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Chen Fan couldnt figure it out.

He had the ancestral dragons bloodline, and he had obtained a series of top-tier inheritances.

He had also killed a peak Diamond Practitioner in the simulation.

However, in front of Lin Qiye, he was as weak as an ant.

As Diamond Practitioners, was the gap between them that big

Chen Fan couldnt understand.

However, Lin Qiyes expression was calm.

He had fought to the death for all of his power! It was normal to have a gap between them.

Lin Qiye smiled.

“I have more trump cards.

Unfortunately, I dont need them to deal with you.”

Chen Fan: “…Are You trying to hurt me”

Lin Qiye: “I am not trying to hurt you.

I am telling you not to get too cocky.”

“For example…”

Lin Qiye thought for a moment and activated the Thunder God Domain.

At this moment, Chen Fans scalp tingled.

A sense of danger flooded his mind.

Even the ancestral dragon bloodline in his body was trembling.

In an instant, cold sweat broke out on Chen Fans forehead.

“This… Brother Ye, what opportunity did you encounter How did you become so powerful”

Chen Fan submitted.

He had thought he could show off in front of his Brother Ye.

However, he didnt expect that Brother Ye had tricked him!

Lin Qiye said, “My life has been complicated.

From the moment I was born, I experienced a disaster every three months and a catastrophe every six months.

If it werent for my good luck, I couldnt have come back.”

Lin Qiye only said a few words casually.

After all, the details were hard to describe.

However, after hearing Lin Qiyes description, Chen Fan finally understood why Lin Qiye was so powerful.

He gave Lin Qiye a thumbs up.

“You are indeed my Brother Ye.

“I was born in a good world.

Because of the ancestral dragon bloodline, I became stronger after fathering a child.

Furthermore, my children will be 100% gifted.

Therefore, all the powerful cultivators in the simulation wanted to be my son-in-law.

“I kept making babies, and eventually, I created a powerful army that overpowered the other races…”


Chen Fan continued to narrate his story.

Wen Shuhong: “…”

Jiang Nian and Jiang Qingxue: “…”

They couldnt keep their composure.

Even Lin Qiye was speechless.

“Its that simple The world sure is unfair.”

Chen Fan was speechless.

“How is it that simple I worked my ass off, and you defeated me in a second.

It is the worlds unfairness!” He huffed.

On the side, Wen Shuhong, Jiang Nian, and Jiang Qingxue turned around and left.

It was as if the autumn wind was blowing behind them.

How dare these two guys talk about the worlds unfairness

They are the ones feeling it!

After the sparring session, Wen Shuhong said he would like to invite everyone to have a barbecue.

Therefore, Qi Baishi, Jiang Nian, Jiang Qingxue, Chen Fan, Wen Shuhong, Lin Qiye, Song Shu, and the Platinum Practitioners from Wen Shuhongs bloodline sat around the campfire.

The meat of the demon beasts was of the highest quality.

They roasted it on charcoal, and the mouth-watering aroma filled the air.

Chen Fan wolfed down the meat.

Wen Shuhong, standing by the side, looked at everyone.

“I have gathered all of you here because I have something else to discuss with you.

“Recently, the forces of Star City have held a few meetings.

The number of demons outside the city has been increasing.

Our path to the Southern Alliance has almost been taken by the Black Fog Swamp.

“There are eighteen Diamond Level demons outside the city.

If Star City doesnt fight back, it will become an isolated island like the other small cities.

“This must not happen! Once an isolated island is formed, many resources could not move in.

When that happens, it will be even more difficult to fight the demons.

“Therefore, the four major forces of Star City have decided to launch an operation.”

Wen Shuhong looked at Lin Qiye and Chen Fan.

“Little Qiye and Little Fan, what do you think”

Chen Fan swallowed the roasted meat and snorted.

“Of course, I will kill them, especially that Hydra Demon! It almost killed my Brother Ye.

I will wipe out its family!”

Lin Qiye said, “I will kill it myself.

You go and kill the others.”

Chen Fan said, “We will kill it together.

We will fight it in pairs! After all, that Hydra Demon has nine heads.

It shouldnt be a problem to kill a few of them.”

Lin Qiye nodded.


Chen Fan and Lin Qiye agreed.

Wen Shuhong smiled knowingly.

“Both of you are strong warriors.

However, you shouldnt be careless when fighting against demons, especially since there are eighteen semi-God Level demons outside the city.

They are not ordinary peak-stage Incarnation Realm!

“You are newbies, so you can watch the battle for a few days.

However, once the battle begins, you cannot simulate for the next few days because spacetime will be affected, and problems will arise.

“It is also why I told you in advance.”

Wen Shuhongs eyes fell on Lin Qiye.

“I know you love to simulate, but to become an Immortal, you cannot do it in one or two simulations.

“You need more than a thousand times to become an Immortal.”

Wen Shuhong looked thoughtful.

“By the way, if you have tens of millions of movement points, you can also take shortcuts.

“I heard that recently, the Science and Technology Association and the Seven Cities Alliance Army obtained a secret message.

The message pointed to a unique treasure – the Origin God Realm!”

Hearing that, Lin Qiye and Chen Fan were taken aback.

“The Origin God Realm”

“Yes, the Origin God Realm.

It was left behind by the Immortals when they passed away.

If one could gain the approval of the will of the Origin God Realm, one could transcend the tedious process of constructing 1,000 divine kingdoms and become an Immortal.”

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