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“It seems the Seven Cities Alliance Army wants me to kill a group of Diamond Practitioners!

“Do you think I cant kill some of yours”

As he spoke, Lin Qiyes Immortal Consciousness Soul spread out, causing the few peak Diamond Practitioners to break out in a cold sweat.

Without a doubt, Lin Qiye stood at the moral high ground and made accusations.

When he said these words, Lin Qiye was resolute and confident.

He insisted that the Seven Cities Alliance Army was framing him.

His confident tone made the few peak Diamond Practitioners fall into self-doubt.

“Youre talking nonsense! Youre making things out of nothing and slandering us!”

“Im spouting nonsense Arent you guys acting guilty and afraid that Ill take evidence Isnt that why youre stopping me here”

Lin Qiye interrupted the enforcers words, and his tone became even harsher.

Standing at the moral high ground and criticizing people was indeed enjoyable.

It was even more interesting to make accusations that they couldnt defend against.

Lin Qiye was calm and collected as he looked at the peak Diamond Practitioners looking at each other.

“I finally understand.

The Seven Cities Alliance Army is trying to frame me.

If it wasnt for my strength that skyrocketed to the peak Diamond Level, Im afraid I wouldve died today.

“You guys have such vicious hearts.

It looks like you guys think Im easy to bully!”

At this moment, the situation instantly reversed.

The murderer became a victim in the blink of an eye, and the Seven Cities Alliance Army became a conspiracy to frame Lin Qiyes murderer.


A few peak Diamond Practitioners pointed at Lin Qiye for a long time without saying anything.

What the hell was going on

Lin Qiye killed the strongest genius of the Wang family in the past 300 years.

How did they become the people framing him

What was even more ridiculous was that Lin Qiye said it with absolute certainty and confidence.

How did you do it

As Lin Qiyes words were heard by the passers-by, the crowd started to point fingers at them.

“That makes sense.

Its not like the Seven Cities Alliance Army has never done something like this.”

“Theyve bullied random people who didnt have any background in the past and falsely accused people of stealing things…”

“In my opinion, the Seven Cities Alliance Army isnt anything good.”

“Yeah, if it werent for this Lin Qiyes strength, he would have been killed by the Seven Cities Alliance Army!”

Upon hearing the discussions around them, the enforcers expression was gloomy.

Usually, they wouldnt bother to explain.

But when facing Lin Qiye, who was as strong as them, they had to consider public opinion.


The few peak Diamond Practitioners could not help but curse in their hearts.

In the end, they gave in.

“We, the Seven Cities Alliance army, have a good reputation.

We will not frame you.

If you want to check out the scene, then come! If you cant give us an explanation, we will not let you off!”

Lin Qiye suddenly stared coldly at the Diamond Practitioner speaking.

His figure flashed, and hispalm landed on the back of the other partys heart.

The other partys mouth and nose were bleeding, and hefainted on the ground.

“I dont like people who talk nonsense.

It has already been more than ten hours since the incident.

Who knows if you guys have covered up anything Dont talk nonsense in front of me.

“Yesterday, when your people came to arrest me, they were extremely rude.

Today, I will not be polite to you either.

“Consider this a small warning.” Lin Qiye waved his hand.

The Seven Cities Alliance Armys expressions were ugly.

They were furious.

However, when they thought about Lin Qiyes terrifying combat strength, they could only grit their teeth and swallow their anger.

They led Lin Qiye to the crime scene.

There was nothing they could do.

If the Seven Cities Alliance Army had the absolute advantage, they would not be reasonable.

But now, since Lin Qiye had the upper hand, they would have to take it.

At the side, Chen Fan gave Lin Qiye a thumbs up.

“Brother Ye, its all thanks to you.

You did a good job.

I didnt like those guys yesterday!”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

Soon, the group arrived at the crime scene.

The crime scene was surrounded by professionals checking the details.

Lin Qiye stepped into the crime scene and started to investigate.

Chen Fan also searched for suspicious traces.

The two focused on different things but were both looking for clues that might have been left behind.

“Hmm, this is the perfect crime scene.

There is not a single trace left behind.

