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Chapter 426: Tiger Demon Rogue Ghosts

Lin Qiye sat cross-legged on the head of the baby statue.

The only things he could cultivate now were the Dao Repository Technique and the Immortal Consciousness Soul.

The rest of the secret arts could only be cultivated after he formed a body.

Putting aside the fact that he didnt know the method to condense a body, he wouldnt be able to do so in a short time if he did.

With the threat of the tiger demon present, the most important thing now was to find a way to raise his cultivation to the Nascent Soul Realm.

“In my last simulation, I revealed the Thunder God Aspect in Jiang City and attracted the peoples worship, obtaining a large amount of belief.

Although I was powerful at that time and the direct increase in my strength didnt seem too obvious, it was still of great help to my subsequent cultivation.”

Lin Qiye recalled the effects of the power of faith in the past.

The power of faith he had obtained previously did not increase his strength by much.

But after thinking about it, Lin Qiye realized that the speed at which he absorbed energy during his cultivation had increased significantly.

And that was when he totally ignored the power of faith.

Now that he thought about it, Lin Qiye immediately tried to mobilize the power of faith to help him absorb the pure energy drifting between heaven and earth.

“The power of faith is amazing.

Its not under the control of mental strength and also not affected by other energies!”

Lin Qiye tried to control the power of faith with his mental strength and innate Qi but realized that the latter seemed to exist in a different dimension from any other energy.

He focused his mind and ignored the others.

He only wanted to move the power of faith, but he found that the weak power of faith in his body moved with his thoughts.

Controlling the power of faith only requires a single thought.

Lin Qiye controlled it to flow through his palm.

He focused his attention and tried to use it to guide the other energies drifting around him.

Instantly, the power of faith originally the size of a marble disintegrated into a large area of particles and scattered all over the temple.

Even the space within tens of meters was covered.

Although he couldnt see anything, Lin Qiye could feel the energy of heaven and earth in the area gathering rapidly.

In less than a quarter of an hour, the concentration of energy near the temple had reached dozens of times that of normal circumstances!

“Amazing! The energy purity here is comparable to that of some connate blessed lands!

“If I could maintain it, why would I need half a year to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm I could reach that level in half a month!”

Lin Qiye was ecstatic.

However, he soon realized that the energy around him seemed to be a one-time thing.

After absorbing the energy, he had to urge the power of faith to condense again.

Otherwise, the energy concentration in the vicinity would return to its original state.

Lin Qiye sighed with regret.

“It seems like its impossible to maintain that cultivation speed.

However, the amount of faith Im getting is already far beyond that.

“Although the number is small, it shouldnt be a problem to condense it a dozen times a day.

Absorbing the waves of energy daily was not enough for Lin Qiye to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm in half a month, but breaking through within two to three months was not a problem.

In the following period, Lin Qiye used the power of faith every day to continuously strengthen and improve his strength.

Lonemoon was also obedient.

Since she went back last time, she had not left Saint King Mountain.

However, after Lin Qiye and Lonemoons embrace was seen by someone, the villagers soon gave Lin Qiye the title ofCarefree Immortal.

Although the villagers still called him Lord Holy Infant when they came to pay their respects, they mostly called him Carefree Immortal when they chatted outside.

Moreover, the people in the nearby villages had even heard of the Carefree Immortals name.

“Why do the people of Tata Village seem to be in better spirits ”

“Whats wrong Havent you heard Tata Village is now under the protection of the Carefree Immortal, and the villagers are blessed by him.

Naturally, they got better and better!”

“Yes, my second aunt is married in Tata Village.

Her health has always been poor, but when I visited her a few days ago, she could already work in the fields!”

“It cant be.

Was it that powerful”

“Well know if hes good when we take a look.

I was just planning to visit the temple.

Are you guys coming”

“Yeah! Of course, Im going!”

More and more villagers nearby went to Tata Village.

They wanted to see with their eyes if the infamous Carefree Immortal could really bring them good fortune.

Outside the Holy Infant Temple, there was an endless stream of people coming and going.

The smell of incense lingered, and the entire Tata Village seemed shrouded in a layer of holy light.

“Recently, my speed of obtaining faith seems to be getting faster and faster.”

Lin Qiye sat on the head of the baby statue and looked down at the people coming and going to worship him.

It had been half a month since he had noticed the power of faith.

His cultivation had also increased from the middle stage of the Golden Core Realm to the late stage.

“At this rate, I think I could break through to the Nascent Soul Realm in a month.” Lin Qiye looked out of the temple and gazed at Saint King Mountain in the distance.

“I wonder how Lonemoon is doing.

I hope the Tiger demon isnt in a hurry to act.

Lin Qiyes only worry now was that the Tiger demon would move ahead of time and harm lonemoon.

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