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Chen Fans pupils contracted.

“How… How is this possible Brother Ye, you took the attack head-on”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“So what if I took the attack head-on I thought you were strong, but this is it

“I dont think you have the ability to be complacent in front of me.

“Do you have any stronger moves”

Chen Fans hand trembled slightly.


“If you want to burn your bloodline or something, dont use it.

I will not use that kind of move against you.

I will only use my normal combat power to the maximum.”

Chen Fan narrowed his eyes.


“Then lets do it!”

Chen Fan nodded with a grave expression on his face.

“Divine Eye of the Ancestral Dragon!”

“Heavenly Dragon Blood Rage!”

“Ancient Qilin Shield!”

“Ancestral Dragon Armor!”

A series of low-pitched shouts rang out.

Chen Fans eyes shone with divine light, and his skinny body suddenly expanded to three meters.

A purple-gold divine bloodline dragon mark rolled around inside his body.

The dragon-scale armor on his body became thicker and more solid as if it was equipped with special armor.

Beside him, a shield flew up and down as if it could block all attacks.

Lin Qiye: “…”

“You have so many skills It seems that you had many fortuitous encounters.”

Chen Fan chuckled.

“It was all thanks to Brother Ye that I could absorb the embryo.

“Otherwise, I wouldnt have gone to this Dragon Universe…”

Chen Fan cracked a smile.

“Brother Ye, this is my strongest move! Take it!”

“Ancestral Dragon Sky-ripping Palm!”

As soon as his voice fell, Chen Fans arm glowed with a chilling light.

A dangerous aura that seemed to pierce through the sky spread across Chen Fans palm.

The next second, Chen Fan dashed out like a bolt of lightning.

A sharp claw reached out toward Lin Qiye, and before it could land on his body, Lin Qiyes body started to fall apart.

The speed of his attack was so fast that Wen Shuhongs heart skipped a beat.

“I am at the late stage of the Incarnation Realm, yet I could sense the danger of death”

Wen Shuhong was taken aback.

Lin Qiye, facing the Ancestral Dragon Sky-ripping Palm, was also astonished.

“Not bad! The speed is fast.

“I need to open my Immortal Eye to see it.

Itsalready outstanding.”

Lin Qiye clicked his tongue in wonder.

“But thats all!”

As he spoke, Lin Qiyes mind moved.

The Thunder God Aspect suddenly stood in front of him like an unshakable mountain range.

Its majestic appearance was solemn, and its eyes shot out divine light.

It slowly raised its arm and threw a simple punch toward the Ancestral Dragon Sky-ripping Palm.

In an instant, Chen Fans ferocious aura suddenly disappeared.

Then, he shot backward and landed on the defensive wall of the training square.

Wen Shuhong: “…”

Jiang Nian: “…”

Jiang Qingxue: “…”

“How could such a powerful move be defeated so easily”

They couldnt help but feel sorry for Chen Fan.

It seemed like the gap between the two was not small if his strongest move was destroyed easily.

Everyone looked at Lin Qiye and sensed the immense pressure from his casual attacks, especially the statue.

It exuded a strong thunder-like auraas if it was a God.

Jiang Nian said, “What Lin Qiye used was definitely an Immortal Technique!”

Wen Shuhongs eyes quivered.

“And it was not an ordinary one.

Chen Fan used an Immortal Technique too.

What did these two people do in the simulation How could they use an Immortal Technique so easily”

Wen Shuhong was shocked.

He only had three minor Immortal Techniques.

One of them was from his family!

He couldnt understand it.

They were both freaks!

Wen Shuhong heaved a sigh of relief.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the battlefield, Chen Fan stood up with a cough.

He looked at Lin Qiyes Thunder God Aspect with lingering fear.

“Brother Ye… I admit that I was too arrogant.

I apologize to you.”

Lin Qiye glanced at Chen Fan.

“Let me test your defense!”

He shouted coldly.

Chen Fan felt a chill run down his spine.

He quickly put the Ancient Qilin Shield in front of him.

Lin Qiye raised his hand slightly, and the long red blade shone with a sharp light.

However, Chen Fan suddenly cracked a smile anddisappeared from the spot.

“Brother Ye, I will not wait for my death.

My speed… But… What!”

Before Chen Fan could finish his sentence, Lin Qiye suddenly appeared beside him and slashed at him.

Chen Fan didnt have time to react.

The shield automatically blocked Lin Qiyes attack but was shattered in an instant.

Chen Fan was sent flying again, and he crashed into the wall of the training square.

Chen Fan: “…”

Wen Shuhong: “…”

Jiang Nian: “…”

Jiang Qingxue: “…”

He was defeated instantly again.

The gap between them was too huge.

Without a doubt, the speed that Chen Fan was so proud of had been destroyed by Lin Qiye.

Chen Fan stood up from the dust with a cough, and his confident smile froze on his face.

“Is this teleportation What kind of strange ability is this An Immortal Technique Instant Arrival”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“What do you think Do you still have a trump card

“If you have a trump card, show it to me.”

Lin Qiye looked at Chen Fan with interest.

Chen Fan was speechless.

“You solved my strongest attack easily.

My defense and speed were instantly destroyed by you.

I admit defeat.

I shouldnt have been so arrogant.

“Brother Ye, this doesnt make any sense.

You are at the peak of the Diamond Realm.

How did you manage to kill me”

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