It seems like this is a well-planned frame job.

“However, there is no such thing as a perfect crime scene.”

Lin Qiyes eyes flickered as he carefully examined the traces left behind at the crime scene.

His Immortal Consciousness Soul and Resentment Immortal Eye activated at the same time.

A thin demonic aura entered Lin Qiyes senses.

“Although the demonic aura was deliberately concealed, and some of it was suppressed by lightning, it exists.

It looks like my guess was right.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

He turned around and looked at the few peak Diamond Practitioners.

“Take us to the dead.”

Chen Fan was speechless.

“Brother Ye, did you find any clues I didnt find anything.”

Lin Qiye waved his hand andgestured for Chen Fan to follow him.

Soon, the two of them saw the dead man.

He was placed in an ice coffin, and the wound on his chest was eye-catching.

There was an overbearing aura of lightning lingering on the wound.

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

“Its 100% similar to the lightning I used a day ago.

“No… Its only the appearance that is similar to some of the core.

In fact, theres a big difference.

However, other than me, this similarity is enough to deceive 99% of the other powerhouses.”

Lin Qiye was surprised.

He reached out and took a fine powder from the wound.

It contained the aura of lightning.


Lin Qiye looked at the powder, and alight flashed in his eyes.

“Its the powder of a certain lightning elemental ore.

It seems to be a Tribulation Stone.”

A few peak Diamond Practitioners looked at Lin Qiye with a strange expressions.

“Everyone, are you familiar with this powder”

“The powder of the Tribulation Stone!”

A peak Diamond Practitioner immediately reacted.

Lin Qiye nodded.

“The powder of the Tribulation Stone has been refined, injected with spiritual energy, and detonated.

“I dont need to tell you what happened, right

“The disguiser doesnt have the power of lightning.

To create the lightning effect, the disguiser used the Tribulation Stone and refined the attack method of lightning.”

Lin Qiye analyzed the situation as if it was a grave matter.

“As far as I know, the Seven Cities Alliance Army is familiar with this.

You have three mineral veins of Tribulation Stones.

The production is not much, but it is useful.

It is a necessary material for the production of high-damage Magic Treasures.”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“I was born with the ability of thunder.

Naturally, I dont need such a thing.

“Therefore, the murderer is one of your own!”

Lin Qiye coldly glanced at the few peak Diamond Practitioners.

The few of them looked at each other.

They seemed to be stunned by Lin Qiyes precise investigation and speculation.

“Although what you said makes sense, how is this possible Why did the murderer disguise himself as you”

“It is against common sense!”

Lin Qiye said, “Think about it.

A demon did this.”

Hearing his words, the expressions on their faces changed drastically.

“Impossible! How could there be a demon in the Seven Cities Alliance Army”

Lin Qiye was indifferent.

He put the speck of powder into a vacuum bag.

“In short, I have proven that I am not the murderer.

As for who the murderer is, it is none of my business.”

While they were talking, Lin Qiye and Chen Fan walked away.

After they left, a few peak Diamond Practitioners examined the body.

They found another speck of powder.

“It is indeed the powder of the Tribulation Stone.

It contains 57% of the energy.

It came from one of our mineral ores.”

“Is it possible that Lin Qiye put it there”

A Peak Diamond Practitioner pondered for a moment and immediately headed to the Science and Technology Association.

Not long after, he returned.

“The deceased of the Science and Technology Association also had this powder on his body.

There are only two of them, and the energy they contain is 76%.

It is in line with the data of the Science and Technology Associations mining area.”

After comparing the two sides, the Science and Technology Association and the Seven Cities Association Army all had an ominous premonition.

“Theres a mole within our ranks! They might be a human or demon, but the possibility of it being a demon is much higher!

“It is extremely terrifying!”

“Terrifying to the extreme!”

On this day, the Science and Technology Association and the Seven Cities Alliance Army urgently held a high-level meeting.

After the meeting ended, the two forces started to investigate thoroughly.

However, after a day, the two forces found nothing.

On the other side, Lin Qiye, who had caused unrest between the two forces, currently sat on the sofa cozily.

He was casually browsing through a series of data.

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