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I know that Lin Qingyue is very good-looking and beautiful, but I am not the kind of person who sees someone who loves someone, so I imagine this picture is not because I have a good impression of her, but because I don know how to face my relationship with her.

In front of the parents of both parties, our relationship seems to have been vaguely settled, she is my fiancee, and I am her fiance, although we do not recognize such a relationship...

Tossing and turning on the bed, I gradually lost sleepiness, but my body was very tired.

After getting up and taking a shower, I turned on the computer and searched the Internet for some interview tips or answers.

However, after searching for most of the content, it is obviously not in line with my current needs, either it is a bit exaggerated, or it is a mess, so I simply gave up and continued to search for templates on the Internet.

After opening the chat box with Bai Zhi, I answered the questions that Bai Zhi said in my own language. Of course, if I can get through, then I really have no choice.

In fact, of course, I can choose to live in Building D like Lin Qingyue, but I don think it makes any sense, because the dormitory life in the university is also a very important part of university life.

But like Lin Qingyues words, maybe she prefers to be alone, which is also difficult for me to understand. Why did she develop such a withdrawn character?


When the time came to night, our dormitory made an appointment to go to a hot pot restaurant outside together for dinner. Originally, I wanted to make an appointment with Wang Zhuo (Wang Zhuo often comes to our dormitory, so naturally he is very familiar with other roommates), But the call to Wang Zhuo was not answered, so he gave up the idea.

I don know what happened to him and the girl in the black suspender skirt last night, but this is not something I can care about. Wang Zhuo is an amorous person himself.

The hot pot restaurant we selected was located on the commercial street outside the school. We chose this one for the purpose of being close and having good taste.

Our dormitory is a mixed dormitory, that is, the majors of the four people are different. I am studying the Internet and new media, Lao Liu and Ding Xuan are computer majors, and Zhao Jun is studying English.

At the dinner table, Lao Liu and Ding Xuan talked about their plans to sign up for a training program next week. Since Zhao Jun and I studied liberal arts, we naturally couldn participate in their topic.

"Zhou Jing, have you ever thought about what you want to do after graduation?" Zhao Jun lit a cigarette and said to me.

"Well...not sure yet." I shook my head.

Zhao Jun smiled and said: "Why don you start a business with me, think about it, the current employment environment is so difficult, rather than looking for a job, it is better to start your own business, and even provide people with jobs, which is also a benefit. society."

I looked at him in surprise and asked, "You are an English major, what do you want to do?"

He sighed and said, "Alas, can an English learner not be able to start a business? I was impulsive at the time, otherwise, I would not have chosen this major."

After that, he said to me: "Now there is a business opportunity. I plan to make a handmade coffee, sell it in the school, and then deliver it to the door. Customers can place orders in our applet."

"Do you really think so?" I asked.

Zhao Jun nodded and said with a wry smile: "Otherwise if you only pay so much for living expenses, where will you spend it? Its better to start a small business."

Maybe my family environment is different from his, so I don have any worries about living expenses, but Zhao Jun is different.

When I was talking, my phone vibrated twice. After I opened WeChat, I saw a message from Wang Zhuo. He asked where we were, and he came over now.

Since we have just started eating, in line with the principle of one more person coming and sharing one penny more, everyone else nodded and let Wang Zhuo come over, so I shared my current position with Wang Zhuo.

Looking back, Zhao Jun did not continue to talk to me about his "entrepreneurial vision", but only told me that he would have time to come out and talk alone.

I didn mean to reject him, I just wanted to hear his own opinion, because I am different from my father and my grandfather, I am a person with no entrepreneurial skills, and I am only obsessed with painting.

About ten minutes later, Wang Zhuo came. Maybe he really didn sleep well yesterday. He just wore a grey trench coat when he came. The hair on his head was messy like a chicken coop and dark circles under his eyes very heavy.

"Yo, you won call me over until youve finished eating! Ill order more, then youll have to share it." Wang Zhuo muttered.

"Its alright, alright, just order what you want, weve only been here for ten minutes." Lao Liu said and moved his seat again to make way for it.

At the banquet, after Wang Zhuo joined us, we had a great conversation. Sometimes we talked about ambitions, sometimes we talked about women, and sometimes we talked about games. The people around our table were nothing more than that. Just a few topics.

Halfway through the meal, Wang Zhuo had to go to the toilet. When he passed by me, he patted me on the shoulder. After I realized it, I also got up with him.

In the bathroom, Wang Zhuo washed his face vigorously, and then straightened his hair in front of the mirror.

I joked: "Did you collapse last night, thats why your spirit is so poor now."

Wang Zhuo shook his head and said, "You think too much. After you left last night, I also left not long after."

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