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Chapter 150: Regarding the Work Pressure of that Maid

At first, during the introduction, Mr.

Amato’s reaction was dull because of the cherry bonsai, but afterwards he noticed the elf and dwarf, immediately latching on to them.

“Whooaaaaaaaa! An elf and a dwarf! The height of fantasy! Moreover, the lil’ elf is seriously way too cuuuute!”


It looked like he got totally infatuated with the pretty Plana, but I should warn him in advance.

“Ah, Mr.

Amato, elves and dwarves are fairies, and in this world, you see, humans will apparently die if they sleep with any other race, so be mindful of that, okay”


Amato suffered a heavy shock when I informed him of this.

“F-For real Am I possibly going to stay a virgin even after coming to this world”

A mutter I feel I shouldn’t have heard reached me.

――――Is he a guy who’s reached the stage of being a wizard

“N-No, umm, I don’t know about other humans.

In the first place, you’re from a different world, Mr.


Maybe you’re excluded of this world’s logic, so you might not die even if you have sex with other races.


“Doesn’t that mean I could die as well!”

Well, yeah, it does.



Being urged by Plana and Sahad, I immediately built workshops for them.

They’re saying their creative drive is somehow overflowing and they want to build all kinds of stuff.

I want to build stuff together with them if I get an urge to be creative as I think we’ll be able to build great things.

And so I constructed workshops allowing for various things to be built while keeping them at a reasonable distance from each other.

At this point, several servants with interest in crafting volunteered to become assistants.

Sahad immediately baked several plates for us, and we headed off to the cooks to ask them whether those would do.

“Oh, I see.

These are simple and will look great if you put colorful dishes on them.

“Using silverware for everything lacks taste in my eyes.

Even more so for gold.

What’s the idea behind insisting on glittering tableware if the food is supposed to play the main role anyway Sure, you could argue it’s for poison testing, but we don’t use any toxic ingredients to begin with.

So silverware is unnecessary.”

As the cooks apparently liked the ceramics as well, they ordered various sizes and forms from Sahad.



Afterwards the brewing team joined in, and we began the preparations for distilled liquor!

First I explained the concept of vaporization and taught them about the three states of gas, liquid and solid as the magic tools would be based on this.

Then again, in reality, it’d be fine even without magic tools.

I mean, the other world didn’t have any magic tools either.

Given that it’d be okay to heat the alcohol with fire, I first created a device for that, and once they understood the principle, it was turned into a magic tool.

As long as they get the principle, they’ll be able to reproduce it if it breaks, even if I’m gone.

And even without it being a magic tool, they’d be able to build the device to brew distilled liquor.

Sword acted as Sahad’s guard and strolled outside Ys, apparently patrolling the area or gathering ingredients.

Bennyboy hasn’t come back yet, but I’m sure he’s on his way back while selling goods and procuring all kinds of stuff.



…Anyway, even after I came back, things were quite busy.

And as I spent such busy days, one of the maids collapsed.

I hurriedly had her rest in her bed while nursing her.

After listening to her symptoms and asking her about her recent lifestyle, I examined her tongue, measured her pulse, palpated her, and made a diagnosis.

“It’s overwork, I guess.

Your kidneys and liver have weakened from exhaustion.

Your blood circulation is bad as well.

You likely felt dizzy due to water poisoning.”


I was taught about medical checkups directly, but it wasn’t my main occupation.

…As expected, we’re lacking hands over here.

“You don’t need to strain yourself so much.

I don’t want you to work to the extent of collapsing.”

“…I am terribly…sorry.

It is my failure for not having taken good care of my own health.”

“In that case, get proper rest.

If you lack manpower, then leave the things you can’t handle alone.

You don’t have to finish everything perfectly every time.

In the first place, once I get back, I can easily handle all of it with my magic, so it’s okay to cut corners,” I preached to her while putting her to sleep.

“…Anyway, you’ll be off work for now.

For the time being, take a rest for a week.

I’ll check your state afterwards, and extend your rest if necessary.”


Maid became speechless.

“Something like that…!”

“Something like this or that doesn’t matter, right Overwork can lead to death! Going by my knowledge, you might collapse and not wake up any more if you ignore it.

That’s why, come back after properly resting your body to get your health back up.

I’ll be troubled if you collapse again after forcing yourself!” I persuaded her, but she cried.

Hmm, is this girl a workaholic But, I won’t permit overwork!

Since it couldn’t be helped, I temporarily interrupted all my projects and managed the mansion by myself.

If I feel like doing something, I can do it! And since I got scolded that I shouldn’t steal the servants’ work, once I did, I simply didn’t do any of it.

Currently I can work as fast as ten ordinary people.

―No, I could probably be even faster.

I also handled the maid’s nursing, but I was told by the other maids, “Please stop since you are making Sally cry.”



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