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You Are My Destiny (A passionate Love) Great Irony

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My mother wanted to leave them to finish their meal, but Aunt Lin said she was going to visit a relative later, so my mother gave up.

After they left, I went back to my room and opened the door to see the drawing on my desk.

I didn let Bai Zhi sit in front of me to draw this painting, but I drew it based on the photos on my mobile phone, and I was also very surprised. Recognized Angelica.

My mind, I wanted to find Bai Zhi on WeChat, because Wang Zhuos confession had already made me feel a sense of crisis, but I didn know if I should continue.

I can only comfort myself. From a moral point of view, there is nothing wrong with me doing this. Although Wang Zhuo and I are friends, we are also competitors in love, and the two are not in conflict in the name.

I opened WeChat because I don have the habit of pinning people casually, so the first chat box on the WeChat page was for Lin Qingyue and me.

Her profile picture is dark, and if I didn click on her profile picture, I wouldn know it was her photo.

In the photo, she seems to be sitting on the seat of the train, leaning sideways by the window, resting her chin with her hand, and staring out of the window dazedly.

This is a sideways photo. I don know if it was originally so dark, or if the filter was deliberately adjusted to a dark tone. The whole photo looks indescribably lonely and dull.

Originally, I always thought that people who use their own photos as their avatars must be people who are very confident in themselves, but I unexpectedly tasted loneliness in Lin Qingyues photos.

I shook my head, I don know if it was because of sympathy or pity, but I didn seem to be in such a bad mood.

After swiping down and swiping through several group chats, I found Baizhis chat box, and the last chat content still stayed yesterday.

I don know why, but I clicked on Bai Zhis avatar again. Her avatar was not me, but a web image.

The picture is of a little girl with blond hair. She is pretending to be an adult with her arms around her arms, but she is muttering. The whole thing makes people feel cute and inexplicable.

I can help but sigh at the difference between the two. It is undeniable that Lin Qingyues appearance is almost the same as Angelicas. It can be said that they have their own styles, but compared to Lin Qingyues coldness, I prefer Angelicas enthusiasm, not to mention Angelicas daily life. Very simply, this makes people have an inexplicable desire to protect.

I smiled and sent a message: "We have guests at home today and we just finished eating. Are we sure we want to sign up for the student union?"

Im taking the initiative to find a topic, or I really don know what to say to her,

But after waiting for a while, Bai Zhi did not send any news, so she simply stopped waiting and continued to practice character sketching.

When I practised, I was quite addicted, and I continued to draw until a quarter past six in the afternoon when I finally stopped writing.

When I opened WeChat again at this time, the news I sent seemed to sink into the sea, and there was no response at all, and I couldn help but feel a little disappointed.

When I opened the circle of friends, I saw a piece of news posted by Wang Zhuoxin. There were three photos on it, including a group photo of Wang Zhuo, Bai Zhi and another girl.

I have a bit of an impression of that girl. She seems to be Bai Zhis high school classmate. Their home is in Guangzhou, so it is much more convenient for me to make an appointment.

For a while, I understood: I wanted to come to Bai Zhi and was invited by Wang Zhuo, and because the date between the two was too awkward, so I deliberately dragged the girl.

I sighed to myself as if I had eaten a whole lemon, and the sourness in my heart was not the taste.

At this time, Lao Lius information followed: "Zhou Jing, have you seen Wang Zhuofas circle of friends?"

"I see."

"Hey, don you feel anything? You were cut in line." Lao Liu said.

"In line? In what line? Wang Zhuo didn even know that I liked Baizhi. Now it seems that I probably don have a chance." I replied.

Lao Liu said, "Why are you cowardly? No matter how powerful Wang Zhuo is, its not enough for your family."

"You are the only one who knows my familys situation. Its nothing to show off, and the love that is exchanged for money is not true love." I replied.

"Then you can only watch?"

I was stunned for a while, and finally shook my head and said, "Besides, they haven officially announced it yet."

When I was talking with Lao Liu, Lin Qingyue suddenly sent me a picture, which surprised me.

Because in my understanding, she is not someone who would take the initiative to find someone to chat with, but when I clicked on it, it was the drawing of mine that she took today.

The Baizhi in the painting is smiling like a flower. This should have been my own work, but when Lin Qingyue sent it, it gave me great irony.

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