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The Son of the Netherworld was stunned.

Almost instantly, the tens of millions of zombies under his feet disappeared.

Threads of lightning surged from the ground and sliced the zombies into pieces.

The terrifying power of annihilation caused the zombies to vanish into thin air.

The thousand-meter-long green corpse dragon was also sliced by the lightning threads.

It turned into a sky full of green gas.

The Son of the Netherworld felt as if his heart had been struck by a hammer.

He felt dizzy.


Ten million zombies disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye

This move again

The Son of the Netherworld felt his scalp go numb.

The move was hard to guard against and was twice as strong as before!

It could even be said that Lin Qiye was even more at ease.

Previously, when he used this move, Lin Qiye had to empty half of his energy.

But now, he only needed to use one layer.

In other words, Lin Qiye was more than twice as strong!

The Son of the Netherworlds heart sank to the bottom.

He looked at the solemn Thunder God Aspect standing proudly behind Lin Qiye.

There was only one thought left in his heart.


He had to flee!

However, just as the Son of the Netherworld wanted to run away, he was shocked to find that he was trapped on the spot and could not move.

His limbs and bones were out of control.

“How can this be How can this be”

The Son of the Netherworld was anxious.

He was so anxious that his forehead was covered in a cold sweat.

Lin Qiye landed in front of him.

“The gap between us is like a natural moat.

“Killing you is as easy as cutting grass.

You can go now.”

Then, Lin Qiye slowly raised his arm, and thousands of lightning particles surged into the Son of the Netherworlds body.

Instantly, the Son of the Netherworlds internal organs were corroded.

Fresh blood flowed out of his mouth and nose.

“Your talent…”

The Son of the Netherworld was shocked.

This mysterious killing method once again refreshed his understanding of Lin Qiye.

It was too terrifying and truly beyond comprehension!

Five SSS-Grade talents had already surpassed everything!

“Why… Why would an existence like you descend into this world Im not reconciled…”

The Son of the Netherworld smiled bitterly.

His words were filled with bitterness and unwillingness, as well as a deep sense of powerlessness.

Under the strangulation of the lightning particles, he quickly knelt on the ground, and his life dissipated bit by bit.

Death had arrived.

The Son of the Netherworlds pale face seemed to have returned to normal.

There was a hint of blood.

“I didnt expect to die in such a sorry state after calling myself the Son of the Netherworld all my life.

“I have met someone better…”

The Son of the Netherworlds expression gradually became ferocious.

Wisps of evil energy surged out of his body andpounced on Lin Qiye.

However, they were all absorbed by Lin Qiyes Immortal Eye!

The Son of the Netherworld was stunned and turned into green smoke, disappearing completely.

Without a doubt, hewas dead.

He died at the hands of Lin Qiye.

“As expected, he has a connection with the Painted-skin Demon.

However, why would he have a connection with it Would the Demon Emperor, Wind Emperor, and the Son of the Netherworld be devoured by the Painted-skin Demon”

Lin Qiye was a little confused.

This matter was strange.

However, Lin Qiye could not find any clues.

“Once the Son of the Netherworld is dealt with, there wouldnt be many geniuses left.

If the Demon Emperor and the Wind Emperor didnt appear, I couldnt kill them easily.

After all, they have billions of troops.

If I go to kill them, itll be tiring.”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“Next, the number of geniuses the Painted-skin Demon can devour is extremely limited.

“Lets see how it moves.”

“Since Ive killed the Son of the Netherworld, it should be able to sense me.

Its impossible to ambush it.”

Lin Qiye heaved a sigh of relief and disappeared from where he was.

Thousands of miles away, the Painted-skin Demon had indeed sensed the fluctuations of the Son of the Netherworld dying.

“My next plan has been disrupted again.”

This time, the Painted-skin Demon was unprecedentedly agitated.

“I keep feeling like a piece of my flesh has been cut off!

“Why do I have this feeling

“Even mental-type powerhouses have never given me this feeling before!

“Does the Son of the Netherworld have some relationship with me What is going on”

The Painted-skin Demon was also confused.

However, aside from confusion, the Painted-skin Demon was furious, and its face became extremely distorted.

“I must kill that b*stard, Gu Shaoshang!

“Damn it.

He ruined countless of my plans and destroyed my path of invincibility.

I must make him pay the price!”

The Painted-skin Demon gritted its teeth, and its eyes turned red.

It had been plotting for so long.

It could have swallowed several geniuses and pushed its talent to the limit.

However, all of them had been destroyed by Lin Qiye!

At this moment, the Painted-skin Demons hatred for Lin Qiye had reached its peak.

It was as if his parents were killed.

They could not live under the same sky!

“Damn that guy! He killed the mental-type genius and then killed the Son of the Netherworld! There arent many choices left for me…”

When it thought of its good situation being destroyed step by step and was left with little choices, the Painted-skin Demons face immediately revealed a pained expression.

It gritted its teeth and finally decided to start this step ahead of time.

If it did not do so, it would not be able to contend against Lin Qiye.

“Since this is the case, I have no choice but to act ahead of time.

I will first kill Gu Shaoshang and devour him.

It should be about the same!”

The Painted-skin Demons eyes were filled with hatred as it looked at the human race.

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