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I also decided in my heart: she is Lin Qingyue, as beautiful and indifferent as always.

She hasn seen her for more than a week. She seems to have changed her hairstyle. Her long blue-grey hair is slightly curly, and the small earlobes on both sides are studded with delicate silver earrings. She has light makeup on her face and is wearing a dark purple cardigan sweater. It looks mature and cool.

Lin Qingyue looked at me but did not take the initiative to speak, and there was no surprise in her eyes as if she knew that I was coming.

"Hey, what a coincidence." I scratched my head, and it took me a while to say such a sentence.

"Whats the matter?"

"Uh...its fine," I said.

"Then you can go." After she finished speaking, she waved her hand gently.

After she made this move, I felt like I was really a gust of wind, and I was fanned away as soon as she waved her hand.

But my feeling is wrong, I am not the wind, I am still standing in front of her.

I smiled, tried my best to make a more sincere expression, and said, "I can find you until I have something to do. Can I chat with you for a while? After a while, Ill leave."

Lin Qingyue frowned and seemed very displeased with my behaviour. I thought she was going to drive me away, but she said, "You can do whatever you want."

So I sat in front of her and even deliberately glanced at Wang Zhuo when I sat down, only to see that this kid was so surprised that he couldn close his mouth. When he saw me looking at him, he quietly gave me a thumbs-up.

"Go ahead, Im listening." Lin Qingyue took a sip of her wine and said to me.

I coughed and said, "Actually, I didn recognize you when I saw you just now. When I got closer, I realized it was you. I didn expect you to be here too."

"Am I here to surprise you?" she said.

I nodded and said, "Im really surprised. I thought you wouldn come to these places, and you

e still... alone."

"Well, in your eyes, Im just that kind of bad girl." Lin Qingyue smiled, her words were quite casual.

"Its not..." I shook my head.

"Don deny it, I don care what you think of me, maybe in your eyes, Im a bad girl, um... After all, not many people will do the same thing as me," she said.

After speaking, she continued: "Well, it can be said that you came to me for the purpose. I believe you don really want to approach me very much."

I was slightly taken aback, I didn expect her to be so direct, maybe she really didn want to chat with me, or maybe she classified herself as the kind of person who "doesn approach strangers".

Seeing what she said, I simply said: "Well, its like this, I made a bet with my friend, if I can chat with you, then he will invite me to drink this drink tonight, So...thats why Im looking for you."

Lin Qingyue glanced at me a little unexpectedly as if she didn expect this to be the reason why I was looking for her, so she said with a bit of thorn in her language: "Oh, Young Master Zhou is so boring, and he came to talk to me and let others Would you like a drink?"

It seemed that I knew I was wrong, so I didn argue anything, and I said, "Actually... I also really want to sit down and chat with you."

"What are you talking about? You don really like me, do you?" After Lin Qingyue finished speaking, she propped her chin with her hands and looked at me without blinking.

Lin Qingyue drank wine tonight, she seemed to be a little drunk at this time, her eyebrows were smiling, her thin lips were slightly moist, and the whole person was even more charming.

She looked at me like this, but it made me a little bit cramped, and I stuttered in my words. I said, "Uh, of course... Of course not."

"Well...I see." She paused, then said, "Can I take the liberty to ask you a question?"

"Huh? You said."

"Have you never been in a relationship?" she asked.

I was stunned for a while, I didn expect Lin Qingyue to ask such a question, but I replied honestly: "Yes."

"Oh... No wonder, no wonder you stutter when you speak." Lin Qingyue nodded in deep thought.

"Ah?" I was stunned for a moment, but my right ear became hot involuntarily.

The person in front of him gave a "Puchi" smile, and after taking a sip of wine, it was even more beautiful.

"I understand, you are at least more interesting than some people, but the disadvantage is that you are somewhat self-indulgent." Lin Qingyue said.

"Why do you say Im being selfish?"

She glanced at me, her tone became dull again, and she said, "I can say what I want, and there is no need to answer you. Could it be that you really regard yourself as my fiancé?"

"As I said, I won take this matter seriously. My parents can control me."

After I finished speaking, Lin Qingyue took a deep look at me and said to me, "I hope what you said is true."

"Thats natural, so you should try harder too, right? Don think that you can put all the blame on me if you hold on to me," I said.

Lin Qingyue listened to my words, but her body softened. She leaned on the back of the sofa, wrapped her arms around her arms, and said to me with a hint of self-deprecation, "Do you think I have the right to choose?"

"Why not, your father only has your daughter, how could he treat you as..." After that, I didn go on.

Lin Qingyue looked up at me and said lightly, "You

e right, Im the bargaining chip my dad used to trade."

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