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“The Wei family is the seventh force in the Seven Cities Alliance Army.

Based on this calculation, there are probably thousands of demons in the Seven Cities Alliance Army!”

“There are many demons on Ideal Island, the Light and Shadow Group, and the Science and Technology Association!”

“In other words, the Star City has been heavily infiltrated!”


The citizens in Star City were terrified.

Some even started to be paranoid, suspecting that the people around them were demons.

“What should we do There are demons outside and inside the city.

Im afraid that Star City will be destroyed!”

“That wont happen! Didnt they say Lin Qiye has already caught three hundred demons in one day As long as he is here, I believe we could catch all demons lurking in Star City!”

Some people were close to despair, while others placed all their hopes on Lin Qiye.

When the ordinary Practitioners in Star City fell into fear, the upper echelons of the various large factions were also shocked.

In the Star City branch of the Science and Technology Association, a group of high-ranking members gathered.

“Star City has already been completely surrounded by the demons.

If there are any problems within us before reinforcements arrive, everyone will be doomed!”

“But what can we do now The only one who can see through the disguise of the demons is Lin Qiye.

Weve offended him, so how can we expect him to help us”

“You still have the face to say that If you hadnt run to him to cause trouble, we wouldnt have ended up in such an awkward situation!”

“Hmph! You have to speak with your conscience.

When they assigned me to capture him, you were the first to stand up and agree!”


“Enough! Stop arguing!”

In the hall, the higher-ups of the Science and Technology Association were arguing with red faces.

The chief executive officer could not help but frown and berate.

“Although we had some disagreements with Lin Qiye, there was no irreparable situation.”

“I heard Lin Qiye took 70 million movement points from the Seven Cities Alliance Army and the information from the Origin God Realm.

He did not care about past grudges.

“Therefore, Lin Qiye doesnt care about hatred.

As long as we pay him, he will help.”

The chief executive officer smiled.

He liked to deal with people with such personalities.

After all, other than racial hatred, what other permanent conflicts could there be in this world


The chief executive officer looked at the seven Diamond Level enforcers who had gone to trouble Lin Qiye.

“Ill lead a team to apologize to Lin Qiye later.

“Remember to prepare some greeting gifts.

Prepare 66 Platinum-tier weapons!

“Oh right, I remember Lin Qiye has a young Weaponsmith by his side.

She came from the Science and Technology Association, right Whats her name again”

“Qi Baishi.”

“Who is Qi Baishis master Accompany me to visit Lin Qiye and talk to him.”

The chief was deep in thought.

At the side, Qi Baishis master, Ding Wen, was stunned.

He thought to himself that the chief was indeed the chief.

He even knew about such a small matter.

Ding Wen stroked his grey beard andtook the initiative to stand out.

“Chief, its me.

“Qi Baishi was my disciple.

“I didnt expect this stupid disciple would be taken away by a monstrous genius like Lin Qiye.

Back then, Lin Qiye was only a Platinum Practitioner.

“He came to me to forge weapons, but I wasnt even willing to look him in the eye.”

Ding Wen shook his head and sighed.

The situation had changed too quickly.

Two days ago, he could still ignore Lin Qiye according to his mood, but in the blink of an eye, Lin Qiye was already out of his league.

Ding Wen felt helpless.

“At that time, my attitude towards Lin Qiye and the foolish girl wasnt good.

If I went to look for them, would it cause any resentment”

He was a little nervous.

“Its fine.

Lets go together.

You might be some help.”

And so, the chief executive officer led a group of people to Ideal Island.

Wen Shuhong welcomed them.

“Oh What brings the Science and Technology Associations Star City chief here today”

The chief said, “We want to talk to Lin Qiye.”

Wen Shuhong said, “Lin Qiye isnt here.

Hes gone to the Wang family.

He might be back by noon.”

“Then wed like to request to see Qi Baishi.”

Wen Shuhong raised an eyebrow.


“This was Chi Baishis master, Ding Wen.

Hed like to meet Qi Baishi.”

