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478 Divine Herb Emperor Lotus

After the White Dragons death, while Lin Qiye was recuperating, he suddenly realized an additional trace of the power of fortune in his soul.

“Oh This is the White Dragons fortune.

He attached it to me before he died”

Lin Qiye was a little surprised.

Normally, when a true dragon was born, it would be blessed with the power of fortune.

As their cultivation grew stronger, the power of fortune would also increase.

If the power of fortune could evolve into the Golden Dragon of Fortune, it would be enough to protect a country for hundreds of years.

Although the White Dragons power of fortune had yet to reach that level, it could still bring Lin Qiye great benefits.

At the very least, his cultivation would be smoother.

“This guy gave me such a big gift before he died.

Im afraid he doesnt have any good intentions.”

Lin Qiye was secretly on guard.

He remembered what the White Dragon had said before he died.

Lin Qiye would become that guys prey sooner or later.

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And that guy should be the Black Dragon that had injured the White Dragon and robbed him of his treasures.

But Lin Qiye didnt know the Black Dragon.

Why would the Black Dragon look for trouble with him

From this perspective, the White Dragon was sure that the Black Dragon would come to find him because it had inherited his luck.

“Black Dragon… come on.

Id like to see what surprise you can bring me.”

Not only was Lin Qiye unafraid, but he was also looking forward to it.

“Hurry up and pack up all the treasures here.

We should go back.”


Butcher, Chang Shi, and the others reverently responded, and each excitedly went to pick up the treasures scattered on the ground.

However, the reason for their excitement was not because of those treasures but because they discovered that their lord seemed to be even more powerful than they had imagined.

While they were collecting the treasures, Lin Qiye did not idle around.

When the White Dragon self-destructed, his body turned into energy and dispersed.

However, some treasures he carried with him were scattered after his death.

However, many of them had been broken due to the explosion force.

Only a small portion was left behind.

These things can resist the White Dragons self-destruction, so they shouldnt be ordinary.

Lin Qiyes mental power quickly locked onto the items floating around.

With a thought, the captured items quickly flew toward him.

They were displayed in front of him.

Some were broken, some were intact, and more than ten items had survived the explosion.

Lin Qiye reached out and swept the broken objects to the side.

There were only three that were intact.

“What the hell is this”

Lin Qiyes gaze fell on a black diamond-shaped sign.

He didnt know what material the sign was made of, but the wordshift was engraved on the front.

He took it and sent his mental power into it.

Soon, a message was instilled into his sea of consciousness.

“A minor movement token,” Lin Qiye muttered to himself.

When he sent his mental power into the minor movement token, its function and detailed explanation appeared naturally.

This minor movement token was a precious treasure for escaping.

The user only needed to penetrate their mental power into the token, and with a thought, they could teleport to any place within 10,000 miles.

If the coordinates were not locked, they would be randomly teleported to anywhere within the maximum distance.

“This is useful.”

Teleportation was an ability that only a few Immortal Realm existences had.

Furthermore, every teleportation consumed a lot of energy.

Crossing a few hundred miles in one go was basically the limit of an Immortal Realm expert.

Teleporting ten thousand miles away was something that even the greatest perception range of an Immortal Realm expert could not achieve.

It could not be better for escaping.

Lin Qiye flipped his hand and stored the minor movement token in his Life Lantern Gem.

He then checked the second treasure.

It was a bright silver piece of armor, the size of a basin.

“This should be the scale of the White Dragon.

Lin Qiye took out a diamond-tier weapon and scraped it against the scales, but not a single mark was left behind.

“Its quite hard, but unfortunately, I dont know how to make weapons.

Its useless.”

He put away the scale and looked at the third treasure.

The last treasure was a black pearl.

The pearl was simple and unadorned, looking like an ordinary black crystal.

If not for the fact that the White Dragons self-destruction did not hurt it, Lin Qiye would not have even looked at it.

He held the black pearl in his hand and tried to penetrate it with his mental power but found a barrier blocking him, and he could not detect it.

“This thing is a storage item”

Lin Qiye was surprised as he looked at the black pearl.

Although his mental power was blocked by a force, it did not affect him to sense an independent space inside the pearl.

“No, thats not right.

The internal space is just an additional product of this thing.”

Lin Qiye quickly made a new discovery.

The surface of the black pearl was wrapped in strange energy and sealed.

Because of that energy, its aura was so ordinary.

“What an exquisite sealing technique! This inscription is comparable to the formation pattern that the demons used to pull me into this world!”

The more Lin Qiye studied the patterns on the black pearl, the more shocked he became.

Other than the runes on the surface, he also found another seal inside the bead.

However, the inner seal was relatively ordinary compared to the outer layer.

“It seems that the seal inside was set by the White Dragon.

Thats easy to deal with.

Id like to see what hes hiding inside.”


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