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Ji Qinghuan, who was smiling brightly, suddenly raised her eyebrows.

The three hundred flame runes on her body surged, and a fiery flame lit up in her eyes.

The space was distorted by her flames.

She soared into the sky, and her figure was elegant and domineering.

Wisps of flames turned into giant dragons that looked down on the sky, crashing into the meteorites that fell from above.

The meteorites shattered one by one and were destroyed by the atmosphere.

Then, they turned into sand and fell toward the Angel Planet.

However, there were millions of falling meteors in the sky!

Even though she was at the Foundation Establishment Realm, she could not block all of them.

Moreover, larger meteorites were falling toward the Angel Planet at high speed.

Ji Qinghuan frowned and felt worried.

“I can shatter some of the stars, but I cant block all of them.

Im afraid that hundreds of millions of our people will be crushed to death!”

“Is this the huge crisis that Brother Re mentioned”

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Ji Qinghuan bit down on her red lips.

The fire dragons behind her danced, hitting the meteorites and stars that fell from the sky tirelessly.

In just a few dozen seconds, more than a hundred stars were destroyed.

However, the sky collapsed, and millions of stars fell.

She couldnt hold on by herself!

It was a natural disaster that even cultivators at the Foundation Establishment Realm couldnt resist.

Ji Qinghuan exhaled deeply.

“I have to hold on until Brother Ye comes out of seclusion.

After he breaks through to the Golden Core Realm, he will be able to deal with it!”

Ji Qinghuan had faith in her heart.

However, the people and cultivators in Kingdom Xia did not.

They raised their heads and looked at the millions of meteorites falling rapidly.

They were so scared that they broke out in cold sweat, their hearts trembling.

“Why are the stars falling Is it really the end of the world”

“What a terrifying scene.

Its worse than a nightmare!”

“The streets are crawling with rats, insects, and ants.

They are all afraid and in fear.

They want to escape, but there is no place in the world where they can escape!”

People were terrified and shivering.

Tears were streaming down their faces.

After a short period of panic, the cultivators gradually calmed down.

“We are cultivators.

We cant just sit and wait for death.

Does no one within the 370,000 cultivators in our kingdom have some guts Are we going to watch Miss Ji Qinghuan fight alone”

“Yes, we cant watch the show.

Behind us are our home, our parents, and our lovers.

We cant watch the meteors smash our friends and family to death!”

“Charge into the clouds and resist the meteorites! Why should cultivators of our generation fear natural disasters”

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“Do not cower in the name of the cultivators!”

Although some of the cultivators fled, 30 million of them still stepped forward.

Some of the cultivators even crashed into the meteorites without fear.

They were willing to sacrifice their lives for the national disaster.

“If I die, please take care of my parents.”

“Please take good care of my daughter and wife!”


“We can become cultivators and live a happy life thanks to the king.

It is time for us to repay him.”

“The king is making a breakthrough.

We have to stall for some time! Fight for the king! Fight for Kingdom Xia!”

The cultivators soared into the sky like a swarm of locusts.

The few of them worked together and smashed the meteorites with all their might!

Ji Qinghuans eyes flashed, and the corners of her mouth curled up into a smile.

With 30 million cultivators backing her up, all she needed to do was to keep an eye on the bigger meteorites.

There was no need for her to expend her energy to destroy every single meteorite.

Her pressure was greatly reduced!

Ji Qinghuan heaved a sigh of relief.

“Five years ago, Brother Ye spread the Qi Refinement technique across the country.

He must have anticipated this day, right”

“As expected of a God.

He has transcended the mortal world and started his plan long ago…”

Ji Qinghuans eyes flashed with admiration.

Then, she raised her head to look at the falling stars in the sky and punched out.

Thousands of giant dragons blotted out the sky and shot towards it.

Several giant stars shattered in an instant.

Two thousand meters below Ji Qinghuan, cultivators in the Third Level of the Qi Refinement Realm desperately used their cultivation to hit the meteorites that were countless times smaller.

Below them, there were more than 30,000 cultivators in the Second Level of the Qi Refinement Realm forming a defensive net.

Below that, there were more than 100,000 cultivators in the First Level of the Qi Refinement Realm supporting them.

On the fifth layer of the defensive net, there were more than 200,000 beginner cultivators.

More than a dozen people needed to work together to block the meteorites that were the size of a mountain range.

However, the five layers of defensive net forcefully blocked the fall of millions of stars!

That said, in the sky, the collision was still going on.

It was getting fiercer!

Suddenly, a huge crack opened in the sky.

A white spiritual energy torrent poured down the crack like the Milky Way.

The rumbling sound was deafening!

Inside the spiritual energy torrent, there was a human-tiger hybrid emitting a terrifying aura.

