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I smiled and thought this was extremely absurd, so I said, "Its not ancient anymore, this kind of baby-kissing thing is simply unreasonable."

After a pause, he added: "Besides, even if I agree, the woman will not agree, right? People may not like me!"

Dad said to me confidently, "Thats not necessarily true!"

I don know where he got this confidence, but seeing his confident look made me a little flustered.

Although Im single now, I actually have someone I like. Now she has fallen from the sky, not to surprise me, but to panic me.

Leaving aside the previous point, lets say its the 21st century, and no girl would agree to such a marriage, right?

Maybe my dad knew about my worries, so he told me roughly the truth:

It turned out that the old man of the Lin family was originally a brother recognized by my grandfather when he was in Hong Kong. Later, after they returned to the mainland for development, the old man of the Lin family stayed in Guangzhou, while my grandfather went back to Nanjing.

They are both from the older generation, so the traditional concepts are also deeply ingrained. The baby kiss has been ordered earlier, but the children of both of them are male, so it is agreed that the grandsons and granddaughters of both parties will become husband and wife. .

Later, although the two families often had contact, they gradually became estranged because of the separation. After my grandfather passed away, there was less contact between the two families.

But now, under the vigorous development of the e-commerce industry, the real economy has been hit to a certain extent, so both companies have certain development bottlenecks.

The Lin family is a large shopping mall and has been hit the hardest. It is said that there is a faint crisis of bankruptcy, so they are more eager to get our familys support, so they have no opinion on this marriage.


After listening to my fathers words, I just felt dizzy in my head, sad and helpless in my heart, I don know when I became a kind of "commodity" for trading.

"So, you have to show me the other persons picture, right?" I said.

Dad nodded, really took out his phone, opened the photo album and handed it to me.

The girl looks pretty good, fair and clean, with two braids, small dimples when she smiles, and a cute and cute look when she is held by her father...

I was speechless. I put the phone back to my dad, and said to him, "Aren you kidding me? This little brat, what are you talking about?"

Dad scratched his head embarrassedly and said, "No, she is older than you. This is a photo of her when she was a child. Ask Lao Lin for a recent photo of his daughter, but he can show it himself."

After a pause, he said again: "But you can see her tomorrow. They recently came to Nanjing to play, and they just invited them to come to their house to gather."

My scalp went numb for a while and looking at my fathers appearance, it was almost certain that this matter was going to be settled.

Although I think this marriage is absurd, I don take it seriously, because I have never met her, and there is no emotional foundation at all, not to mention that I already have someone I like, but I am also very curious, curious What kind of person is this girl from the Lin family...

Bad Decisions

"Hello, uncle and aunt, Im Lin Qingyue, you can just call me Qingyue."

The voice of the girl in front of her was soft and clear, like a lark. She greeted my parents with a gentle and polite smile.

I realized one thing: shes a veritable ladylike girl, impeccable anywhere.

My mother seemed to be very satisfied with Lin Qingyue, but she greeted me with a smile: "Okay, sit down, sit down, auntie doesn have that much etiquette here."

Saying that my mother suddenly turned her head and looked at me, and I understood what she meant at once, so I tried my best to make a good-looking smile and said to Lin Qingyue: "Hello Qingyue, Im Zhou Jing. "

After all, she said hello to her parents again.

And Lin Qingyue just gave me a faint smile. Although the smile was impeccable, I could see that there was a difference between the smile she gave me and the smile she gave to my parents.

This is exactly what I want because, from this point of view, Lin Qingyue doesn seem to like this so-called "commercial marriage".

At this time, Lin Qingyues father handed the bag in his hand to my father, and he said, "Old Zhou, this is the red wine that my friend brought from France, and I brought it here to try it with you."

Then he looked at me again and said with a smile, "Zhou Jing also has two drinks."

I knew how much I could drink, so I quickly waved my hand and said, "Uncle Lin, I can drink, so I poured two glasses."

Uncle Lin glanced at me in surprise, and then praised my dad: "There are very few young people who don drink now. Your son is not bad."

I know that Uncle Lins words are a bit deliberate, which makes me feel a little hypocritical, but after thinking about it, why isn the adult world full of hypocrisy?

What just makes me curious is what kind of crisis is Uncle Lins shopping mall facing, making him use his precious daughter as a bargaining chip for a business marriage.

After the polite remarks, we sat on the sofa in the living room on the first floor and chatted while waiting for the chef to cook.

Of course, I couldn get in on their topic, so I could only sit there absent-mindedly. If there was something I was asked about, I would reply with a few words.

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