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Ever since he lost to Lin Qiye, the Son of the Netherworld had been hiding here with the remaining zombies.

To prevent being discovered, he stayed at the bottom of the well all this time.

He hadnt even seen the sun.

“My zombies are all lying in the well.

They havent shown their faces at all.

No one can discover me! Im justscaring myself!”

In the past, whenever he had this feeling, it meant that danger was coming.

For example, when he was preparing to take over Jiang City, he followed the warning of that feeling andimmediately decided to run away.

Thus, he avoided the first encounter with Lin Qiye.

After that, he had a similar feeling on the northern battlefield.

However, he did not take it to heart at that time, resulting in him falling for the scheme!

Although he enjoyed the pleasure of having thirty billion zombies, he was also treated as a fighter!

He was humiliated!

Now, that feeling appeared once again.

Something bad must have happened.

The Son of the Netherworld started to panic.

“No, I cant wait here to die!”

He gritted his teeth and spat out a few words, immediately making uphis mind.

“Ill run with the zombies! This time, Ill hide in the Winged Wolf Tribes territory!

“No, I should split my five million zombies into three groups and spread them in different areas to confuse the enemys vision!”

The Son of Netherworld raised his eyebrows andquickly began to move.

Not long after, hehad prepared a backup plan.

He immediately rushed out of Dragon Well and prepared to escape.

However, the moment he jumped out of the tomb, a familiar voice came from above his head.

“Yo, Son of the Netherworld, long time no see.

Where are you going”

Lin Qiye floated in the air and looked down from above at the Son of the Netherworld, who was about to run away.

His words were full of ridicule and contempt.

The Son of the Netherworld instantly exploded, and all the hair on his body stood on end.

“How is this possible This guys strength has increased by another level! He brought me a thick threat to my life!”

The Son of the Netherworld was shocked.

He wanted to escape without hesitation.

However, before he could take a step forward, a huge bell blocked his path.

The bell was struck.

The bell, which contained terrifying mental strength, turned into ripples and spread in all directions, breaking the zombies limbs.

Even the Son of the Netherworlds face was flushed red from the shock.

“You! You have four SSS-Grade talents”

The Son of the Netherworlds state of mind collapsed.

He turned to look at Lin Qiye and noticed that his left eye was emitting a trace of red light that made his heart thump even more.

The Son of the Netherworld was furious.

“Why do you keep haunting me! Did I offend you!

“F*ck you, always trying to disgust me!”

Towards the Son of the Netherworlds fury, Lin Qiye only smiled coldly.

“I didnt expect you to have a relationship with the Painted-skin Demon.

You are a part of the Painted-skin Demon, just like the Wind Emperor and the Demon Emperor.

Its interesting.

Why did the Painted-skin Demon split into three parts”

Lin Qiye felt strange, but he didnt bother to think about it.

In the next second, a 10,000-meter radius around Lin Qiye was covered by the Thunder God Domain.

Then, the 3,000-meter-high Thunder God Aspect crashed into the ground, causing the mountains to tremble.

“You… You! How can you be so strong in just a few months!!”

Feeling the smell of oblivion in the zone, the Son of the Netherworldsuddenly turned pale.

Of all the Awakened ones in the world, his gift is definitely the most heaven-defying.

As long as he was given enough time, he had the confidence to contend against a Celestial!

But now, looking at Lin Qiye and standing in front of him, the confidence in his heart began to crack.

“Is my talent really the strongest in this world”

“Why does this guys strength skyrocket every time he appears”

“And looking at this domain, it should be another new talent!”

Five SSS-Grade talents



The Son of the Netherworld was depressed.


How could there be such a heaven-defying guy in this world!

Shouldnt he be competing with the Celestials of the upper realm

What man was he to come to the lower realm to bully others

The Son of the Netherworld was filled with jealousy.

When he looked at Lin Qiye again, there was a hint of madness on his face.

“I dont believe it! I dont accept that anyone in this world is more talented than me!

