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Lin Qiye laughed.

After a full meal, he crawled around on the bed, looking energetic.

Consort Ning and the palace maids were speechless.

“Consort Ning… Is the little prince a bit too talented”

Consort Ning was stunned and panicked.

“Go report to the emperor…”

As soon as she finished speaking, a deep and dignified voice came outside the door.

“Report to me”

The old emperor leisurely walked into the palace with his hands behind his back.

The palace maids didnt even have time to call out and could only prostrate themselves and bow.

Consort Ning also propped herself up on the bed and bowed.

“Your Majesty!”

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The old emperor waved his hand.

“The maids can leave.

My beloved consort, you dont need to bow.

Well, whats this”

“Little Seventeen can crawl on the bed in just three days”

Even though the old emperor was knowledgeable, he was still surprised.

He raised his eyebrows and walked up to Lin Qiye, sizing the baby from top to bottom.

Lin Qiye smiled at the old emperor.

If he could speak, he would have to thank the old emperor.

However, he was unable to speak for the time being.

Seeing how smart Lin Qiye looked, the old emperor was even more surprised.

He sat by the bed and observed Lin Qiye.

The more he looked, the more ecstatic he became.

‘Little Seventeen is definitely precocious! According to the ancestors legend, there was a natural-born emperor from the heavens.

He was able to walk in three months and speak in five months.

When he grew up, he could cut down the galaxy and rule the universe!

‘Could it be that Little Seventeen is also an emperor born from heaven

The old emperor thought to himself and could not help feeling emotional.

His son has an emperors traits!

The joy in the old emperors heart overflowed into his face, making the old emperor, who was usually mighty without anger, a little more gentle.

“Little Seventeen!”

Hear the old emperors soft call, Lin Qiye turned his head and glanced at him.

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Upon seeing this, the old emperors beard quivered.

“He is indeed early-witted!”

Consort Ning nodded, her face full of pride.

“Little Seventeen doesnt cry or make a fuss.

He can sleep until the morning!”

The old emperor nodded.

“Consort Ning, dont tell outsiders about Little Seventeen being early-witted.

I will also order the maids to keep their mouths shut.”

As he spoke, the old emperor was curious.

He carefully flipped Lin Qiye over and looked at his chest.

He saw a ball of bright light shining on Lin Qiyes chest.

Then, the light flowed into Lin Qiyes limbs, bones, and internal organs.

It made Lin Qiyes body emit a multicolored light that only Golden Core cultivators could see.

“Such an amazing bone structure.

On the first day, there were only wisps of starlight.

But on the third day, there was a ball of resplendent light!

“Moreover, Little Seventeens body is spotlessly clean and flawless! In the future, he will definitely suppress an era when he cultivates!”

The old emperors eyebrows raised in joy.

The stronger Little Seventeen was, the happier he was.

Fortunately, he roused his spirit and gave birth to another one when he stepped into old age.

Otherwise, there would only be desolation left in his life.

The old emperor was wildly delighted in his heart.

Then, he took out a delicate jade pendant as fine as mutton fat from his storage ring and put it on Lin Qiyes neck.

“This jade is a treasure nurtured by a spiritual spring that has been around for ten thousand years.

Not only does it contain pure spiritual energy, but it can also quickly gather the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

I hope it can properly nourish your bones.

“When you become an adult, I will personally teach you martial arts!”

Lin Qiye hummed twice.

His black eyes, as bright as two grapes, looked at the old emperor as if he was thanking him.

The old emperor laughed loudly.

After teasing Lin Qiye for a while, the old emperor left with his hands behind his back, feeling pleased with himself and refreshed.

Those who did not know would think that he was rejuvenated from his old age.

Lin Qiye watched the old emperor leave as he played with the jade on his chest.

“This is probably a treasure obtained through the power of the nation.

It doubled my speed of condensing innate Qi!”

“Im suited for a cultivation world like this.

Given time, I will be able to crush it!”

Lin Qiyes eyes were burning.

On the fourth day of his birth, the innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body had reached 500 wisps!

Lin Qiye was ecstatic.

He continued to cultivate.

A month later, the innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body had reached as many as 5,000 wisps!

Lin Qiyes body had also matured to one year old.

The First-turn Dragon Elephant Body had finally reached 1% potential.

A silver-tier physical cards buff made Lin Qiye as strong as a tiger cub.

This world was suppressed by the rules, so his speed of maturity might slow down.

But the old emperor gave him a jade pendant, and with the Dao Repository Technique, he could overcome this hurdle!

