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The Giant-toothed Demon was shocked.

Did Lin Qiye see through its thoughts

Although it was shocked, it had already rushed to the front, and Lin Qiye was not prepared to block.

It was the best time to attack.

The Giant-toothed Demon did not want to miss this opportunity, so it immediately took out his secret treasure and launched an attack.

But at this moment, Lin Qiye moved.

His hands pressed together as fast as lightning.

The Thunder God Aspect also swung its arms and closed them at the same time.


As the palms of the statue collided with the Giant-toothed Demon, its head was the first to bear the brunt.

It exploded on the spot.

Flesh and blood mixed with bone shards poured down like a storm.

However, the Giant-toothed Demon did not die on the spot.

Its body twisted and climbed onto the arm of the Thunder God Aspect.

A black skull, dozens of meters, appeared from somewhere.

It threw itself at Lin Qiye with all its might.

Everything happened so fast that Lin Qiye did not have time to move.

The black skull exploded instantly, releasing a large amount of black fog.

The black fog quickly covered the Thunder God Aspect, and even the remains of the Giant-toothed Demon fell into it.

Strong corrosive power corroded the skin and flesh of the Giant-toothed Demon when it touched the remains.

In just a few breaths, the bones of the Giant-toothed Demon were exposed.

“You indeed have the potential to become a supreme being.

Even if I must pay with my life, I will drag you down with me!”

The Giant-toothed Demons spiritual fluctuation entered Lin Qiyes mind.

Its words were filled with madness.

However, just as it thought it had finished off Lin Qiye, a mocking voice made it wriggle its crippled body and struggle in disbelief.

“This is your killing move”

Divine light and lightning intertwined together, continuously purifying the sticky black fog.

Gradually, the black fog faded, and Lin Qiyes figure appeared again.

“How is this possible”

The Giant-toothed Demons mind trembled.

Its remnant pieces shook, wanting to escape.

The loss of its vitality, along with fear and despair, had caused it to lose its mind.

Lin Qiye manipulated the Thunder God Aspect and destroyed it with one palm.

An Immortal Level demon fell just like that.

From the beginning to the end, Lin Qiye did not have the slightest ripple in his emotions.

It was as if killing this Immortal Level demon was trivial to him.

“Its over”

In the city, a group of Diamond Level experts looked at Lin Qiye in a daze.

They had never thought that the powerful demon that had beaten them to the point of being unable to retaliate had fallen at Lin Qiyes hands like a plaything.

Was he really a youth from the countryside and not a peerless genius from Heavenly Court Island

Gulp! Many people swallowed.

Lin Qiyes talent was beyond their knowledge.

“Brother Ye, you are still as strong as ever…”

Chen Fans weak voice came from behind Lin Qiye.

Lin Qiye turned around and was surprised to see Chen Fan standing up.

“Your injury”

“Oh, its nothing.

I have tough skin.

I can take a beating.”

Chen Fan smiled.

Although he looked pale, his breathing had stabilized, and he no longer looked like he had been gravely injured.

Lin Qiye examined him and found that almost all his broken bones had healed.

Although there were still many scars, it was clear that there were no hidden injuries.

“It seems you have many secrets…” Lin Qiye was amazed.

“Hehe, its all thanks to you.”

Lin Qiye was surprised by Chen Fans recovery speed.

It was not easy for Chen Fan to achieve such a feat with his physical body.

He had been lying motionless just a moment ago, but now he could joke with Lin Qiye.

Other than the effect of the dragons blood, Chen Fan must have gained something from his last simulation.

Thats right!

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

While the two talked, the demon army was defeated like a collapsing mountain.

Of course, it was Lin Qiyes fault for being too heaven-defying.

He had casually used the Thunder God Domain to kill the remaining demons.

After calming down the storm, the upper echelons of the various factions in the city started to treat him with respect.

“Thank you, Lord Lin.

If you hadnt arrived in time, the consequences would have been unimaginable.”

“Lord Lin, I hope you can forgive me for offending you in the past.

