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She smiled sweetly at Lin Qiye.

However, after leaving the sea of flowers, she was a little reluctant.

Zhu Yuheng glanced at the photography tower.

Deep in her eyes, there seemed to be some regret.

After playing for five days in a row, Lin Qiye was finally tired.

“I feel I need to train properly,” Lin Qiye suggested.

If he wanted his Immortal Consciousness Soul to be perfect, he still needed two to three months of training.

Lin Qiye had to hurry and cultivate to the peak.

That way, he would understand why he felt something was wrong with this world.

He could also have an overwhelming combat strength when he faced the Painted-skin Demon.

“You also need to train hard.

Your two talents must be 100% developed before you can protect yourself!”

Lin Qiye was serious.

He always remembered the hints from the Deduction of Genesis.

When Zhu Yuheng was not 100% developed, he could not kill the Painted-skin Demon.

Otherwise, Zhu Yuheng would die.

It was strange.

Lin Qiye could not figure it out, but there was nothing he could do.

He chose to believe in the Deduction of Genesis.

Zhu Yuheng brushed the messy hair by her ear and smiled lightly.

“Ill do my best…”

Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

For the next three months, the Painted-skin Demon kept devouring the Winged Wolf Tribe and the demon race as his nutrients.

As for Lin Qiye, Zhu Yuheng, and Jiang Lianyi, they kept on training.

After three months, Lin Qiyes Immortal Consciousness Soul finally reached 100%.

Zhu Yuhengs two SSS-Grade talents also reached perfection.

The two of them broke through at the same time.

The thick aura shook the sky.

However, when Zhu Yuhengs Thousand Face Reincarnation reached its peak, theEmpress Universe suddenly underwent a change.

The illusions of the universe surged from all directions and overlapped.

In the first universe, the supreme-level Painted-skin Demon invaded ferociously and devoured half of the Empress Universe instantly.

The human experts resisted for half a year and turned into ashes.

Zhu Yuheng was the last to die.

Before she died, she used the Thousand Face Reincarnation to pull the universe into a loop, forcing the Empress Universe to go back in time.

At the same time, she split her avatar and looked for a plan to save the world.

In the second universe, the supreme-level Painted-skin Demon swept over again, and the humans suffered a crushing defeat.

The Fated Empress used the Thousand Face Reincarnation to go back in time and restart the world again.

In the 200th universe, after experiencing repeated cycles of reincarnation, the Painted-skin Demons memory was messed up.

A piece of its flesh was taken away and turned into the Demon Emperor and a group of demons.

In this life, the Empress Universe was still defeated.

The supreme-level Painted-skin Demon reintegrated and ascended successfully.

To suppress the supreme-level Painted-skin Demon, Zhu Yuheng cut off one of her arms and threw herself into the cycle of reincarnation.

In the 400th universe, the Painted-skin Demons memories were once again disrupted.

The second piece of flesh in its body was taken out and transformed into the Wind Emperor and the Winged Wolf Tribe.

The Wind Emperor and the Demon Emperor worked together while the Painted-skin Demon controlled Zhu Yuheng from the dark and surrounded her avatar.

The Empress suffered a crushing defeat.

The supreme-level Painted-skin Demon reintegrated and ascended successfully.

To further suppress the supreme-level Painted-skin Demon, Zhu Yuheng burned half of her body to strengthen the cycle of reincarnation.

In the 600th time, the memories of the Painted-skin Demon, Wind Emperor, and Demon Emperor all fell into chaos.

The demon race and Winged Wolf Tribe started a war! The humans were destroyed, and the supreme-level Painted-skin Demon reintegrated and ascended.

Zhu Yuheng miserably left only a head.

She floated above the loop.

For the 800th time, the humans disappeared under the iron hooves of the outsiders.

The supreme-level Painted-skin Demon reintegrated and ascended successfully.

For the 900th time…

For the 999th time, the Painted-skin Demons memories were once again chaotic.

A piece of flesh was taken away and turned into the Son of the Netherworld.

The five sides engaged in a messy battle, and the Empress Universe was in ruins.

Zhu Yuheng only had her last soul left.

She took away the Painted-skin Demons soul and imprisoned it in her own body.

She weakened the demon once again.

In the thousandth time, the illusions of the universe overlapped in the Empress Universe as if they were real but were quickly destroyed.

The despair of humans has been repeated time and time again.

Zhu Yuheng activated her loop repeatedly, wanting to strip the demon of its power, weaken it, and find a chance for humanity to survive.

In the end, her body was reduced to ashes, and her soul was on the verge of death.

Only half of it was left.

Information about the universe flashed past Lin Qiyes eyes.

Soon after, theEmpress Universe was destroyed.

In the cycle of reincarnation, the experts constantly dying turned into lightning and rose into the sky.

The high-rise buildings, mountains, and lakes split into two, which were the marks of the invasion of the Painted-skin Demon.

The world was slowly coming to an end.

Of course, there were also new buildings still standing in the ruins.

Zhu Yuhengs reincarnation gradually collapsed.

Her body vanished into thin air, leaving only a wisp of her soul looking quietly at Lin Qiye.


She pounced into Lin Qiyes chest but couldnt catch him.

Zhu Yuheng panicked, but she couldnt do anything.

Lin Qiye frowned, raised his head, and looked at the sky.

In the distance, in the endless void, the supreme-level Painted-skin Demon suddenly opened his eyes.

“Your reincarnation has been destroyed.

Everything ends here!”

In the sky of the Empress Universe, countless red eyes fluttered open.

They rolled and shot out strange gazes.

The world fell into a weird state.

Not long after, the power of protection gradually disappeared, and the power of reincarnation also dissipated.

In the many human cities, countless dazzling lights soared into the sky.

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