddenly the two cyclones swerved to the left, and then swerved again to the right!

In ten months, not only had Tempest of Hells power increased ten times, but Huang Xiaolong could already control the direction according to his will. Now, his Tempest of Hell could last twelve to thirteen breaths of time.

“Tempest of Hell has reached major completion and now it only lacks power!” Huang Xiaolong mumbled to himself as he surveyed the surrounding. He has already grasped the mood of Tempest of Hell and its power would continue to increase along with his battle qi.

It was stated on that piece of paper that once there was someone who used this move, it would annihilate everything within a ten thousand li radius and not even a blade of grass would survive!

“There are only twenty more days to the next Clan Assembly.” Huang Xiaolong thought to himself as he recalled Blades of Asura and they flew back into his arms.


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