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Chapter 29: Ordinary Water Repelling Pearl

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Thats right. Wang Teng knew this fellow who publicly announced the information on how to use ordinary energy crystals. This fellow knew the use of ordinary energy crystals because he used resources to exchange for them with Wang Teng.

Originally,as time passed, more and more survivors would gradually learn about the use of ordinary energy crystals.

However, he didnt expect someone to publicize the use of this item. Wasnt this raising the price of goods How could he take advantage of the information now

One had to know that the survivors who exchanged ordinary energy crystals with him usually had a tacit understanding. They didnt announce the use of ordinary energy crystals because they had spent resources to buy them. Naturally, they also wanted to use this information to get some resources.

He glanced at the guy who was being praised by many survivors in the communication channel. Although he wanted to beat this guy up, he couldnt do anything to him. Hence, he could only leave the communication channel.

At this moment, on another small island, Li Jian, who had learned the use of ordinary energy crystals from Wang Teng and made it public, looked at DM requests from many survivors on the screen in front of him. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, as if a fish had taken the bait.

It turned out that the reason why Li Jian chose to announce the use of ordinary energy crystals was entirely to prepare for his next scam.

This was because Li Jian knew very well that more and more people would know about the use of ordinary energy crystals as time passed. Therefore, before the use of this item was widely known, Li Jian chose to strike first and establish a persona for himself in the communication channel.

As for how many unlucky people would fall for this guys trap, it was unknown.


At the same time, Su Yu caught a slightly special item.

[Ordinary Water Repelling Pearl]

Description: When you put on the Water Repelling Pearl, you can repel water for two hours underwater. Maximum diving depth is 50 meters. When the energy of the Water Repelling Pearl is exhausted, place it under the sun to be charged. It can recover 10% of energy per hour.

The source of this content is n/ov/elb/in[./]net'

As he played with the Water Repelling Pearl in his hand, Su Yu couldnt help but have an idea. Should he send a goblin into the water to check out the situation under water

After giving it some thought, Su Yu suppressed the thought in his heart. After all, there were sea monkeys under the sea. If he rashly sent a goblin down, it might only mean sending an extra meal to the other party. Moreover, it was nighttime now, and he could not see anything under the water. If he wanted to send a goblin down, he would have to wait until tomorrow morning.

Then, Su Yu casually put one of the Water Repelling Pearls around his neck. As for the other one, Su Yu casually put it in his pocket.

“Master, there is movement from the fishing net.” At this moment, Su Yu, who was about to continue fishing, suddenly heard the goblins shout.

Upon hearing this, Su Yu quickly walked toward the goblin.

[3 Ordinary wooden treasure chests and 7 Ordinary wooden treasure chests have been captured in this fishing net. You are recommended to pull the net as soon as possible to prevent the treasure chest from escaping.]

The treasure chests contained the following items: 1 glass steel, 1 simple fishing net, 20 ml of physique potion, 200 rounds of Type 59 pistol bullets, 1 island area fragment, 1 bottle of ordinary loyalty potion, 1 bottle of diesel generator, one box of beef steak, one box of Maotai1, and 2 large tents.

When Su Yu walked quickly to the side of the two goblins, he discovered that the simple fishing nets guarded by the two goblins had already captured ten treasure chests.

“Pull up the fishing net.” Su Yu instructed the goblins at the side after glancing at the items in the treasure chest in the fishing net,

Upon hearing their masters order, the goblins naturally began to pull up the fishing net with all their might.

In the short time in which he casted the net to the time he retracted it, Su Yu had obtained at least six to seven wooden treasure chests. One could imagine how rich Su Yu was.

While other ordinary survivors were still nibbling on bread and drinking cold water, Su Yu had already specially used the small wooden house to store treasure chests. It was ridiculous.

If other ordinary survivors obtained a simple fishing net and had more ordinary bait, their accumulation of resources would still be far slower than Su Yus.

This was because Su Yu could accurately cast the net every single time. This was something that other survivors could not do at all. Perhaps ordinary survivors would be lucky if they could obtain even one treasure chest with a simple fishing net every time they casted it.

Su Yu, on the other hand could obtain a ordinary wooden treasure chest at the very least. With the support of the double happiness skill, his harvest was very impressive.

Soon, the simple fishing net in the water was pulled ashore by the few goblins.

After taking a look at the treasure chest in the fishing net, Su Yu went forward and picked out the treasure chests that contained the 1 island fragment, the 20 ml of physique potion, the simple fishing net, and the treasure chest that contained the loyalty medicine. As for the remaining treasure chests, Su Yu asked the goblins to move them back to the small wooden house to store.

[Ordinary Loyalty Potion]

Description: When low-level slaves drink this potion, it can increase loyalty by 30 points. It is recommended to be given to slaves with a loyalty point of 70 as it will guarantee loyalty to death.

“This is good stuff!” After glancing at the effects of the ordinary loyalty potion, Su Yu felt that Wang Tengs servant could be exchanged.

However, he had rejected Wang Teng before, so Su Yu naturally wouldnt contact Wang Teng directly. At this moment, Su Yu only had a whimsical thought of wanting to trade for the other partys slave. It was not like he absolutely had to have Wang Tengs slave.

After all, to Su Yu, there did not seem to be much use of having another low-level slaves.

After putting this thought aside, Su Yu first used the two 1 island fragments that he had obtained from the treasure chest. Then, he pulled out the stopper of two bottles of 20 ml of physique stats potion and drank them all.

It was unknown if it was because Su Yus body had been overstimulated by the medicine or something else, but at this moment, Su Yu felt that the numbing feeling was very weak.

Moreover, the duration of the effect was only about five minutes this time. If he hadnt seen the change of his physique stats on his personal interface and felt that his physique had strengthened to a certain extent, Su Yu would have thought that he had drunk a fake medicine.

“Lets do it! Lets do it! Lets try to increase all our basic attributes to five points!” Su Yu, who was quite close to reaching five points of basic stats, excitedly carried a simple fishing net and began to circle around the edge of the island.

[There are many treasure chests in this part of the sea. You are not recommended to cast the net.]

[There are many and treasure chests in this part of the sea. You are not recommended to cast the net.]

[There are mostly zero star damaged treasure chests in this part of the sea. You are not recommended to cast a net here.]




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