It let out a roar that made her meridians and spiritual energy freeze.

Ji Qinghuan circulated the spiritual power in her body with great difficulty, and her heart sank to the bottom.

“Tsk, its in the Golden Core Realm A group of Golden Core Realm cultivators.

There are a few hundred of them”

Under the suppression of the terrifying aura, Ji Qinghuan couldnt help but break out in cold sweat.

One had to know that a cultivator at the Golden Core Realm could kill her with just a flip of the palm!

At this moment, Ji Qinghuan had an ominous premonition at the bottom of her heart, and grief appeared on her beautiful face.

“Brother Ye, Im afraid I wont be able to hold on until you come out of seclusion…”

She sighed softly.

The fire in her eyes was unprecedentedly bright.

Three hundred fire runes floated around her body.

The fire dragons supported her graceful figure.

Without a doubt, she was going to burn the spiritual energy in her body and fight with her life.

At this moment, she had nothing else in her mind.

Ji Qinghuan was willing to make futile efforts and try her best to stall for time for Lin Qiye.

Even if it was only for a second.

However, in the eyes of the Divine Tiger Clan, her raging fury was as laughable as a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

The Golden Core cultivators from the Divine Tiger Clan let out earth-shattering jeers.

“Pfft! So the strongest man in this small world is only at the Foundation Establishment Realm”

“She wants to fight us to the death Haha…”

“Kill them all! I dont like humans, and I dont like this unlucky name of Kingdom Xia!”

The powerhouses of the Divine Tiger Clan seemed to recall something unpleasant, and their eyes were filled with killing intent.

Thus, a cultivator at the Golden Core Realm opened his mouth and spat out an icy arrow.

The icy arrow pierced through the void, bringing with it a white stream that ran through the endless galaxy.

It was the mark left by the friction between the spiritual energy and the ice-cold arrow.

The arrow tore through the wind.

In an instant, it was in front of Ji Qinghuan.

She couldnt dodge it.

She was already nailed in the void by the coldness, and she couldnt even breathe.

“Before I die, I wont be able to see Brother Ye one last time…”


Two streams of tears flowed down Ji Qinghuans face.

Her face was full of regret and sorrow.

She couldnt resist.

She could only tremble and close her eyes to wait for death.

Below, more than 300,000 cultivators were trembling in fear.

“King! Our king! Come out and save us!”

“You are our guardian angel.”

“The country needs you, and Miss Ji Qinghuan needs you.

If you dont come out of seclusion, she will die!”

“Please come out of seclusion, King!”

The cultivators were in extreme despair.

They faced the sky and howled.

Their hoarse roars shook the sky and earth, as loud as mountains rumbling and seas churning.

Where are you, king

Your people need you!

Quickly come and save your people!

Amidst the desperate and mournful waves, a tall figure with thunder surrounding him finally appeared.

He was tall and sturdy, exuding an indomitable aura.

The moment he appeared, he brought an aura that seemed to be able to suppress all disasters!

The cultivators in Kingdom Xia instantly felt as if they were safe, and their hanging hearts finally calmed down.

Above the sky, Lin Qiye flashed for a moment, and he arrived beside Ji Qinghuan.

His left hand wrapped around the young girls waist.

His cultivation at the Golden Core Realm spread out and wrapped around Ji Qinghuan, lifting the pressure from her body.

Then, Lin Qiye reached out his right hand and grabbed the icy arrow flying toward him rapidly.

He grabbed it lightly, casually, and simply.

It was as if he merely grabbed a fallen leaf or stopped a speck of dust.

Then, Lin Qiye threw the icy arrow back.

The arrows speed increased ten-fold.

The member of the Divine Tiger Clan didnt even have time to react before he was pierced through, and half of his body was blasted into a bloody mist.

In the next second, the arrow pierced through the chests of three Golden Core Realm cultivators of the Divine Tiger clan.

Lin Qiye killed four cultivators with a raise of his hand.

His expression did not change, and he hovered in the sky indifferently.

In his arms, Ji Qinghuan opened her bright eyes.

On her beautiful face, there was surprise and happiness.

Her eyes reflected Lin Qiye, whose features were handsome.

Even his rough eyebrows were good-looking enough to enter her heart.

Ji Qinghuans delicate body trembled slightly, and she could not help but hug Lin Qiye tightly.

She was afraid that the scene she was seeing was an illusion before she died.

She bit her tongue, and the pain seeped into her heart.

Only then did she finally heave a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Lin Qiyes gentle and powerful voice rang out.

“Your God has arrived.”

“I am not late, am I”

Ji Qinghuan nodded her head in agreement.

Her smile was as exquisite and beautiful as if it was a painting.


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