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You Are My Destiny (A passionate Love) Absurd Marriage

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Nanjing has warmed up a lot a few days ago, but the weather may be like a roller coaster ride, and the temperature today has returned to single digits.

Alternating between cold and warm, people can get used to this change.

Just like life, there will be some "changes" from time to time, but todays "changes" really surprised me.

"Zhou Jing, you

e going back to school next week. Which club do you want to sign up for?" Looking at the message from Bai Zhi, I was a little surprised for a while.

During the whole winter vacation, I didn chat with Bai Zhi very often, and most of the time we were only contacted once for several days.

Its not that I don want to look for her, but I have listened to what Lao Liu (my roommate) said, don be too aggressive in chasing girls, it will make the other party have a bad impression of you.

Bai Zhi is the class flower of our class. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a flower. The tall and curvy figure.

I got to know her because Bai Zhi fainted during the first year of military training due to low blood sugar, and I happened to be next to her... I supported her easily, and then I became familiar with her naturally.

Bai Zhi asked me to sign up for the club, which was agreed as early as last semester, but I have never been interested in signing up for the club, so I have been procrastinating until the holidays.

After thinking about it, I replied, "Or the student union."

In fact, I don know what clubs the school has. As a sophomore student, if it weren for the credits, I wouldn choose which club to join at this time.

After a while, the news of Bai Zhi came: "Okay, I know you will choose this. I guess you don know what clubs there are in the school."

I was a little embarrassed for a while and didn know how to respond.

But Bai Zhi seems to be a little active today. Before I could reply, the news came: "Okay, Im looking for you today to tell you something... You can help me with my staff."

I was a little surprised, so I replied, "Whats the matter?""Last night, Wang Zhuo confessed to me..."

Seeing this message pop up in the chat box, my heart couldn help but mention my throat. Although Bai Zhi has always had many suitors, I still have some preparations in my heart, but...

This Wang Zhuo, not to mention his hardware conditions, is much better than mine. He is a big man about 1.8 meters tall, with a long, fair-skinned haircut and a wolf-tail hairstyle. When playing basketball, he is the main player in our class.

The most important thing is that Wang Zhuo is my friend and a friend who plays very well.

"Then do you accept it?" After a while, I sent the message.

Bai Zhi seemed to have been waiting for my reply, she replied, "Of course not! I said let me think about it, he said he was not in a hurry, he was willing to wait for me."

I seemed relieved but felt embarrassed because Wang Zhuo didn know that I also liked Baizhi. Even so, should I continue to pursue it?

"That really has to be considered carefully. Emotional matters are not casual." I "Well, Wang Zhuo is a good person, I just don feel that way about him, but I feel that rejecting him directly... Wouldn it hurt him too much?"When I was about to reply to this message, my fathers voice came from outside the door.

"Zhou Jing, do you have time?" I don know when my dad stood at the door of my room with a serious expression that I have never seen before. "Whats wrong?" I turned my head and looked at him suspiciously.

"Lets talk about father and son." I hesitated for a while, then nodded, and hurriedly replied to Bai Zhi: "It shouldn be." Realizing the seriousness of Dads expression, I put down the phone, got up and pulled the chair aside, sitting on the bed myself.

My family is in business. My grandfather caught up with the "reform spring breeze" decades ago. After bringing the funds back to Nanjing in Hong Kong, he opened several food processing factories, which enriched our family. It has become the current Zhou Industry, and my father is the current chairman of the group.

After my father took over, I only felt that he was getting older and faster, and the smile on his face gradually diminished, but when he was with me, he still used to keep a smile at me and talk to me in a relaxed manner.

However, today is a rare seriousness...

Dad sat on my chair, looked at the unfinished paintings on my desktop, and asked me, "Zhou Jing, do you have a girlfriend?"

I was stunned for a moment, I didn expect him to ask such a question, but then I remembered that I was practising portrait sketching, and I couldn help drawing a portrait of Bai Zhi, which made him misunderstand. I didn lie, I shook my head and said, "Not yet."

"Really not?"

"Really." I nodded.

Dad seemed relieved, and after a pause, he said to me, "Then you will have a girlfriend soon."

"Huh?" I looked surprised.

Dad repeated what he just said, seriously, not joking.

He was not surprised by my reaction and continued: "I was originally against this matter, but this is what your grandfather meant. Besides... our family is not as good as before, so you have to understand..."

I interrupted him, frowned and said, "So youve got me a business marriage?"

Dad was silent for a while, then nodded, and said, "This is actually a baby kiss. Your grandfather and the old man of the Lin family settled down, but I haven told you about it."

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