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“But to fully block the Half-Immortal demon, the other demons can enter the protective shield.

Be careful of the others! They can enter the black fog and invade Star City.

Although the city walls protect us, dont let your guard down!”

Amidst the shouting, the evil black fog pounced toward Star City like a tide and hit the city walls.

Although the city walls dispersed some of it, many demons were still thrown into the city like waves.

The three-meter-long Leech Demons wriggled in the city.

Their thousands of feet madly drilled into the crowd.

The Face-hugging Demon, the Snake Demon, and the Toad Demon, whose poison sacs kept exploding and even spat out lumps of flesh that looked like threadworms made peoples scalps numb, and their hair stood on end.

“My fellow men! Follow me and kill all the demons!”


Tens of thousands of Practitioners soared into the sky and slaughtered the demons that passed through the city walls.

The Practitioners had a formation.

Star Citys first line of defense was the experts.

They only dealt with Diamond Level demons.

They would ignore Platinum or Gold Level demons breaking through.

The second line of defense was the Platinum Practitioners, whose job was to kill Platinum Level demons.

If the Gold Level demons broke through, they would ignore it.

The third line of defense…

The fourth line of defense…

Layer by layer, each line of defense would do its job.

Eventually, all the demons would be killed!

“Brother Ye, it seems that Star City is quite capable of dealing with demons.”

Chen Fan nodded slightly.

Soon, the two landed at the East Gate.

Chen Fan was fully equipped with a shield, the Dragon God Armor, and the Ancestral Dragon Rampage.

The Dragon Tooth Blade glowed brightly in his hand as he breathed.

“Brother Ye, I will kill four peak Diamond Level demons, and you will kill seven.

What do you think”

“Sure! Let me see if you can kill four peak Diamond Level demons.”

“Brother Ye, are you looking down on me” Chen Fan took a deep breath and transformed into a ferocious dragon that dashed into the battlefield.

He swung the Dragon Tooth Blade in his hand, and a series of flaming dragons emerged, forcing the peak Diamond Level demons to retreat.

“Who is that guy What a fierce man!”

“He looks like the reincarnation of the Dragon God!”

On the battlefront, Chen Fan continued his rampage.

The demons around him were scared out of their wits.

When the Practitioners witnessed his magnificent and crazy skills, they were all dumbfounded.

“Hahaha! Brother Ye, the first demon has been defeated.

How is my performance”

Chen Fan laughed out loud.

Around him, other than the demons at the peak of the Diamond Level, all the others had been turned into corpses.

Lin Qiye smiled faintly, but he was not in a hurry to attack.

“Little Fan, you are too slow.

If you were any faster, you would have to kill at least one demon at the peak Diamond Level.”

Lin Qiye stood quietly in the distance andwatched in silence.

He provoked Chen Fan with no intention of attacking.

Chen Fan was speechless.

“You are looking down on me, arent you”

He then unleashed his most powerful attack.

In an instant, the world lost its color.

The two peak Diamond Level demons felt their bodies lose control.

Then, Chen Fan appeared behind them and slashed out his sword.

The bodies of the two peak Diamond Level demons shattered.

They fell to the ground with grave injuries.

Although it looked like their bodies were about to reconnect, Chen Fan opened his mouth and spat a mouthful of dragon breath.

Golden flames burst out of the demons body.

The demons writhed in the flames, and their breath grew weaker and weaker.

“Humph! Although I am not as ferocious as Brother Ye, I am still not bad.

“Who else dares to challenge me”

Chen Fan stood proudly in the air and pointed his long blade at the demons.

The demons looked at each other in dismay.

The next moment, nine peak Diamond Level demons gathered before Chen Fan.

The immense pressure made Chen Fans heart skip a beat.

“Brother Ye, save me! I have overplayed my hand!”

Lin Qiye smiled faintly.

“Dont be afraid.

Fight them with your life.”

Lin Qiye had no intention of attacking.

Instead, he asked Chen Fan to fight them head-on.

It was not because Lin Qiye was afraid.

Lin Qiye was waiting.

He was waiting for an opportunity to kill every demon at once.

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