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“I will become invincible!”

The Painted-skin Demons head twitched as he looked towards the southeast greedily.

The next moment, the Painted-skin Demondisappeared from where he stood.

In a short day, fifty cities at the border of the demon race had disappeared.

And every day that followed, the Painted-skin Demon would create black fog and devour demons crazily.

“Im getting stronger and stronger.

As long as I devour all the flesh and blood of these two races, Ill be able to complete my transformation!

“Theres still a new epiphany hidden in Wind Emperors body related to a races fate.

Hehe… Not Bad.

“Invincibility is waiting for me!”

As the devouring progressed, the demons body became more gorgeous.

Green triangular scales appeared on his body.

The scales emitted a faint green light and were closely stitched together on his body, forming armor.

A head-sized blood-red spider eye drilled out of his abdomen.

The spider eye turned and looked in all directions! An extremely strange mental fluctuation spread out from it.

The surrounding space became a rippling water surface.

Behind him, a pair of flesh wings spread out.

The branches were covered with numerous tiny eyes.

If an ordinary person saw it, they would definitely vomit and feel dizzy.

They would have nightmares for years.

At this moment, the aura of the Painted-skin Demon was a hundred times stronger than that of the Demon Emperor.

A weird smile appeared on his face, and he looked in the direction of the Winged Wolf Tribe.

“Ill devour the Wind Emperor first.

I cant let Gu Shaoshang kill him.”

As he spoke, the Wind Emperors body started to squirm, and palpitations started to grow in its heart.

“Why do I feel so uneasy Could it be that Gu Shaoshang of the human race has done something against my race!”

“I need to hide.

“No! Why am I being targeted”

The Wind Emperors scalp went numb.

Then, it heard a whisper in its mind.

“Stand there and dont move.

Wait for me to devour you.

“You are a part of me.

Dont try to resist.”

“Come, return to my body.

We will devour the world together.”

Hearing this inexplicable whisper, the Wind Emperor was terrified.

Cold sweat broke out all over its body.

It sat on the throne and was paralyzed.

At this moment, it had no intention of resisting because it had already lost its mind due to the impact of the whisper.

It had chosen to believe the words of the Painted-skin Demon.

It had to be said that the Painted-skin Demon at its current stage was too strong.

The control of its mental strength made the Wind Emperor unable to resist.

Not long after, the Painted-skin Demon brought along black clouds that blotted out the sky and covered the earth as he arrived at the royal palace of the Winged Wolf Tribe at lightning speed.

“Who are you How dare you barge into the royal city”

A group of God-level experts led a pair of guards with rich auras and blocked the Painted-skin Demon.

They stared at the handsome but strange youth.

“Demon race”

“Why havent I seen this type of demon before Who is it”



The scales on the Painted-skin Demons chest disappeared, revealing the Demon Emperors seductive and charming face.

“Its me.

Ive merged with a supreme being.


Strange laughter sounded and attacked the souls of the God-level experts.

In the next second, the demon disappeared andturned into a black mist that engulfed the experts blocking the way.


A miserable howl resounded through the world.

Then, strands of strange blood snakes shot into the demons body.

It caused the Painted-skin Demons body to squirm as if something new was about to grow.

“Next, its the Wind Emperors turn.

Im coming for the fate technique!”

The Painted-skin Demon revealed a handsome and evil smile.

It turned into a black mist and disappeared.

Pitch-black rain fell from the sky above the Winged Wolf Tribes capital.

However, not a single drop landed on the ground.

Instead, it was like a parasite that landed on the citizens of the Winged Wolf Tribe and sneaked into their bodies.

Soon after, the strong Winged Wolves began to merge into the blood-red flesh of the shape of Winged Wolves.

The entire capital was filled with a stench.

However, the laughter of the Painted-skin Demon resounded throughout the world.

Blood snakes swarmed towards the Painted-skin Demon.

It was like a parasitic red worm in a stinking ditch.

It twisted its strange body and pounced toward the dead body in a dense and impenetrable manner.

The Painted-skin Demons aura increased step by step.

It arrived in front of the throne and looked at the Wind Emperor quietly.

The Wind Emperor was shocked and angry at the same time.

He curled up on the throne in a sorry state.

“You… You…”


Before the Wind Emperor could resist, its body was torn apart inch by inch.

At this moment, it was as if its skin was stuck by some high-strength adhesive tape and was being torn apart bit by bit.

Its body was covered in wounds, and not a single inch of its skin was intact.

Blood flowed on its body.


Only by entering extreme pain can you retain your talent and allow me to devour it perfectly,” The Painted-skin Demonsaid to itself.

He stretched out his hand and beckoned.

All the power, blood, flesh, and memories in the Wind Emperors body no longer seemed to belong to it.

It began to flow crazily into the Painted-skin Demons body.

In a few breaths, its life force dissipated.

“This… How can this be Im a part of someone elses body”

Before the Wind Emperor died, it shouted in disbelief.


How comfortable.

A part of my body has finally returned.

My memories are slowly recovering too!

“Unfortunately, the Son of the Netherworld has been annihilated into nothingness and can never be found again.”

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