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The two spread the news of their discovery to all the major forces in Star City.

Many people gathered again to discuss countermeasures.

At the same time, they also spread the news to the outside world and sent a message asking for help.

“The support from the Science and Technology Association has departed, but demons are blocking their way.

They wont be able to arrive in a short time.”

“Weve encountered the same situation on Ideal Island.

The demons are blocking our way.

They seem to come prepared.”

“Its the same on our side.

Those guys seem to be targeting Star City”

The members of the various factions explained the situation with solemn expressions.

Lin Qiye remained aloof as he tapped the table with his fingers.

He had already anticipated this situation.

However, he hadnt expected the demons to make such ample preparations.

It seemed that they wanted to cut off his path of survival completely.

“Theres no need to think about the support routes of the major factions.

The clans in the nearby cities might be our last hope.”

The demons could predict the support routes, but there were many large clans in the various cities.

There were also quite a few Immortal Level experts in those big families.

If Star City could obtain their support, this crisis wouldnt be impossible to resolve.

“Ive also sent a request for help to the big families in the nearby cities, but I havent received a reply yet.”

Chief Zheng sat on the left side of the conference table and reported to Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye pondered for a moment.

Those big families are profit-oriented, and now he has the feat of killing an Immortal Level demon.

However, that alone isnt enough to get the families to rush to help him.

After all, the level of this crisis is difficult to estimate.

Someone in the vicinity of Star City found several Immortal Level signals.

If they wanted to resolve this crisis, they needed Immortal Level Practitioners.

If something went wrong and caused the loss of an Immortal Level warrior, Lin Qiye would not be able to make up for it with a favor.

Lin Qiye knew that if they wanted the outsiders to send reinforcements, they had to have someone who could command them.

He looked at chief Zheng and said, “If we want those big families to act, it looks like the City of Sea will have to send word.

Has there been any response from them”

“The City of Sea has been fighting for a few rounds.

The command center has also noticed something fishy.

They are discussing this matter.

There should be a reply soon.”

While the core members of Star City were discussing countermeasures, the City of Seas combat department gradually realized the true intentions of the demons.

The two cities quickly exchanged information and began formulating a plan to support Star City.

However, it was already too late.

The elite forces of the demons were already marching close to Star City.

However, the cities supply routes were blocked by demons.

“The City of Sea has already issued a support notice, requesting all the cities that can mobilize support to send troops!”

“However, the demon army besieging the City of Sea is constantly harassing them, so their main force is unable to send reinforcements.”

Not long after the City of Sea issued the support notice, Star City received a reply from the various cities.

“The latest news is that the capital city has sent out Immortal Level experts!”

“The big families in the neighboring cities have also sent out Immortal Level experts to support!”

“Good! We are saved!” A group of Star Citys higher-ups was overjoyed.

Before the demons elite troops had arrived, several Immortal Level demons had already been discovered waiting outside the city.

By the time their elite troops arrived, even Lin Qiye probably wouldnt be able to defeat them all.

However, the joy did not last for long before bad news came.

“The northwest road has been blocked by the demons.

The Immortal Level reinforcements were stopped.

They are unable to arrive in time!”

“The demons have also occupied the southern passage.

The reinforcements have been blocked.

We need to hold on for a while longer!”

“Not good! An Immortal Level demon has begun to attack the outer citys defensive wall!”

The bad news came one after another.

Under the pressure of the Immortal Level demon, the group of Diamond Practitioners panicked.

Everyone placed their hopes on Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye flew to the line of defense that was attacked.

His Thunder God Aspect did not appear.

He merely slashed out a blade light and cut the Immortal Level demon in half.

The demon had a strong vitality.

Although it managed to save its life, it fled in fear.

The attack was only meant to test the waters.

However, because of Lin Qiye, no demon dared to get close to Star City before their army arrived.

A little later, more and more news of reinforcements being delayed continued to arrive.

However, the elites of the demons were gradually gathering.

The devil clouds billowed, and the Star City was shrouded in darkness.

A giant creature moved in the clouds, and its terrifying aura pierced through the defensive barrier.

The residents of Star City were terrified.

“Another Immortal Level demon has arrived!”

“Sh*t, how many Immortal Level demons are there already Why did Star City suffer such a disaster”

The residents were desperate.

The people of the major factions had no way to deal with the demon, so they had no choice but to send their men to calm the people down.

Lin Qiye stood guard at the South Gate, and Chen Fan followed him.

The Diamond Practitioners followed closely behind the two.

To them, it was pointless to spread out their defense.

The threat of the Immortal Level demons was not something they could resist.

Lin Qiye looked up at the dark clouds in the sky, but his expression didnt change.

His deep eyes seemed to see through the thick clouds.

Chen Fan looked at him and said nothing.

He felt a strong sense of oppression from Lin Qiye.

He didnt dare to ask any questions because he feared that the answers he got would break everyone in the room down.

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