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Amidst the earth-shattering sound, a gap appeared in the northern border of the Angel Universe.

Millions of Golden Core elites poured in like a flood, their terrifying pressure shaking the stars.

In front of the army, a female officer in armor, wearing a black robe and snow-white clothes, had short hair and sword-like eyebrows.

Her eyes were cold, her nose was straight, and a heroic aura was between her eyebrows.

Under her feet, the snow and ice turned into a large dragon.

It supported her and looked down at the world.

“Cowards of the Divine Tiger Clan, I am here! Come out and face your death!”

She held her long sword horizontally, her voice resounding through the sky.

However, the monsters of the Divine Tiger Clan she had imagined did not appear.

Instead, Ji Qinghuan landed in front of the invaders.

Behind her, a million Golden Core soldiers stood with their spears, and an endless stream of Golden Core soldiers was rushing through the teleportation formation.

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Not long after, there were five million of them.

What was even more ridiculous was that the number was still increasing!

Ji Qinghuan stood in the air indifferently, and the fire wings on her back emitted a light like the scorching sun.

The light caused the hearts of the millions of Golden Core intruders to tremble.

The female commander of Xia Universe, who was holding her sword in the air, had a grace expression on her face.

Ji Qinghuan frowned lightly as she sized up the group of humans.

“The Kingdom Xia is ahead of you.

Retreat! If you take another step forward, we will exterminate your entire race!”

Ji Qinghuans voice was cold.

The tens of thousands of fire runes on her body flickered, and a thousand-meter-long fire dragon opened its eyes.

It gave millions of Golden Core elites a sense of danger that made their scalps go numb.

Compared to 10,000 years ago, Ji Qinghuans strength had improved drastically.

However, the Xia Universes female commander sensed a familiar and friendly aura from the danger.

She looked shocked and confused.

“Oh Why do you know how to practice the Qi Refinement technique It is a cultivation method created by Elder Lin 350,000 years ago! We never taught it to outsiders!

“Where did it come from

“Also, your Qi Refinement technique is even more perfect than ours!”

The female commanders face was filled with disbelief.

Generations of geniuses from Xia Universe were unable to perfect the first page of the Qi Refinement technique.

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Why did the strange humans of the Divine Tiger Universe have a perfected copy

And from the looks of it, the first, second, and third pages of the Qi Refinement technique were even more complete!

It was so complete that it was shocking!

The female commanders eyes trembled.

She realized that something was wrong.

Things started to become incomprehensible.

As she spoke, her gaze swept across the city and suddenly saw a giant statue a thousand feet tall in the center of the distant city.

She subconsciously held her breath.

“That… That statue!”

She pointed at Lin Qiyes statue, and her voice trembled.

Behind her, millions of Golden Core elites were also stunned.

Astonishment, panic, confusion, and disbelief stirred on their faces.

“Its Elder Lins statue!”

“How could there be Elder Lins statue”

The female commander and millions of Golden Core cultivators were confused.

But at the same time, they looked at Lin Qiyes statue with a solemn and respectful gaze.

At this moment, they stood tall and straight, their faces were solemn, and their eyes shone with respect and reminiscence.

However, after a long period of silence, they looked confused.

How could there be Elder Lins statue in the Divine Tiger Universe

It did not make sense!

Ji Qinghuan was also a little confused.

“You know Kingdom Xias first king”

The female commander nodded her head carefully.

“Three hundred and five thousand years ago, our Xia Universe was merely a miniature universe.

“Elder Lin appeared out of nowhere.

At age five, he even risked his last moment to create the Qi Refinement technique, establishing the invincible foundation of the Xia Universe…”

After the female commander finished narrating the legend of Lin Qiye, Ji Qinghuan stood rooted to the ground, her hands clenched into fists, and her eyes reddened.

“So, Brother Ye appeared 350,000 years ago He still has such a noble personality…

“350,000 years ago, he saved Xia Universe.

A 10,000 years ago, he brought me to fight side by side to save the Angel Universe.

“The time spanned more than 300,000 years, and it was separated by countless times and space.

“Could it be that there is really reincarnation in this world

“So, he will be reincarnated to another time and space”

Ji Qinghuan bit her red lips and guessed.

10,000 years.

It had been 10,000 years since she lost Brother Ye.

She missed him day and night.

Finally, she received a piece of news.

“Although I still dont know where you are, I will do everything I can to find you in your next life.

If I cant find you in the next life, I will find you in your next next life.

Regardless of a hundred lives or a thousand lives, I will always hold on to you.”

Ji Qinghuan looked determined and made a vow in her heart.

On the other side, the female commander was still confused.

“What are you saying You havent answered us yet.

Why do you have Elder Lins statue”

Ji Qinghuan had no choice but to recount the legend of Lin Qiye suppressing the Divine Tiger Universe with reddened eyes.

After listening to it, the Xia Universes female commander and the millions of Golden Core cultivators were in tears.

“It must be Elder Lins reincarnation! I believe in reincarnation!”

“The one who can become a mighty king and destroy the Divine Tiger Universe must be Elder Lin without a doubt!”

“Why is Elder Lins lifespan always so short In his previous life, Elder Lin suffered from a terminal illness.

He died young at thirty, but in this life, he died prematurely at eleven.”

“If Elder Lin could live a little longer… He would be invincible.”

The millions of Golden Core elites in the Xia Universe were heartbroken.

They grew up listening to Elder Lins story.


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