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invincible Chapter 14: Second Order Warrior!

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Chapter 14: Second Order Warrior!

The peak late-First Order!

Su Yan has the same expression as Huang Peng except that hers was more happy than surprised; looking at her son on the stage, she suddenly became misty-eyed: “This kid!”

A smile touched her face, and she finally understood what her son meant when he said that he wouldnt disappoint them no matter what.

It turned out her son had already reached peak late-First Order! No wonder he had been acting as if there was nothing to fear!

Huang Wei finally came to his senses after being pushed back by Huang Xiaolong, and he began lashing out angrily: “Impossible, this is not possible! Its impossible that you too advanced to peak late-First Order!”

He possessed a grade ten martial spirit, he was a son of Heaven, and he had taken a thousand-year-old Leirion Heart Grass, not to mention that he put in five months of hard effort to breakthrough to peak late-First Order!

What about Huang Xiaolong He only had a grade seven martial spirit!

Huang Qide, Huang Ming, and the others were thinking the same thing as Huang Wei.

At this moment, Huang Peng went up to Huang Qide and explained: “Dad, four months ago, Xiaolong found five pieces of Yang fruit in a valley at the back mountain.”

“What Yang fruit!” Huang Qide and the others were greatly surprised.

“Yes, Xiaolong swallowed three pieces, and the remaining two were given to Su Yan and me. Im now a peak late-Sixth Order!” Huang Peng said and he released his battle qi of a peak late-Sixth Order.

“Swallowing three pieces of Yang fruit to cultivate.” Huang Qide looked speechlessly at Huang Xiaolong on the stage for words failed him.

Everyone present was informed of thereal reason about how Huang Xiaolong broke through to the peak late-First Order.

Three pieces of Yang fruit, ah!

Each piece of fruit was comparable to a stalk of Leirion Heart Grass.

“I didnt expect Xiaolong to have such good fortune– this is a good thing.” Huang Qide gave a small awkward laugh.

If these three pieces of Yang fruit were given to Huang Wei instead, he would have advanced to the Second Order! Huang Qide thought to himself.

Even Li Mu, who was sitting next to Huang Qide thought the act of Huang Xiaolong absorbing three pieces of Yang fruit was abominable. Gradually, everyone recovered from their shock and slowly seated down.

On the stage, Huang Wei was filled with jealousy, hatefully fixing a glare at Huang Xiaolong: “I say, so you ran into some dog ** luck and swallowed three pieces of Yang fruit and thus broke through to peak late-First Order!”

Smirking, Huang Xiaolong said: “So to say, the reason you advanced to peak late-First Order is not due to the thousand-year-old Leirion Heart Grass”

Huang Weis face reddened with shame, and he rushed forward without any warning, directing another attack at Huang Xiaolong. Huang Xiaolong unhurriedly raised his fists and punched out directly at Huang Weis incoming fist, instantly pushing Huang Wei back, and then he leaped up, extending a kick on Huang Weis stomach. Like the Zhou Xuedong from a few months earlier, Huang Wei flew back screaming in the shape of a cooked shrimp – it was seven to eight meters off the stage before he finally touched the ground.

Clutching his stomach, Huang Wei felt as if all of his internal organs shifted positions, tears rolled down from the corner of his eyes due to extreme pain.

Huang Xiaolong came up in front of Huang Wei, snickered “Five months ago didnt you say that you would cripple both of my arms during the Clans Assembly” A foot stamped on Huang Weis face as soon as the words were out.

Another miserable cry came out of Huang Wei.

Cripple both arms On the main podium, a frowning Huang Qide turned to look at his eldest son Huang Ming for he was unaware of this matter.

Faltering under his fathers questioning gaze, Huang Ming shrunk his neck as he tried to hide away.

At this time, another miserable scream escaped Huang Wei. Turning over to look, Huang Qide saw Huang Xiaolong tromping down another foot on Huang Weis face. Opening his mouth wanting to stop Huang Xiaolong, the question his grandson asked earlier ran across his mind ━ are others allowed to interrupt during the sparring event Unwillingly, Huang Qide closed his mouth with a trace of bitterness in his heart; at last, he understood the purpose of his grandsons question.

