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Lin Qiyes eyes flashed with a hint of shock.

The old emperor was using Crown Prince Xu as a disguise to confuse and trick the enemy.

He had sent four Golden Core Realm maids who could conceal their cultivation to protect Lin Qiye.

He apparently valued Lin Qiye very much and wanted to treat Lin Qiye as his true successor.

However, he let the crown prince oversee the kingdom.

He gave the crown prince the power he dreamed of.

It seemed that he wanted to push the crown prince onto the supreme power of the throne, but in reality, it was a trap.

How troublesome was imperial power

Especially when ones virtue was not matched with ones position, and their strength was not enough.

Giving them imperial power was equivalent to giving them a slow-acting poison.

As the Qin Dynastys God of War, could the crown prince control his given power

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He couldnt.

He didnt have the ability!

Without strength, the other princes would start a fierce battle.

As in the original version of his life, the fight for the throne became even more cruel and bloody after the old emperor gave power to the crown prince.

Originally, the old emperor didnt want to see such a scene happen.

Thus, in the original version of his life, the old emperor only let go of his throne after he was gravely injured twelve years late because he had no choice.

But now, he suddenly brought it forward.


There was only one answer.

The old emperor wanted to use the crown prince as a shield for Lin Qiye.

He wanted the crown princes faction to attract more firepower, draw out more parties, let them fight, and expose their trump cards.

Lin Qiye did not even need to guess it.

The old emperor would give the crown prince carrot after stick in the next few years.

Perhaps the power in the Crown Princes hands would increase gradually, but he will never have military power.

He could only fight for literature ministers, not any important officials.

Not only that, those followers the crown prince didnt deserve would leave him.

The wings of other factions would also be cut off one by one.

In short, the old emperor wanted to give the imperial court the illusion that the crown prince was about to inherit his throne.

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He wanted to lure the princes into a fight and then reveal their trump cards.

In this way, he would weaken the princes and give Lin Qiye time to grow safely.

He killed two birds with one stone!

“The crown prince was reduced to a tool.

It was truly tragic…”

“However, he deserved all this misery, seeing that he indirectly caused the death of two million elites and the three generals from the Meng family.”

Two million elites and three loyal generals were dead because of a good-for-nothing!

Thinking about it made Lin Qiyes blood pressure soar.

Two million elite soldiers.

They all had fathers, wives, and children.

Tens of millions of ordinary people cared about these soldiers.

In the end, they were all turned into corpses or slaves under the Crown Princes foolish actions.

The Qin Dynasty only had 6 billion people!

Tens of millions of ordinary people either died or lost their loved ones!

What kind of concept was this

Half of the Qin Dynastys foundation had collapsed!

“Luckily, the old emperor wont hand over the elites and the Meng familys three generals to the crown prince.

I dont have to take over a mess…”

Lin Qiyes eyes were burning.

“Its just that I dont know what the Qin Dynasty looks like now.

I keep feeling like there are holes everywhere! Even becoming an emperor will give me a headache.

“When I grow older, Ill go to the library and take a look! I have to understand the Qin Dynastys level.”

Lin Qiye sighed softly.

Then, he started to sleep like a baby.

However, the Dao Repository Technique started to cultivate automatically in his sleep, causing the innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body to surge.

The next day, the sun shone on the Yishui Palace.

Consort Ning opened her eyes and looked at the baby still sleeping soundly on her body.

Her eyes were full of motherly love.

“How weird.

Doesnt a newborn baby cry and wake up a few times in the middle of the night Why dont I see the little prince crying”

Consort Ning stretched out her finger and couldnt help but poke Lin Qiyes nose.

“Hes not dead…”

The maid that poured tea and water for Consort Ning couldnt help but chuckle.

“Consort Ning, the little prince is not an ordinary baby.

Dont worry.

Look at his fair and tender face, which is red and white.

I wonder how handsome he will be in the future!”

Hearing this, Consort Ning held her breath and probed Lin Qiyes nose for the second time.

After making sure that he was breathing, she sighed with relief.

She felt movement.

Lin Qiye opened his eyes.

His pitch-black eyes were sparkling.

He had a good nights sleep.

He was full of energy now.

Moreover, after two days of nurturing, the innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body had reached an astonishing 200 wisps.

“It seems that the spiritual energy in this world is hundreds of times denser.

The speed at which my innate Qi condenses is much faster than in my previous life!”

In his previous life, it took Lin Qiye ten days to condense 200 wisps of innate Qi.

But in this life, it only took him three days!

The 200 wisps of innate Qi circulated in his body, nourishing Lin Qiyes internal organs.

It made Lin Qiyes body clean, flawless, and unblemished as he cultivated his perfect body.

It was like a God carving a ten-thousand-year-old jade.

Every second was filled with artistic beauty.

Under the nourishment of the innate Qi, Lin Qiyes body had already matured for two months.

There were still 166 months left until he matured to 14 years old and awakened the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body and Angels Wings!

At the same time, Lin Qiyes First-turn Dragon Elephant Body also started to stir.

Lin Qiye was quite happy.

“The spiritual energy in this world is rich, so the speed at which I can refine the Innate Divine Body will be twice as fast.

“However, the rules in this world are more restrictive, so Im afraid Ill mature a little later.

“It doesnt matter.

With the protection of a few maids, I can grow steadily!”


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