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“How strong! He doesnt seem to lack foundation at all.”

Feeling the suffocating power of destruction, Jiang Qingxue and Jiang Nians faces changed simultaneously.

In the meantime, Wen Shuhong, who was about to leave the island, also sensed the power Chen Fan was emitting.

“Whats going on Another strange power in the Incarnation Realm”

Wen Shuhong frowned.

“Who is it”

He turned around and followed Chen Fans aura to the training square.

“Its Chen Fan…

“How did he reach the Incarnation Realm The nine-headed Hydra Demon must have provoked these two.”

Wen Shuhongs eyelids twitched.

“Although their breakthrough speed is worrying, both Lin Qiye and Chen Fans auras are strong.

It seems like they have a solid foundation.

“However, I dont think they have many trump cards.

Let me think of a way to help them apply for some.

Otherwise, the next time they simulate, they might run into a genius from a big family.”

Just as Wen Shuhong was deep in thought, Chen Fans aura peaked in the middle of the square.

He was like an invincible general, suppressing everything in the world.

“Brother Ye, show me your full power! Otherwise, you wont stand a chance!”

Chen Fan gripped the Dragon Tooth Blade tightly.

The muscles on his arms bulged, and the dragon-scale armor appeared.

Everyone could feel it.

It was like a divine dragon surged inside Chen Fans body.

They were under the illusion that if Chen Fan swung his blade, even a peak Diamond Practitioner would be cut in half!

Seeing that, Lin Qiye remained calm.

“Do it.

Dont worry about me.

Use your best move.”

upon hearing that, Chen Fans expression was strange.

“Are you sure, Brother Ye I cant even control my killer move.”

“Use it!”

Chen Fan took a deep breath.

“Brother Ye, can you really block it”

Lin Qiye was speechless.

“Use it now! Do you think you can hurt me with that little power”

Chen Fan yelled, “What the “f*ck Brother Ye, are you that arrogant I cant take it!

“I will show you how powerful I am!”

Chen Fans eyes lit up with the desire to win.

He hadthe opportunity that he had just obtained!

How could he be underestimated

Chen Fans face was solemn, and his eyes were cold.

He raised the long blade in his hand.

“Instant annihilation!”

The long blade slashed down, and the space around Lin Qiye froze.

At the same time,the light around Lin Qiye was swallowed up.

Darkness enveloped him as if Lin Qiye was being suppressed by an endless mountain.

Every cell in his body was pressured by an immortal weapon crafted by a mountain.

At this moment, Lin Qiye couldnt hear any sound.

He couldnt see any light.

He couldnt even raise his arm.

Then, a ray of saber light as thin as a cicadas wings cut through the darkness and into Lin Qiyes body.

It was so fast that it directly landed on Lin Qiyes body.

“So fast!”

Wen Shuhong, watching the battle from afar, was secretly shocked.

“Even I couldnt dodge this attack! What a terrifying move! It is at least a minor Immortal Technique, right”

Wen Shuhongs heart skipped a beat.

“This attack is powerful! Did Lin Qiye have a trump card to block it”

Wen Shuhong started to get nervous.

Chen Fan also broke out in a cold sweat.

Lin Qiye was engulfed by the shockwave of the explosion.

“Brother Ye Are you all right

“Dont make me attend your funeral, Brother Ye! You said you could stop it!”

Chen Fan panicked, waved his sleeve, and the strong wind blew away the shock wave.

And just as he was panicking, Lin Qiyes calm voice slowly came from behind Chen Fan.

“You can deal with other people with this move, but against me, the difference is more than a bit.

Youre not strong enough!”

Lin Qiye hit the nail on the head and commented.

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