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Chapter 9: And then some Time Passed!




As the scandal I spread apparently had an effect, and since Primrose refused all other tea parties after having learned it the hard way on the one party we attended, I was never again forced to attend a tea party, and it was decided that evening parties would be off-limits for me, too.

Nice, I did it! This is going to allow me to focus on my training.

Oh, come to think of it, this world measures time and dates with magic tools! With magic tools!! At least I’ve heard so!

A magic tool, huuuh… I really wanna have one myself.

That which is owned by most people (not only nobles, but even commoners) is inaccessible to me.

The reason is obvious.

Since I couldn’t do anything to fix it, I’ve been writing down the dates by myself.

When I later counted them after quite a while, close to two years, going by the other world’s time scale, had already passed.

During those two years not one day passed without me training my magic arts.

By now I’ve reached a level where I can unconsciously gather the fluffy something around me day and night.

As soon as I focus on it, I can draw Mr.

Fluff over from slightly distant places like a vacuum cleaner with a boosted suction power.

…I think that Mr.

Fluff might also be at fault for my physical abilities having gone through the roof.

――I wonder whether I’d be able to make a living without Mr.

Fluff Since I got slightly scared by the implications of that question, I further increased my muscle training menu.

…But you see, somehow, yeah…I’ve become capable of cleanly cutting a branch in half with my wooden sword…and not just that…it unfortunately looks like I could also cut it with a hand strike if I feel like it.

It’s totally turned into a shonen manga at this point.

Soon I might be able to cut things like rocks with my wooden sword.

And!! I’ve finally become able to use something similar to magic when I went through several trial and error runs by myself.

As I thought, Mr.

Fluff was the source of magic arts! When I transmit an image of water to Mr.

Fluff, he becomes water.

Well, I make it sound easy, but it was actually quite difficult, okay

I’ve also become able to somehow create stuff like fire, hot water, or ice.

I’ve resolved it by feeding energy to Mr.


――Once I succeeded with one type, several other types quickly became available as well.

In the end I also managed to create soap.

It was super, super tough, but I prevailed!

However…I wonder whether this is really the proper way of using magic arts…or maybe I should ask, is it magic arts that I’m using

When I leave this place some day and meet someone capable of using magic, I’ll beg them to teach me.

The same applies for magic tools.

My physical attacks …I can’t really tell.

Just like I haven’t fought anyone yet, I haven’t seen any fights so far either, so I can’t gauge my own abilities.

Going by the standards of the other world, I’ve gone way beyond superwoman and reached levels as you’d find them in manga and novels, but if it’s this world’s standard, I might still be among the weakest… Well, at least I feel stronger than the dumb girl, but that tells me nothing.

Right now I’m doing the very same training as it’s described in manga.

First I used self-made traps to dodge attacks and climbed a mountain up and down while blindfolded, but since that soon became too easy as well, I tried blindfolded mountain-climbing while carrying a rock.

I’d like to experience actual combat, but there’s simply no opponent at hand…

This place is behind a noble mansion, and probably part of its property, so I doubt that someone would pop out of the woodworks just like that.

――Stop, stop!

Just when I noticed that this was a “flag” going by the other world’s terminology, someone showed up as I was taking a rest after having finished my training.


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