The world rules could not suppress Lin Qiyes growth speed at all!

Lin Qiye jumped off the bed and walked with big steps.

Consort Ning and the old emperor followed behind Lin Qiye in fear, afraid that he would have a slight bump.

However, Lin Qiyes legs were strong, like a fierce little beast.

Consort Ning was dumbfounded.

“Is my son really a one-month-old child”

The old emperor had a straight face on the side, but he was smiling widely in his heart


A natural-born emperor! Perhaps the human race can be revived!”

The old emperor was excited, and his chest heaved.

Then, he subconsciously coughed and vomited blood.

Consort Ning panicked and caressed the old emperors back.

“Your Majesty, have you brought the ointment Ill wipe it for you or give you a medicinal bath.”

The old emperor patted the back of Consort Nings hand.

His face was pale, and his voice sounded a little tired.

“My dear consort, the medicinal bath and ointment are useless.

I am covered in wounds.

I only hope to live to see Little Seventeen become an adult…”

“Please dont say that, Your Majesty!”

Consort Ning quickly supported the old emperor and sat on the bed.

“Your Majesty, the ointment is useful.

You have to apply it!”

The old emperor cannot reject.

He took out the ointment from his storage ring and unbuttoned his clothes, revealing the crisscrossed wounds on his body.

Dark red marks stretched from his shoulder to his abdomen.

Some of the wounds penetrated his back like a centipede crawling.

It was a shocking sight.

Even though she had seen it countless times, tears still appeared in Consort Nings eyes.

She could not help but tear up.

Lin Qiye also saw the old emperor vomit blood.

He walked over and looked at the wounds on the old emperors body.

He fell into silence.

The old emperor lightly smiled.

There was pride on his face, but there was also a hint of disappointment.

“Are you frightened These are all symbols of a king.”

“Its a pity that the rise of the human race is too difficult.”

“Back then, the Qin Dynasty was incomparably prosperous.

However, that savage Wolf Tribe appeared out of nowhere and suppressed the Qin Dynasty for 2,000 years.

Not only did we lose 90% of our territory, but we were almost wiped out.”

“I ascended the throne in a time of crisis.

I spent my entire life fighting more than 10,000 battles.

Only then did I manage to lead the humans to these snowy grounds.I barely managed to survive!

“I thought that after killing the Wolf Tribes Heavenly Lord, I could kill my way back and reclaim my lost territory! I did not expect the Wolf Tribe to have ten Heavenly Lords.

“I thought after killing the ten Heavenly Lords, I could revive the human race.

In the end, the old Wolf Lord came out of seclusion.

“I thought I would wait until he died.

However, the old Wolf Lord only died 20 years ago.

At this moment, the Young Lord has risen again.


The old emperors expression was somewhat sorrowful.

He hated himself for being useless.

He hated the Wolf Tribe for being too fierce.

“Look at this wound.

The Ghost Heavenly King gave me this.

Back then, I traded injuries for injuries and forcefully chopped off the Ghost Heavenly Kings head!

“Yin Heavenly King gave me this wound.

“I got this cut when I fought with the old Wolf Lord.

Back then, I could not defeat him and burned off 200 years of my lifespan to scare off the old Wolf Lord.

“Later, I discovered that I could only engage in guerrilla warfare! I took advantage of their mating season and rushed to their camp to kill their women and warhorses.

They had no choice but to run on the spot and escape!

“Every year, I did the same thing! I did it for forty years in a row.

“In the end, the old Wolf Lord saw that I was too vicious, so he agreed to coexist peacefully.

“You must remember that if you cant beat them in the future, target them like this.

Target the Wolf Tribe for ten to twenty years, sweep ten thousand clans and then run away.

When their fertility rate plummets, the Wolf Lord will be afraid!”

Hearing that, Lin Qiye was slightly speechless.

The Wolf Tribe was powerful that they drove the old emperor into despair!

Of course, the old emperor was ruthless and unscrupulous.

He used the guerilla warfare tactic!

He took advantage of peaceful mating times to ambush their camps, not letting the Wolf Tribe reproduce in peace.

He had indeed grasped their weakness.

However, the injuries on the old emperors body had reached a certain degree!

‘I feel like he is going to die at any moment.

Can he really live for sixteen years

Lin Qiye was a little doubtful.

‘No matter what, the old emperor cant die before I turn fourteen!

‘If the old emperor dies, Ill have to enter Nightmare Mode again!

‘I have to treat his injuries!


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