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492 Seven-Headed Demon

The young man faced the Seven-Headed Demon head-on.

With the help of the spiritual energy gathered by the formation, the power of each attack was just enough to dissolve the Seven-Headed Demons attack.

“Whats going on Hes just an Incarnation Realm brat.

Its fine if he can block one or two of my attacks, but hes able to keep resisting me head-on.”

“That guy is good at controlling the lightning power.

My power is restrained.”

After a few rounds of confrontation, although the Seven-Headed Demon didnt suffer much damage, the young man didnt suffer any injuries as well.

“Although his power of lightning is strong, its not enough to pose too much of a threat to us.

The main thing is his energy storage.

How could a guy in the Incarnation Realm possibly have so much energy”

“Maybe its because of the secret technique he just used.

I cant drag this on any longer.

Otherwise, Ill be a joke to those guys when I return.”

“Thats right.

Use your full strength and end the battle quickly!”

After failing to take down Lin Qiye for a long time, the Seven-Headed Demon became pissed and immediately decided to attack with all its might.

Instantly, the pressure on the young man increased.

Each of the Seven-Headed Demons heads could control a part of its body.

Limbs of various sizes attacked Lin Qiye continuously.

boxn ovel.


If the young man were too far away, he would be attacked by the larger claws.

If he got close, he would be grabbed and torn by the arms attached to the meatball.

“How troublesome.

Could it be that all seven heads can think independently”

To Lin Qiyes knowledge, it was uncommon for a living being to split its thoughts into two without conflicts.

For example, he and his Outer Dao Dharma clone were independent and could think and act on their own without any conflict.

This situation was already considered rare.

However, the Seven-Headed Demon before him had seven consciousness of its own, and they even shared a single body.

It was even more outrageous that they could cooperate so well without any conflicts.

The young man passed by the Seven-Headed Demon, and a row of arms immediately attacked him in an orderly manner like oars.

Every once in a while, a gap would appear between the many arms.

“It seems that demons heads arent as perfect as I thought.

Theres a price to pay for their tacit cooperation.”

Normally, when multiple consciousnesses appear in a body, it would cause a fight for control.

The Seven-Headed Demon had nearly perfect control over its body, and that was because each head had its area of control.

Although they shared the same thoughts, they could not be as closely connected as Lin Qiyes main body and clone.

Therefore, when it controlled its body to attack, to avoid interfering with each other, the part of each consciousness connected to the others would be left as a buffer zone.

Those areas were usually idle, and no one had the right to control them.

Once in action, it was likely that the demons control would collapse, causing it to lose control of its limbs.

Taking advantage of the difference in their body sizes, the young man could find an opening and hide within the buffer zone of the Seven-Headed Demons body.

“Do you think you can dodge it like this”

The Seven-Headed Demon saw through the young mans intentions and let out a mocking laugh.

How could it not make up for its flaws without leaving a way out

Before the young man could figure out what it meant, he realized that the row of arms behind him suddenly moved and pulled him back.

Then, more and more arms joined in as if trying to pull him into the rotten wall of meat.

“Get lost!”

The young mans heart was filled with shock.

His power of lightning exploded to the extreme, and his body began to spin like a whirlwind.


The arms close to him exploded, and a large amount of flesh and blood turned into mud.

The young man was like a spinning top, spinning rapidly and rushing out of the encirclement of the densely packed arms.

“That detestable fellow!”

Just as it was about to devour the young man, he escaped.

The Seven-Headed Demon was instantly enraged, and it chased after him while brandishing its huge claws.

In less than a breath, the Seven-Headed Demon blocked the youths path again.

It forced him to move around in the buffer zone of the Seven-Headed Demons body, constantly changing his position.

As long as he stayed there for more than half a second, the arms in the buffer zone would be activated and immediately attack him.

“D*mn, this is too f*cking disgusting.”

Without a chance to catch his breath, the young mans physical strength quickly began to decline.

“Hold on a little longer.

I need to make sure I have enough energy to kill him in one shot.

Its not enough for now.”

Lin Qiyes thoughts appeared in the youths mind.

The time they spent interacting with each other was less than one-thousandth of a second.

In the outside world, it was so short that it was negligible.

The young man understood the situation and gritted his teeth as he continued to fight the Seven-Headed Demon.

At the same time, in Tata Village, tens of thousands of demons gathered outside, forming an impenetrable defense line.

Butcher and the others stood in front of the defense line, looking at the area in the distance with grave expressions.

“Whats the situation over there Why would there be such a terrifying energy fluctuation”

“It seems like people are fighting, and there are more than one or two of them.”

Even Chang Shi and Hou Tu, who had weaker cultivation, could sense that there were close to ten terrifying auras in the distance!

Each of their auras was definitely far beyond the Incarnation Realm!

“So many Immortals are fighting.

What is it for”

Lonemoon seemed to find it challenging to understand.

It was rare for Immortals to fight each other and even hear of the news of a battle between Immortals even in hundreds of years.

But now, not only was there a confrontation between Immortals but more than one or two were involved.

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