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Chapter 428: Tiger Demon Rogue Ghosts

Suddenly, a series of scared shouts came from the village entrance.

Lin Qiye soared into the sky and looked in the direction of Saint King Mountain.

A glance made his pupils contract, and his expression became even uglier.

In the direction of Saint King Mountain, a large group of demons rushed out, mixed with a few rogue ghosts.

As far as the eye could see, there were thousands of them!

“B*stard!” Lin Qiye let out an angry roar and dashed toward the village entrance.

Lin Qiye had guessed that the tiger demon might act ahead of time, but he had not expected that he had also summoned many minor demons from God knows where.

However, these were not the reasons for Lin Qiyes anger.

What worried him the most was Lonemoon.

The tiger demon must have already known about Lonemoons plan.

Now that he had started to take action, Lonemoon was in danger.

Lin Qiyes expression turned cold at the thought of that playful lady.

“Youd better not have done anything to Lonemoon.

Otherwise, Ill destroy your soul!”

Lin Qiyes eyes burned with killing intent.

He arrived at the village entrance in a few flashes.

Some villagers saw the monsters coming down the mountain and ran back to the village while screaming in horror.

Some had just left the house and still had a blank look on their faces, not knowing what had happened.

“Everyone, retreat!”

In the sky, Lin Qiye revealed himself and shouted.

His voice swept through Tata Village, and all the villagers could not help but raise their heads and look in his direction.

“Its the Holy Infant!”

The villagers cheered.

At the same time, almost everyone saw the monsters charging down from Saint King Mountain toward the village.

“Hurry up! Quickly go to the Holy Infant Temple!”

The Wang family patriarch was the first to react and immediately called for everyone to retreat to the Holy Infant Temple.

Everyone ran toward that sacred and majestic place.

Lin Qiye was the only one who stood tall in the sky, constantly throwing out array flags.

He made them all on the spot.

There were defensive formation patterns on the array flags.

However, in a hurry, he couldnt make it too powerful and could only resist the impact of those below the Golden Core Realm.

The army of monsters and rogue ghosts came menacingly.

In this short period, they had already rushed to the river opposite the shore of Tata Village.

Lin Qiyes aura exploded.

A violent wave of soul power swept across every intruder like a tidal wave.

An angry shout came from his mouth.

“Those who dare to step forward will die!”

At the same time, within the cave in Saint King Mountain, Lonemoon fell to the ground, blood flowing from the corner of her mouth.

She looked at the demon with a tigers head and a humans body in disbelief.

“Thats impossible!”

“Hahahaha!” The tiger demon laughed out loud, his face full of mockery.

“What Are you thinking that I should have at least three months before refining that treasure ”

Lonemoon glared at the tiger demon, the hatred in her eyes undisguisable.

The tiger demon laughed coldly.

“Hmph, do you really think Im an idiot Do you think Id believe you so easily Im telling you.

Youre not the only one who knows how to use formations!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a hunchback and a thin figure slowly walked out behind him.

Lonemoons expression changed drastically when she saw who it was.

“Its you!”

The newcomer let out a strange laugh and put his face in front of Lonemoon.

“What, you cant believe it But the truth is, Im back!”

Lonemoons expression fell.

The guy who came out from behind the tiger demon was an old acquaintance of hers – the rat demon.

Back in Saint King Mountain, when an expert was cultivating in seclusion, she was not the only one who often sneaked into his cave to learn something.

There was also another rat who had been cultivating for many years.

The two often bumped into each other, and she even shared much of what she had learned with him.

However, she was fortunate enough to receive guidance from the expert, but the rat demon had never attracted his attention.

As a result, the rat demon was jealous and hated her.

Later on, when the two had cultivated human form, that expert also left Saint King Mountain.

Before he left, the expert gave her the cave.

The rat demon was even more annoyed, so a conflict occurred.

In the end, he was gravely injured by the expert and escaped from Saint King Mountain.

Therefore, in terms of orthodoxy, she and the rat demon could be considered to be of the same line.

The rat demon was also clear about her understanding of formations.

“You ungrateful b*stard!”

Lonemoon glared at the rat demon.

She had never thought that this rat demon would seek refuge with that tiger, and perhaps he was the one who brought the tiger here.

“Kekeke!” The rat demon laughed in a wretched manner.

“Ungrateful Hmph! Wait for it.

My revenge has just begun.

Ill let you have a taste of what its like to be better off dead!” As he spoke, he rubbed his hands and walked forward as if he wanted to do something to Lonemoon.

However, the tiger demon, who had been silent, suddenly snorted coldly at this moment and looked at the rat demon indifferently.

“We havent finished our business yet.

What do you want to do”

The rat demon was shocked, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

“Im sorry.

I know I was wrong!” He quickly retreated behind the tiger demon and knelt on the ground in fear.

The tiger demon only glanced at him, then looked at Lonemoon, beckoning to the two rogue ghosts behind him.

“Take her to Tata village.

I want to let the guy see what happens to those who dare to scheme against me!”

At the tiger demons command, the two rogue ghosts grabbed Lonemoon and followed him to Tata Village.

At this moment, a group of demons and rogue ghosts blocked the village entrance and glared at Lin Qiye, who was floating in the air.

Lin Qiye scanned the demons and the rogue ghosts, measuring their strength.

“Two late-stage Golden Core Realm, seven mid-stage, and ten early-stage…”

He squinted and looked at the dozen or so strongest demons.

The demons sneered at Lin Qiye.

“Little ones, attack! Kill all the people in this village! Dont leave a single one alive!”

“Kill! Kill them all!”

The demons and rogue ghosts suddenly roared and rushed toward Tata Village.

Lin Qiye remained unmoved as he stared coldly at the Golden Core Realm demons.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

As soon as the demons and rogue ghosts rushed to the village entrance, they suddenly hit an invisible barrier.

Some of the faster ones were knocked into confusion, staggering back a few steps before falling to the ground.

“A defensive formation” A late-stage Golden Core Realm demons expression changed slightly.

Lin Qiye snorted coldly and waved his hand, instantly creating a sharp airwave.

“Ive said it before.

Anyone who dares to step forward will die!”

A blast of air more than ten meters wide swept across, killing dozens of small demons and starved ghosts at the front in the blink of an eye.


Witnessing this scene, the eyes of the Golden Core Realm demons supervising the battle from the back instantly widened.

Among the demons charging forward, many were at the peak of the Qi Refinement Realm.

But even so, they couldnt resist for a moment before they were killed.

The enemys strength was not like what the intelligence had said.

They thought Lin Qiye was middle or late-stage Golden Core Realm!

“Could he be at the Nascent Soul Realm”

The two late-stage Golden Core Realm demons looked serious.

They knew they couldnt do what Lin Qiye had just done.

The strength of the attack seemed to be within their reach, but they just couldnt do it so beautifully, and they couldnt kill more than a dozen people at the peak of the Qi Refinement Realm with one move.

“No, he probably hasnt reached the Nascent Soul Realm yet, but he might have already touched the threshold.”

“Then what should we do Are we going up or not”

The dozen Golden Core Realm demons looked at each other and did not dare to attack again.

At that moment, Lin Qiyes pupils suddenly contracted.

He raised his head and stared in the direction behind the group of demons.

In the next second, a terrifying pressure descended, causing the thousands of demons and rogue ghosts to kneel on the ground in fear.

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