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A giant egg, slightly transparent, floated out.

The giant egg was quietly lying in a pile of pure ores, like a moon held up by stars.

Through the multicolored light emitted by the ores, one could vaguely see the embryo still slightly squirming in the giant egg.

The embryo was not complete.

It was a giant human brain!

The human brain was transparent, and one could see the curved structure inside.

There was liquid flowing inside.

“An egg with a head inside”

Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

He could not help but feel a little wary.

He could feel that the brain embryo was emitting dense mental energy as if it wanted to devour everything around it.

Lin Qiye studied the human brain embryo carefully.

“Theres the aura of a demonic beast and the Destroyer.

Theres also some immortal charm.

Could it be that the Destroyer is hiding down here to give birth to this embryo”

Lin Qiye fell into deep thought.

“The Life Lantern Gem mentioned that the Destroyer is looking for some underwater holy beast.

What does this thing have to do with it”

Lin Qiye could not understand.

He silently activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“Help me Deduce what this thing is.”

[This deduction requires 100,000 movement points.

You will have 5.3 million points remaining.

Do you want to proceed]

[Deduction successful: This giant egg is a pocket-sized Immortal Skull that the Destroyer Guo Huai once obtained from an SSS-Grade reward.

It contains the immortal consciousness and soul.]

[Guo Huai wanted to take the ability for himself.]

[To devour the pocket-sized Immortal Skull, he seized the power of 1,000 universes to nourish it.

He also used countless mental energies to nourish it, allowing it to regain vitality.

Unfortunately, on the eve of success, the Destroyer discovered that if he wanted to devour the Immortal Skull, he needed a wisp of immortal Qi.]

“Immortal Skull”

Lin Qiye was shocked.

“As expected, the guy who destroyed a thousand universes has some incredible treasures in his hands.

“Immortal Skull… He destroyed a thousand worlds to nurture it.

Unfortunately, he lacked a wisp of immortal Qi.

It was a pity that he couldnt devour it.

“If the Destroyer succeeded in devouring it, Im afraid he would instantly kill the few people I brought!”

Lin Qiye secretly rejoiced.

However, the next moment, hesmiled.

“It just so happens that I have four wisps of immortal Qi!

“Doesnt that mean I can devour this thing and take the immortal consciousness and soul as my own

“A treasure that even the Destroyer covets is at least at the immortal level! If I can devour it, its equivalent to having another trump card!”

Lin Qiyes eyes lit up.

He silently activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“How do I devour the Immortal Skull”

[This deduction requires 300,000 movement points.

You will have 5,000,000 points remaining.

Do you want to proceed]


Lin Qiye did not hesitate.

Currently, 300,000 movement points were like a drizzle to him.

Moreover, its worth it to spend 300,000 points in exchange for an immortal level trump card.

It was a bloody profit!

Lin Qiye could not be indecisive.

And with the order given, the deduction result appeared in front of Lin Qiye.

[Deduction successful: You must use immortal Qi to mature it.

The embryo will wither, leaving only a tiny finger bone pocket Immortal Skull.

There are two ways to use it.

First, implant it into your body and grow together with the Immortal Skull.

Second, comprehend the talisman contained within before devouring it.

The system suggests comprehending it first.]

After seeing the results, Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

“Ill first use immortal Qi to accelerate the maturation, then comprehend the talisman within.

Finally, Ill devour the power contained within the Immortal Skull.

This path is the most difficult but the safest.”

Lin Qiye understood and took a step forward.

He disappeared into the sea.

Outside, the five mental-type experts bleeding from their mouths and noses were still in shock.


Gu disappeared”

“He disappeared together with that giant human brain egg”

Everyone was a little nervous.

The young woman waved her hand.

“Its fine.

The indestructible spiritual link between Mr.

Gu and me didnt show any damage.

It means that Mr.

Gus life isnt in danger.”

“Lets hurry up and use up our fortuitous encounters!”

As she spoke, the young woman sat down cross-legged.

The other four started to enter their refinement state.

In the middle of the sea, Lin Qiye walked towards the giant egg step by step.

The giant egg didnt resist.

Instead, it was a little anxious.

Lin Qiye said, “You want to devour immortal Qi, dont you”


Let me touch you.”

The human brain in the giant egg trembled slightly.

Lin Qiye pressed his palm on the soft eggshell.

A wisp of immortal Qi mixed with a lightning particle into the human brain embryo.

When the immortal Qi touched the transparent human brain, it immediately emitted a suction force and swallowed the immortal Qi.

Then, the human brain began to develop rapidly.

The brain structure was twisted, becoming complicated.

There was light pulsating and flashing on it.

Soon after, the translucent human brain began to grow bones.

“Its beginning to mature, isnt it”

Just as he finished speaking, ascene that shocked Lin Qiye happened.

The skull suddenly began to peel off layer by layer.

Soon after, the structure of the brain began to peel off.

Layer by layer, section by section, it fell and disappeared into nothingness.

Inside the eggshell, there was only a finger-bone-sized, crystal-clear skull.

The skull was pocket-sized, but every structure of the human brain was there.

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