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While waiting for Wang Zhuo in the dormitory, I found a package of instant noodles that I had not finished eating last semester. I looked at the packaging date and found that it was still a few months before the expiration date. I just decided to eat a bowl of instant noodles tonight. .

In fact, Wang Zhuo doesn know much about my family situation. I have always been very ordinary in school, and my social circle of friends is just like that. I have not participated in any clubs. A lot, but like ordinary students, I ate two meat and one vegetarian food for twelve yuan, and took a two-dollar bus.

But Lao Liu only knew a little about my family background because he had been to my house.

While I was eating instant noodles, I unexpectedly received a message from Bai Zhi, and when I clicked on it, it turned out that she pushed Liu Shengs WeChat to me.

Bai Zhi continued: "Be proactive."

I smiled bitterly. I thought Bai Zhi said that, but I didn expect her to take it seriously.

As if Liu was waiting on the other side of the phone, after I sent the application to add WeChat, the addition was successful in the next second.

After the WeChat addition was successful, I had a relatively silent embarrassment. In the chat box, there was only one sentence I sent when I added WeChat: "I am Zhou Jing."

"Hello~" Lius message came over.

"Hmm, hello," I replied mechanically.

Liu Sheng posted another picture, a picture of an old Beijing hot pot. There was thick smoke billowing in the picture, but I vaguely saw the dark blue sweater of Angelica Angelica on the opposite side in the "smoke".

Sure enough, Liu Sheng said again: "I have an appointment with Bai Zhi to eat hot pot together. What are you eating tonight?"

I took a look at the "Mushroom Stewed Chicken" noodles in my bowl with clear soup and little water, took a picture and sent it to Liu Sheng.

"Ah, you just eat instant noodles? I knew I would call you tonight."

"Haha, instant noodles are also a kind of enjoyment, not worse than eating hot pot," I replied.

After a while, Liu Sheng replied: "Okay, I really don understand what you are thinking, but next time if we go out for dinner and call you, you should come."

"Well, if I have time, I will," I replied.


At this time, I felt as if I had agreed to the agreement to have dinner with Liu Sheng out of nowhere, but after thinking about it carefully, she used the word "we" in her words, so presumably, Bai Zhi would also be there.

When I was distracted, the door of the dormitory was pushed open, and the smell of cologne came out of my nostrils.

"Are you going to eat this tonight?" Wang Zhuos slightly surprised voice came from outside the door.

When he looked up, he saw Wang Zhuo wearing a corduroy suit jacket. He even deliberately trimmed his hair with wax, as if he was going to walk the red carpet.

"You are so exquisitely dressed, are you going to receive an Oscar?" I laughed.

He touched his hair disapprovingly, and said to me, "What do you know? What kind of clothes should you wear wherever you go, you should quickly change to a formal one."

"Why? Isn it just going to a bar..."

"Just let you change, in short, you are definitely not good at this body." Wang Zhuo said.

When did he say that, I was stunned for a moment, and couldn help but mutter in my heart: Is it necessary to be so formal?

At Wang Zhuos urging, I symbolically changed into a black plaid shirt with a black denim jacket over it, but this time it seemed out of tune with Wang Zhuo.

"You have nothing else?" Wang Zhuo asked.

"No." I shook my head.

"Okay, okay, thats it." Wang Zhuo seemed to be speechless and waved his hand.


Due to the long distance, Wang Zhuo specially called for an online car-hailing service. After getting into the car, I couldn wait to ask Wang Zhuo, "Where are we going tonight?"

"Youll know when it arrives, but the consumption is a bit high, I can ask you for half." Wang Zhuo approached me and whispered.

I didn know whether to laugh or cry, and there was an operation like "please half", so I said, "No, Ill just pay for mine."

Wang Zhuo looked at me in surprise and said, "Then don regret it."

"I nodded and said, "Of course. "

The car was driving in the traffic of the city, and the farther it went, the farther it was from the university town. Gradually, the neon lights nearby became more beautiful, and the buildings in front of me became more towering. Only then did I understand that we were going to the centre of Guangzhou.

Although I studied in Guangzhou for almost a year, the city of Guangzhou is very large and has several districts under its jurisdiction. My scope of activities is only near Guangzhou University City. I have basically never visited several districts in the centre, so It wasn until I was about to reach my destination that I realized it was going to Taikoo Hui.

I didn expect Wang Zhuo to come here, so the consumption must be not low, but I don know how he made a fortune recently, and he actually brought me here.

The driver turned left and right and stopped when he was approaching a fork. Wang Zhuo paid for the car and led me out of the car.

Wang Zhuo followed the navigator, and I followed him. The roar of the engine of the sports car could be heard from time to time, and then there were the laughter and laughter of some men and women, all of which showed the prosperity and romance of the place all the time.

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