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Chapter 145: I’m really Sorry for Being a Weaponsmith Crusher! »

5-6 minutes 08.11.2022


Since I had no other choice, I washed the cyclops with cleaning magic (an electrolytic alkali water jet spray!) and dried it afterwards.

Given that its meat was inedible, I stopped the bleeding by scorching the open wounds.

After putting a cloth around its head, I tossed it inside my magic bag, but is my bag able to actually hold the torso as well…

“I got it, I got it, you just need to wrap it up in a cloth, right I’ve just asked the dwarves to get us some cloth so that we’ll be able to tuck the torso into them if folded.”

Seemingly Sword had understood my plight, albeit looking super unwilling about it, and thus asked the dwarves to prepare some cloth.

Hence, after waiting for a while, the necessary cloth was carried over, so I wrapped up the torso and stuffed the bundle in a Ryoku.

At last the dwarves realized that my Ryokus weren’t tamed monsters but golems, resulting in them being surrounded by a horde of little guys staring at my Ryokus with keen curiosity twinkling in their eyes.

Close to them stood a pretty elven girl and a dwarven boy, chatting.

It seemed to be a pretty serious talk.

…Well, if I’m told that they don’t want to come along, I don’t plan to drag them with me either.

Even if I forced them to come with us, they’d just become a nuisance to our servants.

Once we brought the cyclops to the guild, it apparently turned out that they had put up a request for its subjugation.

Just a little while ago, however.

The dwarven boy had spotted the cyclops and defended against it with earth magic (What a surprise! He’s an amazing dwarf who buried the cyclops inside a pitfall after softening the soil into something akin to a swamp!).

While stalling for time, he rushed to a mine to report that a cyclops had shown up, but the miners over there didn’t believe him.

Instead they boasted that they’d be able to somehow handle the cyclops, assuming one had shown up for real.

And just as he managed to persuade them, the cyclops arrived at the mine after escaping the pitfall.

And then a human, who understood that they wouldn’t be able to handle the cyclops with their own strength, ran down the mountain and reported to the guild.

The dwarves back in the mine intercepted the monster, but they had literally no chance, I heard.

“Why didn’t you use your earth magic once more” I asked the boy.

“If I had done it at the mine, the damage afterwards would be huge, and I’d be forced to pay restitutions.”

——What an answer.

Life’s tough, so die if you can’t cope!

Notwithstanding, the dwarven boy still kept defending with earth magic over and over again, causing the cyclops to howl in irritation, which then led us to him.

By the way, when I was asked what kind of superb weapon I had used to lop off the cyclops’s head, I showed them my wooden sword, resulting in everyone becoming lost for words.

“…Yeah, sorry, I can cut most things with this thing here, and I can crush most things with my fists.

Even if I run into a big rock, it’s the big rock that crumbles.

Since I can use magic too, I can protect myself from magma, ice, and snow without requiring any armor.

Forgive me for being a weaponsmith crusher.


Now then, it looks like the dwarves won’t overestimate their strength anymore and will rely on adventurers henceforth.

Yep, I think that’s for the best.

“If the strongest adventurers can slay prey without even using swords, let alone masterpieces of weaponry, it’ll be unnecessary for us to put our lives on the line to fight monsters.

Providing sturdy armor and deadly weapons to adventurers until they reach that level will be our job,” one of them said.

Aye, those are fine words for a crafter!

As I nodded while repeatedly grunting my approval, Sword burst into laughter.

“So you think so as well”

“Of course.

You see, even I used all kinds of weapons and armors in the other world.

I have been using the right tools for the right job such as earplugs against monsters which screeched loudly, and fire-resistant armor as well as ice-based weaponry when challenging fire-based monsters.

In the end, after I obtained a superb weapon, I would be only using that for everything, but I used all kinds of weapons and armors until I obtained such exquisite items!”

During a certain hunting game, that is.

But, even in RPGs you wouldn’t be given the highest-class weapons and armors from the get-go.

Starting with a wood stick and linen clothes while repeatedly farming slimes was the standard!

“Hmm…eh Hey! Wait a sec! Didn’t you say that there were no monsters in your previous world!” Sword retorted.

“Well, they didn’t exist in the real world, yeah…gyaaa!”

An iron claw!!

“So, it’s again that dream world of yours, eh”

“It wasn’t a dream world! It was a game! A world of play!”

“That’s even worse!!”



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