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Upon facing Mr.

Chens surprise, Lin Qiye nodded calmly.

“To tell you the truth, I have five SSS-Gade talents.

Heavenly Thunder Annihilation can control lightning, Lightning Warp can teleport behind the enemy, and Thunder God Aspect can make my defense invincible.

Even if the Demon Emperor attacks ten times, she cant break my defense.

The Thunder God Domain can use lightning particles to attack the enemy, making it impossible for the enemy to defend against it.

Even an SSS-Grade mental-type powerhouse wouldnt be able to avoid being penetrated by the lightning particles.

The Immortal Consciousness Soul can control spirit energy…”

“My combat strength is unprecedentedly strong.

No one can threaten my life.


Chen, your talent shouldnt be used on me.”

However, Mr.Chen did not listen to a single word.

His eyes widened in pain.

“Why do you want to stop me Why do you want to stop me!

“Child, it was not easy for me to hold on until this moment.

I dont want to live any longer!”


Chen suddenly burst into tears.

He covered his face and cried bitterly.

Zhu Yuheng and Lin Qiye looked at each other.


Chen, if you have something in your mind, say it.

It will make you feel better.”

“But if you want to die, that wont do.

There is something important that requires your Law of Speech.

It involves the survival of the human race.

“My life is not important.

Do you see the girl beside me She is the hope of the human race.”

Lin Qiye patted Mr.

Chens shoulder.

“If you want to die, use the Law of Speech on her.”


Chen raised his head and looked at Lin Qiye.

“Why should I give it to her You are the strongest…”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“She is the key person to save this world.


Chen, please.”


Chen sized up Zhu Yuheng and closed hiseyes.

He began to use the Law of Speech.

But three seconds later, he suddenly opened his eyes with a look of horror.

“This… I cant use it on her! How is this possible!

“I can even use it on Gu Shaoshang!”



Chen looked at Zhu Yuheng with a complicated expression.

Lin Qiye frowned.

“You cant use it Whats the reason”


Chen didnt say anything.

He leaned back on the wheelchair, his face full of bitterness.

“Child, do you know why I want to die”

“That was 263 years, 7 months, 23 days, and 18 hours ago… The human race was experiencing unprecedented darkness.

At that time, I was young, only 19 years old.

My brothers and sisters brought the Awakened me to train on the battlefield.

“One time, we were betrayed by our compatriots and ambushed by demons.

My brothers and sisters brought me to break out of the ambush on the plateau.

“That time, we were in a miserable state.

We didnt have enough food and suffered grave injuries.

“The vast plateau was cruel and merciless.

My brothers and sisters loved me and took care of me.

They said my talent was SSS-Grade and could allow the human race to survive, so I had to live.

“They protected and took care of me all the time.

They gave me all the meat.

“On the tenth day, my eldest brother, who loved me the most, died! He fell from the cliff and died without a complete corpse.

“On the fifteenth day, my second sister also died.

She fell from the cliff during a night hunt.

However, she left some meat to support us.

“On the twentieth day, my third brother succeeded in hunting twice.

In the end, he fell from the cliff too.

“My fourth sister, fifth brother, sixth brother… They all carried me and escorted me out of the trap.

“In the end, my seventh brother and I finally walked out of the plateau.

However, at the moment of our rescue, I discovered a fact that made me break down.”

Speaking of this matter, Mr.

Chen couldnt help but tremble.

His withered expression was full of pain.

He clutched his neck, bent his waist, and retched as if he wanted to vomit out his soul.

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