In total, Huang Xiaolong kicked Huang Wei three times in the face. Huang Weis looks, which could be considered as above average, finally got turned into a pig-head. Seeing that his son was beaten till unrecognizable, Huang Ming clenched his fists tightly. His usual deadpan expression was replaced with fury and a cold, sharp light glinted in his eyes.

“Ahh~!” Three continuous kicks from Huang Xiaolong drove Huang Wei berserk like a crazed beast, issuing a loud a roar, battle qi around his body rose alarmingly; a different aura rushed out from Huang Weis body.

This sudden change rendered everyone into a dazed with eyes protruding in shock.

Sensing the abrupt change in his sons, Huang Mings expression of fury melted into ecstasy.

“Young Lord Huang Wei had a breakthrough!”

“Second Order, this is Second Order atmosphere!”

Some of the Elders of Huang Clan Manor couldnt help but exclaim out loud.

Second Order!

With the sudden surge of battle qi around Huang Weis body who had just broken through to the Second Order, Huang Peng and Su Yan were once again on pins and needles; Huang Wei broke through to Second Order, does this mean...

“Good, good!” Huang Qide exclaimed in great joy seeing his grandson Huang Wei. Huang Wei unexpectedly advanced to Second Order during this years Clan Assembly, truly a pleasant surprise, ah!

Retreating a few steps, looking at the newly broke through Huang Wei, Huang Xiaolong too was slightly taken aback by the not so pleasant surprise.

“Second Order Warrior, eh.” Huang Xiaolong expression remained placid as it was.

At this moment, Huang Wei slowly stood up from the ground; both of his eyes were blood-red, murderously staring at Huang Xiaolong. Sensing an increase of power and battle qi within his body, Huang Wei articulated every single word: “In a while, I want you to kneel down and lick my toes!” Only this could wash away his earlier humiliation and disgrace.

“Really” Huang Xiaolong replied with indifference.

Screaming in rage, Huang Wei appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong in a flash; both fists beamed with battle qi, punching towards Huang Xiaolong. After advancing to Second Order, not only did his power increase, even his speed increased tremendously.

With their hearts in their mouth, Huang Peng and Su Yan were about to interrupt when, suddenly, Huang Xiaolong who was standing on the stage raised both of his fists as battle qi swirled around him, once again colliding straight against Huang Weis fists.

“Bang! A thunderous noise resounded as Huang Weis figure flew backward.

“What! Impossible, how could this be”

“Second Order Warrior! A Second Order warriors battle qi energy!”

Those Huang Clan Manor elders and stewards that had just sat back in their seats moments ago once again stood up in shock. A look of disbelief on their faces as they stared dumbly at Huang Xiaolong, eyes almost popping out from their sockets.

Both Huang Qide and Li Mu also stood up, disbelief written clearly in their eyes. This, what the f*ck is this Isnt this guys dog ** luck a little too strong!

Huang Qides head turned in Huang Pengs direction, whereas the doubly shocked Huang Peng smiled wryly and helplessly explained: “Dad, about this, Im also in the dark.” Son oh son, this son of his really made him worry too much! Never in his wildest dreams would he expect that his sons real strength was not the peak late-First Order but a Second Order.

Second Order, Second Order! As he watched his son on the stage, his body trembled with excitement, at this moment he has an impulse to rush up the stage and hug his son tightly.

A surge of pride emerged in Huang Pengs heart; this young boy who only cultivated for five months and reached the Second Order was his son, his, Huang Pengs son!

Su Yan stood rooted to the spot with her eyes slightly red and her expression was the same as her husbands.

“No, this cannot be, this cant be true, this isnt true!” On the stage, Huang Wei screamed like he has gone crazy, staring fixedly at Huang Xiaolong, shaking his head in denial.


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