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Chapter 417: The Thoughts of The Fox Demon

My Lord

Lin Qiye raised an eyebrow.

“What lord Youre making me look like a demon.

“Ive already killed those ghosts.

You guys should hurry back.

The mountain hasnt been peaceful recently, so dont come in for the time being.”

“Yes! We definitely wont come back!”

The young man who asked the question quickly bowed.

The rest of the men also realized that the baby ghost in front of them was their savior.

Did he kill all the terrifying ghosts

The group of young men lowered their heads, their hearts filled with fear.

They had just seen how scary those ghosts were.

However, it was only for a short time, and they havent even grasped the situation.

That group of ghosts was destroyed just like that

Someone couldnt help but steal a glance at Lin Qiye.

Upon seeing that he was covered in a layer of holy light, the fear in his heart immediately dissipated by half.

Instead, he became calmer.

How was this a ghost It was clearly the glory of a saint!

Everyone exclaimed that they had met an Immortal and knelt to thank Lin Qiye.

“Thank you for saving my life, my lord!”

Lin Qiye was speechless when the group addressed him asLord.

He didnt bother to say anything more.

With a wave of his hand, he sent everyone from the deep forest filled with trapping formations to the periphery of the mountain.


This mountain isnt peaceful.

Dont barge in without permission.”

Lin Qiye turned around and left the mountain after giving his last warning.

He didnt want to go any deeper before he figured out the situation in the mountain.

After all, there might be something with unknown strength and a tiger demon in the mountain.

In this life, there were no warnings from the Life Lantern Gem.

Lin Qiye didnt know what beings he would meet.

If he were to encounter an Incarnation Realm monster the moment he came out, he would have no place to cry.

Halfway up Saint King Mountain, the villagers in the rescue team had gathered.

Meanwhile, the group of young men that Lin Qiye had saved landed not far away from the rescue team.

“Theres movement in front!”

“Its Little Fang! Theres also Ta Zi!”

“Little Liu is here too.

Theyre all here!”

Seeing the group of young men, the villagers immediately became excited.


“Father! I thought I would never see you again!”

The sound of crying filled the air.

A group of young men in their teens and twenties threw themselves into their parentsarms and started crying.

At the same time, in the depths of Saint King Mountain, within a certain cave.

“My Lord, the rogue ghosts we sent out have all been purified.”

A figure stood at the cave entrance with his back to the light, so his face could not be seen clearly.

“What Who did it” A deep and heavy voice came from the depths of the cave.

“Its the soul of a dead infant.

He has the strength of a mid-stage Golden Core cultivator.”

“A babys soul” The voice that came from the cave abode was somewhat surprised.

“Hmph! A fellow at the middle Golden Core Realm dares to oppose me” The owner of the cave abode seemed to be disdainful of Lin Qiyes strength.

“If it werent for the fact that Im at the critical moment of my refinement, Id definitely destroy his soul!

“What about the others in the mountain This time, youll go personally.

There cant be any more mistakes!”

“Yes.” After receiving the order, the figure at the cave entrance slowly retreated.

Under the light, her face was revealed.

She was beautiful, and every move was full of charm and temptation.

Her long hair hung down to her waist.

She had a pair of furry pointed ears on her head and a fluffy tail that was covered in the same fur.

“I hope I didnt make the wrong bet this time…” After murmuring in a low and inaudible voice, her figure flashed and disappeared in front of the cave.

Lin Qiye had intended to leave immediately after saving the group of young men.

However, when he thought about the possibility of two threatening existences in the mountains, he decided to make some preparations before leaving.

After all, he didnt know if the beings in the mountain would leave to find him.

It was necessary to make some early warning measures so that he would know when something had left the mountain and be prepared.

As for the method, it was a variety of formations.

It was not difficult for Lin Qiye to set up a spell formation that would trigger an alarm if it was touched.

Moreover, he could freely use any item he had in this simulation, and he didnt have to worry about not having enough materials.

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