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491 Immortal Level Demon


Lightning flashed in the clouds, and the violent energy caused the air to tremble.

“An Immortal Level demon!”

The young man stared at the rolling black clouds in the sky.

The giant Lin Qiye also activated his Thunder God Domain at this moment.

“Were in trouble…”

He had never expected that the first time he would face a demon on this journey would be at the Immortal Level.

“Why hasnt it shown itself yet”

Lin Qiye looked up at the sky.

That powerful aura was constantly pressing down on his head, but he couldnt even see the shadow of a single demon.

“Somethings wrong!” The young mans expression suddenly changed.

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“Its not just one demon!”

As if in response to him, the movement in the black clouds gradually expanded.

Boom! Boom!

The rumbling caused the entire world to tremble.

An ugly, monstrous claw dozens of meters wide tore through the clouds and pierced through them.

The space trembled, and the ear-piercing sound of friction seemed to want to crush peoples hearts.


A sound wave pierced through the clouds and hit the giant Lin Qiye like a shock wave.

Lin Qiye staggered back a few steps in shock.

The demon had only relied on a sound wave attack to make him unable to stabilize his body.

However, the demon above the clouds was even more surprised.

“A mere Incarnation Realm cultivator can block my attack

“No wonder you were chosen.

With you as the vessel, our clan will definitely give birth to a new Supreme Being!”

The clouds split apart, pulled by the giant monstrous claw, and a larger body gradually descended onto the wilderness.

It was ten thousand meters tall and had seven ugly heads, each of which seemed to belong to a different species.

Its body was like a pile of rotten meat tangled together.

It had countless claws of various sizes, like a mountain full of corpses that had come alive.

“What the hell is this”

The young man stared at the demon, and his pupils shrank.

He had sensed several auras of Immortal Level demons before but only realized it after seeing for himself.

It turned out that the aura came from the demon in front of him!

Lin Qiye recalled the information he had read.

He compared every type of sinister demon, but he found none of them that matched.

Could it be that this was the first time this demon had appeared

Lin Qiye found it hard to believe.

Humans and demons had been in contact for a long time and fought against each other for countless years.

There should have been records of all types of demons.

However, he couldnt find any record of this demon.

“Submit to me, human.

Submit to my race, and I can guarantee that your consciousness wont be destroyed, allowing you to become a Supreme Being.”



The Seven-Headed Demon didnt immediately attack Lin Qiye.

Instead, it looked down at him, trying to persuade him to surrender.

Each of his brains seemed to think independently, and it was also repeating the words to persuade Lin Qiye to surrender.

“You want me to surrender You can keep dreaming!”

The giant Lin Qiye sneered coldly.

In front of the Seven-Headed Demon, his massive body was like a child.

“You want to fight me”

The Seven-Headed Demon laughed, and its laughter was filled with mockery.

Does a mere Incarnation Realm cultivator dare to challenge an Immortal Level demon Do you really think youre invincible just because you can take one of my attacks”

His seven heads were all laughing at Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye wasnt annoyed.

The Thunder God Aspect and the teenage clone activated the array at the same time and began to gather the energy of the southern region of the Holy King City.

The Seven-Headed Demon sensed the energy of this world change the moment he moved.

“A secret technique”

Its seven heads looked at each other but did not disturb Lin Qiye.

It seemed interested in what Lin Qiye was about to do.

Naturally, Lin Qiye was happy about this.

Soon, he was connected to the formation, and the energy of the southern region was at his disposal.

“Its over”

Seeing Lin Qiye had stopped moving, the Seven-Headed Demon raised its head in surprise.

It had thought Lin Qiye was using some secret technique to increase his strength.

To its surprise, Lin Qiyes strength had not changed at all.

“Youd better take out all your cards at once, or you wont even have the chance to show them.”

In the face of the Seven-Headed Demons mockery, the giant Lin Qiye and the youth smiled faintly.

They had already established a link with the energy-gathering formation.

The energy within the array could be used at will.

