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Chen Jie gritted his teeth.

The envy in his eyes turned intense.

His thoughts had already gone astray.

From the initial shock and astonishment, it turned into envy, jealousy, and hatred.

“D*mn it, why didnt they descend to my side

“I am the Asura Hall Lords personal disciple.

If those two unlucky fellows descended within my sphere of influence, wouldnt the ten million be mine”

Chen Jie gritted his teeth, and his eyes turned red.

“However, which factions Gold Practitioners died If it was our Jianghu sect… If we lose two experts in a row, we would be at a disadvantage in future battles.”

“If they were from the Academy faction, its a gain.”

Chen Jie really wanted to know who died.

Unfortunately, the information was insufficient.

He couldnt even guess.

He could only shake his head and give up.

“I dont care anymore.

Im not an unlucky person.

I just need to grow up safely under the Lords protection!”

“After all, its impossible that the Lord will be killed tomorrow!”

Chen Jie snorted.

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At the same time, the remaining five Gold Practitioners from the Academy faction fell into deep thought.

However, they calmed down after thinking about it carefully.

“Its about luck.

If they died in the early stages, it can only be said that those two guys were unlucky.”

The Gold Practitioners used their knowledge to deduce the two battles.

Their imagination wasnt enough for them to imagine Lin Qiyes ferocity.

Even those who had been through hundreds of battles never imagined that Lin Qiye would have the Dao Repository Technique!

They could never have imagined that Lin Qiye could cultivate the half-step Nascent Soul Realm at the age of seven!

Thus, after a short period of shock, they became calmer.

Of course, Lin Qiye hoped that they would not take it seriously!

That way, they would not run away in advance.

At this moment, Lin Qiye was afraid that Chen Jie would flee, so he rushed toward the Asura Hall like a dash of lightning.

The next day.

When the sun rose, the clouds are full of color.

Lin Qiye floated quietly in the void with a cold expression, his eyes overlooking the Asura Hall in the distance.

The Asura Hall is a creepy and haunting sect.

Throughout the sect, there are millions of giant Chimimōryō sculptures standing tall.

The dozens of monster sculptures had grimacing expressions.

They were bloody-eyed and savage.

An ominous red light flowed on the surface of the sculpture.

Its like theyre alive.

Rumor has it that the Asura Hall cultivators will use their blood to trigger their secret art every month.

They will offer the sculptures to obtain the blessing of the Asura God.

This mysterious offering had made every sculpture have a strange magnetic field.

They turned the spiritual energy around the Asura Hall into Yin Energy, which benefited the cultivators immensely.

However, the secret art was just a cover in Lin Qiyes eyes.

What did the job was the part of the Golden Dragon of Fortunes body.

They used the human races fortune!

They had relied on devouring the human races fortune and parasitism to achieve their prosperity today!

At this thought, Lin Qiyes eyes turned abnormally cold.

“From now on, the Asura Hall will no longer exist.

Take your secret art and cultivate it in Hell!”

As his voice fell, thousands of lightning-white jade dragons emitting strange energy suddenly opened their eyes within Lin Qiyes wings and stared at the millions of sculptures below.

In an instant, a sudden change occurred!

The millions of sculptures shed blood and tears.

At the same time, they let out mournful cries filled with fear, trepidation, and terror.

Their twisted faces became filled with horror.

Their blood-red skin began to crumble, and pieces of blood skin peeled off their faces.

It made ones scalp go numb.

At this moment, the Asura Hall looked more like it came from Hell.

However, it was not the Hell that Asura Hall wanted.

Instead, it made the Asura Halls cultivators panic and turn pale with fright.

Within the Asura Hall, every cultivators face turned deathly pale in an instant, regardless of whether they were at the half-step Nascent Soul Realm, Golden Core Realm, a personal disciple, or a core disciple.

They all had complicated expressions of horror and disbelief on their faces.

It was as if they were ghosts being chased by lightning.

“Ten thousand ghosts wailing together Its actually happening Its over… According to the prophecy, if the ten thousand ghosts wailed together, Asura Hall will be destroyed!”

“But we offer our blood to the statues every month.

Why Why doesnt it protect us”

“The prophecy is wrong! The prophecy must be wrong!”

“Our Asura Hall has been prospering for 20,000 years and has never declined.

How can it be destroyed”

“Our Lord is a top expert in the world.

Who could destroy the Asura Hall under his watch”

However, before their voices fell, millions of sculptures collapsed into dust.

Soon, the secret art that the Asura Hall cultivators had been cultivating for a long time suddenly went berserk.

The secret art was in disorder, and the spiritual energyin their meridians was rampaging.

It forced the cultivators to spit out a mouthful of blood from their hearts.

Their auras instantly became weak.

However, this was nothing compared to the unlucky cultivators who had their meridians broken and lost their cultivaiton.

“No… My cultivation!”

“Theres a problem with the secret art! How could this be”

“Ive been cultivating arduously for three hundred years.

I dont want to become trash!”

The Asura Hall cultivators state of mind collapsed.

They couldnt accept it and roar with indignation and anger.


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