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“Its not only Star City powerhouses who can get the information of the Origin God Realm.

The younger generation of the big families in other cities, and even the geniuses, will also come to fight for it.

“This time, it should be exciting.

I can see all kinds of geniuses.”

Lin Qiye put away the ring token and headed into the depths of the Origin God Realm.

At the same time, outside the mystic realm, a middle-aged man was discussing something with a few grey-haired elders.

“I didnt expect there to be so many competitors this time.

Little Lianyi wont be in any danger alone, will she”

An elderlys expression was filled with worry.

“Dont worry, father.

Didnt the ancestor say The reason why the Origin God Realm appeared was to find a good son-in-law for our Jiang family.

With the ancestors protection, Yier will be fine.”

The middle-aged man consoled.

“Its best if thats the case.

“Sigh, we can only blame ourselves for not living up to expectations.

We are a prominent family, but we need Little Lianyi to cultivate with all her might before we can see any improvement.”

The elders faces were filled with guilt.

The middle-aged mans expression was also gloomy.

He was Jiang Lianyis father.

And this Origin God Realm was the foreshadowing left behind by their ancestor.

A few years ago, the Jiang family was once a large family that dominated a region.

Unfortunately, their Immortal Realm ancestor fell in a battle.

The Jiang family began to decline.

They couldnt even control the Origin God Realm left behind by the ancestor.

As a result, the Origin God Realms aura leaked out.

If it wasnt for Jiang Lianyis appearance, the Origin God Realm might have escaped and disappeared.

The current Jiang family was at the end of its rope.

Jiang Lianyi alone could not control the turbulent Origin God Realm.

At this moment, the consciousness of the Origin God Realm came up with an idea that made everyone hesitate.

That was to choose a talented marriage partner for Jiang Lianyi, use the Origin God Realm as a dowry, and let him and Jiang Lianyi work together to lead the Jiang family.

The elders of the Jiang family had no choice but to agree.

Of course, Jiang Lianyi didnt know about this.

The matter of matchmaking a talented youth and Jiang Lianyi would happen in the Origin God Realm, and the story would be soul-stirring.

The chosen husband would definitely satisfy her, and the twists and turns that happened within would elevate their relationship.

The matter was settled.

To attract enough geniuses, the aura of the Origin God Realm kept leaking out, as well as the tokens being lost.

After a year, it was time to reap the results.

At this moment, Jiang Lianyi didnt know what would happen.

She stood within the Origin God Realm, and hergoal was to protect the treasures of her ancestors.

“I must protect the Origin God Realm left behind by my ancestors.”

Jiang Lianyi walked within the realm.

Her gaze was calm but hardened with determination.

In her mind, the Origin God Realms consciousness sent a gentle notification.

“Hello, little girl.”

Compared to the calmness when the figure saw Lin Qiye, the consciousness of the Origin God Realm was much more amiable when meeting Jiang Lianyi.

“Lianyi greets the ancestor.”

When she discovered the Origin God Realm, Jiang Lianyi had come once, so she had already met the ancestor who had passed away long ago.

“Sigh, Im ashamed.

This ancestor is too incompetent.

There was a mistake this time, and the Origin God Realm was exposed.”

The figure that was the consciousness of the Origin God Realm acted guilty.

He had to put on a whole show.

Before choosing a suitable candidate, he did not want Jiang Lianyi to know their plan.

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