As long as he wasnt killed in one hit, Lin Qiye could recover to his peak state in a short time.

“Cut the crap.

Ill use you as a test today.”

Before his words fell, Lin Qiye and the teenager expanded their Thunder God Domain to its limit.

The lightning particles shuttled back and forth within the domain, moving at an extremely high level.

When they struck the Seven-Headed Demons body, they would immediately obliterate the parts that were touched.

However, as the Seven-Headed Demons body was destroyed, the lightning particles were also nullified.

It was an equivalent exchange.

Normally, Lin Qiye would be reluctant to do so.

However, he had enough energy now, so he didnt care.

“What is this”

When it discovered its body was being devoured, the Seven-Headed Demon couldnt help but reveal a shocked expression.

“You want to use energy to exhaust me”

It had intended to mock Lin Qiye but realized it had lost a thousandth of its energy, while Lin Qiye had not lost a single bit!

“What How is this possible”

A mighty Immortal Level demon was fighting a battle of attrition with an Incarnation Realm cultivator, but it was defeated!

“Theres something strange about this guy! I cant waste any more time with him!”

The Seven-Headed Demon finally began to take Lin Qiye seriously.

“Kill his main body! Dont bother with that clone!”

The target of the seven heads was clear, and they all locked onto the young man.

Lin Qiye had planned to put up all his defenses, but he didnt expect the demon would lock its gaze on the youths clone.

“Destroy my main body”

He suddenly laughed.

It turned out that the demon had taken his clone as his main body.

Instead, it had neglected the Thunder God Aspect that contained his soul origin.

But thinking about it, Lin Qiye understood.

In the past, when he revealed the Thunder God Aspect, the statue was merely a body of energy.

Even if it was broken, it could be instantly condensed as long as there was enough energy.

It would not cause any damage to the main body.

In the eyes of the Seven-Headed Demon, Lin Qiyes energy reserves were so deep that it was somewhat strange.

It naturally did not want to waste its time on an energy clone.

Directly killing themain body was the most convenient and effective way.

“Im carrying a soul with me.

I cant get entangled with him.

I have to find a way to escape quickly!”

The young man fled with Lin Qiyes soul.

He had the energy supply of the formation, so he wasnt too afraid of the Seven-Headed Demon.

However, he was still carrying Lin Qiyes soul with him, and he would not be able to protect himself if he faced the Seven-Headed Demon head-on.

“Come to me.

I can protect it with my Thunder God Aspect.”

The giant Lin Qiye and the youth were spiritually connected.

The youth immediately changed direction and rushed toward Lin Qiye.

“You cant escape!”

The Seven-Headed Demons body was different from the young mans.

With just a turn, it quickly caught up to the young man, who was already a distance away.

“Get lost!”

Lin Qiye arrived in time, and his fist struck the middle of the Seven-Headed Demon.

The teenager took the opportunity to rush into the Thunder God Aspect and placed his soul in the core of the statues abdomen.

Lin Qiye heaved a sigh of relief after his soul was protected.

He retreated to the side and watched as the young man charged forward to battle the Seven-Headed Demon.

“An Immortal Level demon is too powerful.

With my current attack prowess, I cant cause much damage to it.”

After all, an Immortal Level was already considered to have transcended the mortal world.

As long as the injury wasnt grave, it could recover shortly.

Although Lin Qiyes current lightning could hurt it, the damage was limited.

Only by madly activating the lightning particles would he be able to exceed the demons recovery ability and cause real damage.

Unfortunately, the Seven-Headed Demon wasnt stupid, and it wouldnt give Lin Qiye the chance to exhaust it with all his might.

‘Its too difficult to rely on the power of lightning to consume it.

‘Why dont you try purification

Lin Qiye suddenly recalled the times he had used the power of faith to purify the demonic energy.

An idea suddenly came to him.

“You keep him busy.

Ill charge up the energy!”

Lin Qiye and the teenager immediately divided the work.

The teen would pin down the Seven-Headed Demon, while Lin Qiye would rely on his soul origin to gather the power of faith quickly.

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