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“A surprise”

Lin Qiye trusted his instincts.

Hence, he stopped the guards and walked over to the frail young man.

“The two of you are good guards! You should be rewarded.”

As he said that, Lin Qiye rewarded each guard with 10 spiritual stones.

The guards standing upright caught a glimpse of the spiritual stones from the corner of their eyes.

They were shocked by the pure spiritual energy contained in the stones, and they subconsciously gulped.

The two of them took a small step back at the same time.

They carefully bent their backs, stretched out their hands, and took the spiritual stones.

Then, they hid them in their pockets.

“Thank you, King Lin!”

“We will be conscientious and stand on guard! We will definitely not let down your high hopes!”

The guards voice was high and mighty.

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Without a doubt, their loyalty had increased more than tenfold.

Lin Qiye, who had been a little generous, nodded slightly.

His gaze landed on the frail youth.

“Is there anything you need my help with”

The young man seemed to be a little scared.

When he faced Lin Qiye, the muscles on his face were so nervous that they trembled and pulled unnaturally.

However, his eyes were filled with a thirst for knowledge and stubbornness necessary for a top-tier scientist.

“King Lin, I… Just now, when I was studying the corpses of the foreign races, I almost grasped a bit of their essence.”

“But because Im not a cultivator, my efforts fell short.

King Lin, I need you to help me… make me a cultivator!”

“If I… become a cultivator, Ill definitely be able to produce groundbreaking results.


Although the young man stuttered, the fighting spirit and confidence in his eyes seemed to be on fire.

It made Lin Qiye rather admire him.

He sized up the weak-looking young man.

“Its not easy for you to become a cultivator!”

“However… Since you have the confidence to produce research results, Ill help you this time.

Follow me to the cultivation room!”

Hearing Lin Qiyes words, the weak-looking young man stood rooted to the ground.

He knew that it was a foolish offense for him to rashly come over to seek an audience with the king and even make a series of rude requests.

With the kings noble status, he would most likely dismiss him casually.

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However, the king magnanimously forgave his offense and even unconditionally trusted his words

The young man pursed his lips, and his eyes were moist and hot.

“King Lin, arent you afraid that Im exaggerating and bragging for funds”

The frail young man asked.

Lin Qiye smiled.

“I believe you.

Youre good.”

Hearing this, the young man was tongue-tied, and his mind went blank for a short while.

The unconditional trust came as a pleasant surprise, as if he had hit the jackpot.

It made the young mans head dizzy, thinking that he was dreaming.

However, Lin Qiye urged him, “Dont be in a daze.

Follow me! Also, whats your name”

“Qin Xingtong! My name is Qin Xingtong.

My mother said… When I was born… My eyes were as bright as the stars… So… Call me Xingtong…”

Hearing this, Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

He had a strange premonition in his heart.

He quickly brought Qin Xingtong to the cultivation room.

“Sit down cross-legged.

Let me check your body.”

Qin Xingtong was a little nervous.

His sitting posture was amateurish.

However, it didnt matter.

Lin Qiye used his telepathy to scan Qin Xingtongs meridians.

The next second, he was slightly surprised.

“Your eyes are a type of Dao bone structure.”

“But a world with poor spiritual energy cant afford to nurture them.”

“To maintain vitality, your eyes forcefully absorb the life force in your body, causing your meridians to shrink greatly.

Naturally, you cant cultivate anymore.”

Lin Qiyes description was simple and easy to understand.

Qin Xingtongs expression quickly fell, and his heart sank to the bottom, appearing exceptionally desperate.

“King Lin… It doesnt seem to have any hope, right”

“Yes, I have a way to help you.”

Qin Xingtong was dumbstruck.

“King Lin, if the difficulty is too much, theres no need.

Im not worth it…”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“Its fine, just stay here!”

While they were talking, Lin Qiye took out ten top-grade healing pills and dozens of spiritual herbs flowing with dark green light, emitting a medicinal fragrance.

He also took out ten thousand spiritual stones.

Qin Xingtong was dumbfounded.

He wasnt stupid, so he naturally knew the value of spiritual stones.

Just now, after the two cultivator guards received the reward of ten spiritual stones, their hands trembled, and they were extremely cautious!

One could imagine how precious spiritual stones were.

Ten spiritual stones were enough to make cultivators nervous.

The mountain of spiritual stones in front of them could probably make cultivators go crazy!

Qin Xingtong started to panic for no reason.

The price King Lin had to pay for helping him seemed to be a little heavy.

He swallowed.

“King Lin… Why dont we forget about it The resources consumed are too much… I cant bear this favor…”

Lin Qiye shook his head indifferently.

“Since Ive promised you, Ill keep to my word.”

“Immediately gather your thoughts and swallow a pill.

I will try to help you recover your meridians.”

Qin Xingtong wanted to say something but stopped.

In the end, under Lin Qiyes request, he swallowed a pill into his stomach.

The cold medicinal power quickly flowed throughout his body.

Lin Qiyes palm immediately pressed on Qin Xingtongs acupuncture point behind his neck.

The innate Qi surged in and nourished the meridians that had shrunk to the extreme.

The innate Qi was the magical power that nurtured a babys intelligence.

It was not difficult to cultivate the meridians.

However, Qin Xingtongs meridians had shrunk due to the loss of life force, so it took a lot longer.

Ten minutes later, Lin Qiyes voice sounded.

“Take another healing pill.”

Qin Xingtong immediately followed.


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