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479 Divine Herb Emperor Lotus

Lin Qiye couldnt do anything to the external seal, but he could easily remove the White Dragons arrangement.

His mental powers impact worked with the penetration, and the seal inside the black pearl was quickly broken.

“Just this”

Lin Qiyes mental power entered the black pearl.

There were many things inside, but most were low-level treasures useless to him.

Other than that, what surprised him was that the space inside the pearl was unusually large.

Even with his mental power, he could not detect the end of the inner space in one go.

It was obviously not just a large storage treasure.

However, Lin Qiye couldnt undo the outer seal right now, so he could only keep it for now and study it later.

However, just as he was about to put away the black pearl, an unremarkable white stone in the inner space suddenly attracted his attention.

The white stone was about the size of a fist.

It was bright and clean, and it contained a vital life force.

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“Dragon Stone”

Lin Qiye was pleasantly surprised.

He opened his hand, and the white stone appeared.

“I cant believe that guy didnt tell me the truth before he died.”

Compared to the minor movement token and the mysterious black pearl, the Dragon Stone was his biggest gain.

After all, the minor movement token could only be used to escape, and he didnt even know the use of the mysterious black pearl.

Only the Dragon Stone could help him ripen the Emperor Lotus after he returned.

It was the most effective way to increase his current strength.

“My Lord, were almost done with the collection.”

When Lin Qiye received a surprise, Butcher and the others had also cleared out all the treasures in the cave.

“Alright, lets go.

We didnt come in vain this time.”

The group set off on their return journey happily.

Back at Tata Village, Lin Qiye gathered all the treasures and planned to use them as reserve funds for future development.

In this life, he didnt plan to fight alone.

Instead, he planned to build his own force to better deal with the attacks of demons in the future.

Right now, he was not only thinking about saving himself but also about saving the world.

Whether it was his friends, subordinates, or those who believed in him, he didnt want to see them suffer at the hands of the demons.

“Ill leave the matter of forming an army to Butcher and the others to prepare.

However, we cant count on others to have the peak combat strength to deal with the crisis, and I cant neglect my cultivation in the slightest.”

In the backyard of City God Temple, Lin Qiye looked at the Emperor Lotus being cultivated on the flower terrace and sighed.

He took out the Dragon Stone, and the Emperor Lotus beside him instantly began to dance, transmitting an intense desire.

“A single Dragon Stone will give you a thousand years of life to mature.

That should be more than enough.”

Lin Qiye smiled faintly and used his mental power to help the Emperor Lotus absorb the powerful spiritual essence and vitality in the Dragon Stone.

Under Lin Qiyes control in the City God Temple, the power of faith constantly cleansed the Emperor Lotus, causing it to transform in every part.

The rich spiritual energy gathered in the backyard.

As the Emperor Lotus absorbed the Dragon Stone, the spiritual energy was also devoured by it.

A massive spiritual energy vortex appeared above the Emperor Lotus, almost enveloping the entire temple.

At this moment, the pilgrims who didnt know what was happening knelt one after another, thinking that another miracle had descended.

Butcher and the others were also shocked and quickly went to the backyard.

“Its the Lord!”

“His Lordship is growing spiritual herbs!”

They stared at Lin Qiye and the Emperor Lotus in the center of the spiritual energy vortex in disbelief.

Lin Qiye did not seem to be the one behind all of this.

Instead, it was the Emperor Lotus itself!

“That lotus is transforming! I can feel a trace of immortal aura!”

Among them, Butcher was slightly more knowledgeable.

When he sensed the immortal accumulation during the Emperor Lotuss transformation, he knew it was about to enter the ranks of immortal-tier divine herbs.


The spiritual energy became denser and denser.

With the City God Temple as the center, spiritual energy rain fell within a radius of a thousand meters.

Bathing in the rain, even Chang Shi and the others felt refreshed.

Ordinary peoples physiques began to change.

“What a miracle! I feel like Ive returned to my 20s!”

“I feel like my strength has increased by more than ten times!”

“Its the blessing of the Lord Holy Infant! This must be a gift from him!”

“Lord Holy Infant!”

All of the villagers swarmed to the vicinity of the City God Temple.

One by one, they knelt devoutly and shoutedLord Holy Infant.

Lin Qiye did not seem to hear the commotion outside.

At this moment, he was only staring at the lotus so pure that it was almost transparent.

“I didnt expect that after the baptism of the power of faith, the spiritual herb would transform.”

He floated to the side of the Emperor Lotus, his heart filled with joy.

The half-immortal tier spiritual herb had completely transformed into the immortal tier.

It seemed like it was only half a step away, but the effects were as different as heaven and earth.

There might be many powerful spiritual herbs below the immortal tier.

But in the end, they were merely decent.

Once it reached the immortal tier, it would complete a transition in life and could be called a divine herb.

Even the most ordinary immortal tier divine herb could turn an ordinary person with no spiritual roots into a genius with innate spiritual roots.

Of course, even the high and mighty Immortals would not be willing to use immortal tier divine herbs to obtain an innate spiritual root.

“With this, the foundation of my mental power will be more stable.

When I reach the Immortal Realm in the future, my mental power will definitely undergo a qualitative transformation.”

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