Wen Shuhong raised an eyebrow andfell into deep thought.

Back then, he was the one that brought Lin Qiye to find a weaponsmith.

In the end, he was rejected, but he got lucky and found Qi Baishi.

At that time, it seemed that Qi Baishis teacher did not really like her.

However, Wen Shuhong stillinformed Chi Baishi.

Qi Baishi was surprised.

“My master And the chief executive officer of the Science and Technology Association Does he want to see me

“Then I…”

Wen Shuhong said, “You can meet him.

After all, you also need to learn the knowledge of the Science and Technology Association.

They should be here to curry favor with you now, so use it to your advantage.

“Lets go!”

Qi Baishi was a little confused.

“Why do they want to curry favor with me Oh-

“Are they trying to curry favor with Brother Qiye by pleasing me”

Qi Baishi suddenly understood.

“Then what should I do so I wont lose Brother Qiyes pride and face”

Wen Shuhong smiled.

“Do as you wish.

Little Qiye is invincible now.

No matter what you do, you wont embarrass him.”

Qi Baishi was speechless.

It seemed like that was indeed the case!

After all, the leader of the Seven Cities Alliance Army had come to ask Lin Qiye to help, and he was even willing to pay a sky-high price.

As for a giant like the Science and Technology Association, the chief executive officer and her master actually came over to curry favor with her to please Lin Qiye.

Qi Baishi took a deep breath.

She held her head high, puffed out her chest, andwalked out.

In front, her former master was smiling amiably at this moment, unlike the cold face he used to have when he either beat or scolded her.

“Master.” Qi Baishi called out.

She was still grateful that the man had raised her for a few years.

Upon hearing this, Ding Wens smile was a little awkward.

“I wouldnt dare.

You are talented and intelligent.

I came here this time to give you some gifts.”

As he spoke, Ding Wen handed a package to Qi Baishi.

“These are some forging books and comprehension that I have treasured.

They are my decades of experience.

Let me give them to you.”

Hearing that, Qi Baishi was stunned.


She was extremely surprised.

It was her masters treasure!

He was even willing to take it out.

Although he could have a backup of it, generally speaking, he would not teach it to disciples he did not value.

Qi Baishi did not dare to take it.

At the side, the chief executive officerurged, “Take it! Your master has good intentions.”

As he spoke, he looked at Ding Wen with an admiring expression that said: “You really know your way around.”

Qi Baishi looked at Wen Shuhong.

Wen Shuhong nodded.

Only then did Qi Baishi carefully put away the package.

On the other side, Ding Wen spoke again.

“Little Baishi, if you have any questions in the future, you can come and ask me.

If you have any forging needs, you can also come and look for me at the Science and Technology Association.

Anything is fine.”

Qi Baishis eyes widened, and shenodded slightly.

She thought to herself, “Brother Qiye is really amazing.”

It had only been a few days, but he had gotten her master to kiss her ass.

As expected of Brother Qiye!

Qi Baishi smiled knowingly.

“Then Ill go back”

She carried the books and ran into the depths of Ideal Island in a flash.

Only Ding Wen and the chief were left standing awkwardly on the spot.

“Wait… After youre done with your stuff, you didnt even ask us if theres anything we need”

“Is this a little girl who has yet to experience the world”

The chief and Ding Wen felt helpless.

“Although its not effective for the time being, weve finally managed to contact the important people around Lin Qiye, havent we”

“When Lin Qiye returns, Qi Baishi will tell him about it.

Lin Qiye will understand our intentions.

When that time comes, well visit him, and success wont be far away.”

The chief executive officer smiled knowingly.

At this moment, on the other side, Lin Qiye was searching for demons in the Wang family.

As the Wang family had a population of over a million, the workload was not small.

If Lin Qiye wanted to eliminate the demons bit by bit, it would take at least a day.

Seeing that Lin Qiye was deep in thought, Alliance Leader Wang could not help but ask, “Mr.

Lin, can you find them within a day”

“Naturally, I will do what I promised.”

Lin Qiye sat on the armchair, calmly sipping his tea.

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