If you need anything in the future, say the word.

I will do my best!”

The Diamond Level experts became extremely humble in front of Lin Qiye.

Some who had offended Lin Qiye even came to apologize in fear, their heads bowed low.

Towards this, Lin Qiye smiled and passed.

It was the difference in treatment brought about by strength.

If he was still stuck at the Platinum Level when he entered the city, who would spare him a second glance

However, the increase in strength did not make him complacent.

After this incident, he had already realized that danger lurked by his side at all times.

If he had not gone to obtain the Origin God Realm after defending Star City, he might have already lost his life under the attack of that Immortal Level demon.

“Looks like I have to think of a way to raise the overall strength of Star City.”

Lin Qiye realized the danger.

The demon came because of him, which meant that he had already attracted the attention of the demon race.

If he did not make preparations as soon as possible, it was unknown whether the city could withstand the next attack.

“Its impossible to increase the strength of the people through simulating in a short time.

“We can only rely on technological means.

However, the effects of the Awakening Reagent are insufficient.

“Even if its an enhanced version, ones level can only be upgraded to Platinum.

Its completely useless against high-level demons.”

Lin Qiye fell into deep thought.

“It would be great if I could meet Qin Xingtong again.

Or perhaps I could meet other big shots in the field of science and technology”

Thinking of this, Lin Qiye shook his head in self-mockery.

Even the main world craved outstanding science and technology talents.

If he wanted to bump into one while simulating, it would be rarer than winning 500 million in the lottery!

However, he wouldnt give up easily.

The power of science and technology will definitely become the main fighting force against demons in the future.

“Forget it.

Its useless to think so much for now.

I should first build the floating island and make some preparations for the future.

The situation will become more unpredictable.

I need to have some experts who can shock the big families and even contend with the Heavenly Court Island!”

While Star City was repairing the broken city walls, Lin Qiye also began to build the floating island of technology.

After advancing to the Immortal Level, his Immortal Eye evolved.

Not only could he find the Painted-skin Demon more accurately, but he could also see through the void and search for scattered treasures.

As the core of future development, the technological floating island would have to be constructed with the best materials.

Lin Qiye continued to search through the void and sent a portion of the requirements to the people in charge of the major forces in Star City.

Under the joint efforts of many parties, the heavenly treasures continued to pile up.

The floating island also began to be constructed bit by bit.

At the same time, news of Star City being attacked by an Immortal Level demon and resolving the crisis safely also spread to the various major cities.

“Star City produced an Immortal Level expert”

The Practitioners in the nearby cities were all in disbelief.

“I cant believe it.

We were established at the same time as Star City, received more resources, and were less threatened.

However, we are still far behind them.”

“Tch, those guys are just basking in the glory of Lin Qiye.

If he were here, we would be the ones to be envied!”

“Who is Lin Qiye Could he be a genius from Heavenly Court Island”

“I heard he came from a small city.

That city was occupied by demons, so he fled to Star City.”

“F*ck! Hes a country bumpkin What a maniac!”

Peoples discussions gradually shifted from the Star City incident to Lin Qiye.

Everyone was filled with curiosity and yearning for this country bumpkin genius.

Even the top families of many big cities began to pay attention to Lin Qiye through this incident.

However, the humans werent the only ones paying attention to Lin Qiye.

The demon race in charge of this area had called an emergency meeting because of this incident.

“Sir, my strength is too weak.

I dont even have the right to activate divination!”

A Diamond Level divination demon knelt on the ground, surrounded by Immortal Level leaders of the various demon clans.


The demons had ugly expressions.

A divination demon could spy on the Heavenly Dao.

However, a corresponding price had to be paid when it came to divination.

The more serious the matter of divination was, the more powerful the target, and the greater the price.

They had planned to sacrifice this Diamond Level divination demon to perform divination on Lin Qiye and Star City.

However, they were not even qualified to perform divination!

There was only one possibility.

The Diamond Level divination demon was not worthy of spying on that person!

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