“You merely have a few more talents.

As long as I kill you and turn you into a zombie, everything you have will belong to me!”

Jealousy and anger had already overshadowed the fear in the Son of the Netherworlds heart.

Under the stimulation of all negative emotions, his strength faintly broke through his limits.

Lin Qiye was unmoved.

With the Thunder God Aspect protecting him, the explosive power of the Son of the Netherworld was almost like a breeze to him.

Seeing that Lin Qiye did not make a move, the Son of the Netherworld laughed coldly in his heart.


When he finished accumulating power, he will smash Lin Qiyes turtle shell with one strike!

The last time he fought with Lin Qiye, he already had a rough understanding of the defensive strength of Lin Qiyes Thunder God Aspect.

Although he only had less than ten million zombies left, there had been a fierce battle between the demon race and the Winged Wolf Tribe near Dragon Well.

There was a huge amount of Yin Energy, resentment, and evil energy.

With this power, he could condense a half-complete corpse dragon.

It was not impossible to break Lin Qiyes Thunder God Aspect!

With this thought in mind, the Son of the Netherworldhowled at the sky.

A dark and cold aura of death surged out from the ground like oil.

The terrifying aura of death covered the sky and earth.

It even seemed to overpower Lin Qiyes lightning.

The black clouds in the sky grew thicker and thicker.

A green light flashed within, and the sound of a dragons roar could be heard.

Seeing this, the Son of the Netherworlds face lit up.

“Haha! You shouldnt have let me condense my strongest killing move.

Go to hell and regret it!”

The thousand-meter-long green dragon tore through the clouds and descended.

Although its might wasnt as powerful as when it fought against the Immortal Puppet, its aura was so strong that it could kill the Demon Emperor.

Injuring Lin Qiye wasnt a problem at all!

The Son of the Netherworld analyzed in his heart.

He could not help but laugh maniacally.

However, facing his confidence, Lin Qiyes heart did not waver.

The Thunder God Aspect stood behind him and quietly watched the Son of the Netherworld.

“Dont you know not to celebrate success before it happens

“Why dont you attack me and give it a try”

Lin Qiye stood with his hands behind his back.

The Son of the Netherworlds face flushed red.

Looking at the calm expression on Lin Qiyes face, he gritted his teeth.

The green corpse dragon crashed into Lin Qiye and the Thunder God Aspect.

An earth-shattering explosion sounded as a mushroom cloud shot into the sky.

However, when the dust settled, Lin Qiye was unharmed.

Only the armor on the Thunder God Aspect had a layer of faint lightning.

Seeing this, the Son of the Netherworlds heart sank to the bottom.

“What a terrifying defense.

Its ten times more than before.

Its over.

I dont think Im a match for it…”

The Son of the Netherworld was close to despair but unwilling to give up.

He bit his tongue andspat out a mouthful of blood essence.

He began to burn his potential.

“Wake up, sleeping undead!”

Along with The Son of the Netherworlds roar, the earth began to tremble violently.

One by one, bone-white zombies wrapped in mud slowly crawled out from the depths of the battlefield.

The vast horde of zombies covered everything in sight.

The zombies let out roars from their throats.

Under the support of the aura of death on the battlefield, the strength of each zombie was greatly strengthened.

“Millions of zombies! Emperor-level zombie dragons! The support of endless death aura! The combination of three superpowers, my Corpse Puppet Imprint, and the blood essence I have burned.

I dont believe that Im not your match!”

The Son of the Netherworld was like a hyena fighting for its life, baring its teeth at Lin Qiye.

Even if he had to use the Corpse Decomposition to sacrifice these ten million zombies and zombie dragons, he would fight Lin Qiye to death today!

However, just as he was about to command the zombie army and corpse dragons to attack, a roar suddenly sounded in his mind.

A dazzling white light lit up in front of his eyes.

A moment later, when his vision regained clarity again, the scene in front of him made him fall into a daze on the spot.


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