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[Life Lantern Gem Notification: You have been forcefully pulled into spacetime.]

[There is an anomaly during this simulation.]

[The main world will support you.

The Life Lantern Gem will guide you at all times.]

[Main world notification: This journey is filled with unknowns.

If you can leave, please seize any opportunity!]

Within the endless darkness and chaos, after Lin Qiye was swept into the vortex, he regained consciousness.

All that was left in front of him was darkness.

“This… Whats the situation” He clutched his somewhat drowsy head, unable to turn around for a moment.


After a short pause, his consciousness gradually became clear.

“I was pulled into a simulation But I didnt go through the soul anchoring square.

How could…”

Before he could figure out the situation, his life, illuminated by the Life Lantern Gem, slowly appeared.

[At age 0, you drowned and became a water ghost.

Your resentment was extremely heavy, and you lost your mind for a while.

You broke down and became an evil ghost.]

[At age 1, you killed wantonly in the river because of your resentment.

You could even land on the shore.

You massacred more than ten villages.

You became a supreme evil spirit.

You were killed by the City Gods subordinates.

Although you counterattacked more than half of them, you still died.]

[Your soul was scattered, and you couldnt return.


Looking at his future, Lin Qiye woke up immediately.

“What the hell Whats going on”

He was shocked.

He suddenly remembered what happened in Star City.

“Reincarnation Ive been dragged into reincarnation!”

Realizing the situation, Lin Qiye quickly collected himself and calmed down, analyzing the situation.

The main world even hinted at him for this simulation.

It was filled with unknowns, and Lin Qiye should seize any opportunity to leave.

It seemed that this simulation was extraordinary, and he had to be even more careful.

However, how could he die when he had just entered the simulation

What was going on

He was drowned at age 0 and even turned into a water ghost to be killed by the City Gods men.

Looking at the cause of his death, Lin Qiye could not help but feel a headache.

There were evil spirits and City God.

This world seemed to be a mythical world filled with demons and ghosts.

“Evil spirits, City God… If I want to change my fate, I have to start from here.”

Lin Qiye held his chin and pondered.

Since he was killed because he had become an evil spirit, would he escape the fate of being targeted by the City God if he didnt

Although he felt that this idea was correct, Lin Qiye wasnt sure whether the City God would only kill evil spirits or every spirit, even the harmless ones.

“Forget it.

I still dont know the situation of this world yet.

Ill deduce it first.”

As he was unsure of the situation, Lin Qiye planned to use the Deduction of Genesis to see if he could solve this problem if he did not become an evil spirit.

[The deduction is successful.

This deduction will not consume any points.

The City God is a God who protects a region and will only target evil beings.

To avoid being killed by the City God, you must resist the erosion of resentment and escape the fate of becoming an evil spirit.]

“So thats how it is…”

With a solution, Lin Qiye felt much more at ease.

However, this time, there didnt seem to be any hint for him to choose the treasures he would bring along.

There was only one mention that he would receive the blessing of the main world.

But what was that blessing

[Main world hint: This time around, you will bring all the treasures you have.]

The main worlds notification suddenly sounded.

Lin Qiye couldnt help but be speechless.

Could this be one of the blessings of the main world He could carry all the treasures on this trip.

His heart thumped with joy.

Facing this unknown world, he could use more methods and better deal with the dangers that might appear in the future.

“Ive also accumulated quite a few treasures during the previous simulations.

Perhaps Ill be able to use them.”

Lin Qiye silently counted the treasures he had now that might be useful during this trip.

First was his physique.

He had a near-perfect Holy Violet Divine Body, and the Holy Violet Root Bone in his body had evolved into an immortal bone after two transformations.

He also had three wisps of immortal Qi during the last simulation.

These were treasures with a strong restraining ability against evil beings and also possessed an amplification to creatures that cultivated the immortal path.

In addition, there was the Immortal Technique – Dao Repository Technique.

It could allow him to reach adulthood when he was six years old, and as long as there were enough natural treasures to devour, he could condense even more immortal Qi.

As for secret arts and martial arts techniques, he has many more treasures that could be used to increase combat strength.

For example, the Thunder God Aspect, Thunder God Domain, Lightning Warp, Immortal Consciousness Soul, and so on.

They all had extremely strong restraining abilities against evil beings.

The Thunder God Aspects defense was strong.

No one could harm him as long as the statue still stood tall.

He could also separate from it and fight alone.

Lightning Warp was comparable to teleportation.

If Lin Qiye couldnt beat his enemy, he could easily escape.

If he chased after the enemy, he could also make it impossible for them to flee.

It could be said to be a perfect support skill for survival and killing.

The Immortal Consciousness Soul and Thunder God Domain could complement each other, greatly strengthening the first two divine abilities.

If he used four of them together, his combat strength would multiply at least tenfold!

Excluding the increase in combat strength, the Immortal Consciousness Soul might also have an unexpected effect in resisting resentment.

In this simulation, Lin Qiye would be eroded by resentment.

If he did not have the Immortal Consciousness Soul to resist it, he would lose his mind and turn into an evil spirit that only knew how to kill when he was one year old.

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