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The Chen family patriarch was ecstatic as he took the name list and left quickly.

As for the remaining three, Lin Qiye glanced at them indifferently and waved his hand.

“You guys can go back.

Were closed for the day.

I dont like to work overtime or all the time.

Four families are my limit.”

“This… Mr.

Lin isnt going to catch the demons anymore The Seven Cities Alliance Army have given 70 million points…”

“Moreover, Mr.

Lin, the situation is tense now.

There are demons both inside and outside the city.

We must eliminate the demons and benefit the people without delay!”

The three family patriarchs were heartbroken.

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

Damn it, are they trying to use moral coercion

Lin Qiye snorted coldly, “You gave me 70 million points, and now I have to disregard my health and risk my life Why dont you do something that benefits the common people

“How about I give you 70 million movement points, and you stay up all night to catch the demons from the remaining three families”

Lin Qiyes expression suddenly turned cold.

The patriarch stammered and could only lower his head.

“Im sorry for being so presumptuous, Mr.


He was panicking right now, fearing that Lin Qiye would place his family last.

However, Lin Qiye pointed at the three of them.

“Ill be frank with you.

The next three families will be the most difficult to search.

I have to spend a month preparing,” Lin Qiye sneered.

The expressions of the three family patriarchs changed drastically.

They knew Lin Qiyes words were not meant to be taken seriously.

He was asking for a fee.

“I am willing to pay two million!”

“I am also willing to pay two million!”

Unfortunately, time was running out.

Lin Qiye and Chen Fan stood up.

Lin Qiyes lips curled into a smile.

“You guys are smart.

However, do not bother me tonight.

I need to get some rest.”

Then, Lin Qiye and Chen Fan left.

Only the three family patriarchs of the Seven Cities Alliance Army were left.

They chased after Lin Qiye and raised the price.

They were desperate, raising the price from two million to three million movement points!

Unfortunately, Lin Qiye remained unmoved.

He disappeared from their sight.

“Damn it.

He doesnt care about the lives of the people here! He has no morals at all!”

“Weve already given him 70 million points, and he still wants more”

“He wants to earn a billion from us”

“Hes simply inhuman!”

“Hes too evil!”

“What can we do He could catch the demons!”

“If we had the ability, we would also ask for sky-high prices.

In comparison, Lin Qiye can be considered to have a conscience.”

The Song family patriarch shook his head.

“Thats right.

Lin Qiye is a great contributor to Star City for capturing the demons.

Im afraid that his prestige among the commoners will reach its peak.

Ideal Island will also use this opportunity to promote him.

“Lin Qiye might become one of the top decision-makers of Star Citys Ideal Island.

If he takes a step further, he might be able to go to the headquarters of Ideal Island.

“In the end, were the ones who need his help.

“Lets go back and prepare a gift to make him happy.

Otherwise, if he doesnt put in the effort while doing his job, itll be bad for us if he leaves any trouble behind.”

Although everyone was somewhat dissatisfied with Lin Qiyes attitude, they still didnt dare to offend him.

At night, while the various large factions were busy making preparations for the elimination of the demons in the future, nine gray sewer rats gathered in a dark corner.

They looked like ordinary rats, but each rats left eye was unusually scarlet.

They met up in the sewer.

“Some information is being transmitted through our eyeballs.

I didnt expect Star City to produce a monster that can find all the Two-faced Demons!”

“This is a little strange.

Are there any fatal flaws in the Two-faced Demons we created”

“I dont know.

Let the higher-ups try it in other cities.

Lin Qiye feels a little strange.”

“It gives me an eerie feeling.”

There was no doubt about it.

It was the exchange of information between the Painted-skin Demons.

The surrounding wet and smelly sewage was flowing.

The sound was loud.

From time to time, a lump of sludge would float past.

The environment was terrible, making the nine sewer rats inconspicuous.

“Lin Qiye is indeed strange.

How did he find all the Two-faced Demons in such a short time”

“I dont know.

Did he receive some inheritance to kill the demons”


“Oh, right.

I saw Lin Qiyes investigation today, but I keep feeling that something is wrong.

The way that kid looks at me seems strange.”

“He seemed to be observing me and have seen through me.”

A Painted-skin Demon told the story with a grave expression.

“No way! How is this possible”

“No one can see through the disguise of our race.

No one!”

“Thats right!”

“But have you forgotten something”

Everyone was puzzled.

“What is it”

“Didnt one of us die in Li City Was it Lin Qiye who killed him”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire place fell silent for a moment.

“It cant be such a coincidence.

That was just an immature one.

He probably exposed himself and was killed.”

“But the nine-headed Hydra Demon said that the Temple Demon was killed by this guy.

At that time, he only had the strength of a Platinum Practitioner!”

“A Platinum Practitioner was able to kill a Diamond Level demon, and it was in the domain that the Temple Demon was best at.

He must be carrying some treasure!”

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