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“I dont understand! Why cant I see it”

The Immortal Level divination demon grabbed the demon who was leaning forward.

Its eyes started to bleed.

It was blind, and blood flowed from its ears.

It couldnt hear anything.

Its action made it even harder for its gravely injured body to hold on.

It coughed out a few mouthfuls of black blood, and its eyes widened.

Looking at the demon in front of it, it issued a final warning.

“We must find that person.

We must find him!”

It spat out another mouthful of black blood, and the Immortal Level divination demons body went limp, no longer making any movements.

“Lord! Lord!”

Feeling that it had lost its vitality, the Immortal Level demons present turned pale with fright.

What exactly did the lord see It paid the price with its life and was terrified before it died.

The matter that it had risked its life to convey was probably so serious that it was unimaginable!

The atmosphere in the hall became more solemn.

The demons looked at each other, and they all saw a trace of panic in each others eyes.

“What did the lord see”

“What should we do next” A demon asked.

“Another human genius will pose a huge threat to our race! We must investigate.

We must find out! Use all means!”

“Activate the highest order! Eliminate the candidates at all costs!”

“Highest order!”

“Isnt the price too high”

Some demons suggested while others were shocked.

The highest order was to mobilize all the demons in this area to participate in the operation.

Such an action would be idiotic under normal circumstances because they needed to send many troops to defend the front line to prevent the human race from taking too many resources and using the opportunity to develop.

But now, the sudden death of the Immortal Level divination demon caused fear to rise in the hearts of the demons.

They couldnt imagine what existence was capable of causing the death of the Immortal Level divination demon.

As the order was given, far away from Star City, a high-ranking Painted-skin Demon stared coldly.

“Could it be Lin Qiye

“It could be.

His talent is extremely heaven-defying.

Can I use him to ascend and transform

“Hmm… I have to be fully prepared for this.

I cant let him have any chance of survival! I want to devour everything he has and become a supreme being!

“I only need this one genius to nourish me! No one can stop me!”

The Painted-skin Demons snake-like head glowed with a brilliant light.

Wisps of black gas flowed through its brain like a computer, and soon, a perfect plan for killing Lin Qiye was formulated.

“The strongest combat force closest to Star City should be the City of Sea.

There are many families there and Immortal Level experts.

“Ill use the City of Sea as the main battlefield.

Ill let the main force head to the City of Sea and pretend to attack it, attracting the firepower.

The remaining elite troops will head straight for Star City and take it down as quickly as possible.

This way, even if they realize the trap, they wont have enough time to support…”

The next day, the sun rose, dying the sky red.

While the human cities were still talking about what had happened in Star City, an unprecedented battle had already begun.

“Report! A large number of demons have been discovered outside the South Gate!”

“Were also facing a wave of demons at the East Gate, North Gate, and West Gate!”

“An Immortal Level signal has been detected!”

At the highest command center in the City of Sea, a group of Immortal Level experts looked at the images constantly transmitted to them on the big screen, and their expressions were unsightly.

“Whats going on Have those guys gone crazy They dared to come and attack our City of Sea”

Some of the higher-ups felt uneasy, but most remained silent as they pondered over the problem.

“The City of Sea is well-prepared and strong.

It is not something that can be challenged by a random demon army.”

“This is a little strange.

Our geographical position is not unique.

What can the demons gain by attacking us so openly and at such a high price”

“No matter what, there are already Immortal Level demons emerging.

We must not let our guard down.”

“Immediately send the scouts.

We must find out what those demons are up to!”

The commander was more meticulous.

He immediately realized the problem and sent out the scouts.

However, the demons came prepared.

At this moment, the City of Sea was surrounded.

All the demons in this area were mobilized.

It was unprecedented.

The scouts were scared out of their wits and reported what they saw to the higher-ups.

“What Do they want to swallow our city”

“Quick! Call for reinforcements!”

The higher-ups of the City of Sea panicked.

They immediately sent out a distress message.

After receiving it, all parties sent reinforcements.

The human reinforcements were on their way.

The demons also received the same message.

“Good, the humans attention has been diverted to the City of Sea.”

“Spread the word and send out the elite troops immediately!”

While the undercurrent brewed, inside Star City, Lin Qiye also sensed danger.

On the technology floating island, Chen Fan, following Lin Qiye, suddenly said, “Brother Ye, I have been feeling restless for the past two days.

Do you think there will be a problem with the City of Sea

“We are not too far away.

The demons would come for us next, wont they”

Lin Qiyes face was expressionless.

He looked up at the sky outside the city and felt an indescribable feeling in his heart.

“The demon attack is probably not that simple.

Although I dont think they can take down the City of Sea, its best to be careful.”

“Lets find a way out first.”

Both of them had a strong sense of danger.

They set off together and prepared to find a way out of the city in case anything unexpected happened in the future, and they didnt have time to escape.

“Something is not right.”

In the sky above the Star City, Lin Qiye suddenly frowned.

“I think there is a seal placed on this territory.”

He shot out a lightning bolt to test the situation.

After flying for about a thousand meters, he slammed into an invisible wall.

“Its a seal!”

Chen Fan also noticed something was wrong.

“Someone has set up a seal outside the city.

Are we locked inside”

Lin Qiye scanned the city with his Immortal Consciousness Soul.

He had used his mental power to cover the city.

However, when he reached the outer city, he was stopped by an invisible barrier.

The barrier was like a lid on a pot with no blind spots.

“Whats going on Someone is targeting Star City”

Chen Fan couldnt help but feel nervous.

Lin Qiyes expression darkened as well.

“It looks like the demons are behind this.”

Chen Fan thought about the attack on the City of Sea, and a sense of foreboding rose in his mind.

“Brother Ye, is this another attack on you from the demon”

When he remembered the Immortal Level demon, Chen Fan joked with Lin Qiye.

However, when he saw the gloomy expression on Lin Qiyes face, he couldnt help but feel nervous.

“Brother Ye, is it true”

Lin Qiye didnt answer, but he furrowed his brows and fell into deep thought.

If the demons attack on the City of Sea was just a cover, was the sealed Star City their real target

If that was the case, the demons that came this time were probably…

Lin Qiyes pupils constricted at the thought of this.

Had the demons taken him so seriously They had spared no expense in attacking the City of Sea as a diversion.

They had even sealed off his escape route before he could make a move.

How could an Immortal Level Practitioner have this treatment

“The Star City is in great danger.

I am afraid we will have to ask for help this time!” Lin Qiye said in a low voice.

“Huh Even you cant stop them”

Chen Fan didnt expect the situation to be so serious.

Before this, Lin Qiye had always been calm and collected even when he faced the Immortal Level demon.

But now, Chen Fan knew things were looking grave when Lin Qiye had a stern expression.

Lin Qiye shook his head.

He had thought about using the time to simulate to improve his strength.

However, danger could descend at any time.

If the demons attacked while he was simulating, Star City would collapse in a short time.

No one would be able to block the demons attack.

There was no way to escape and increase his strength by simulating.

The only hope left was external assistance.

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