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The danger was everywhere, and Lin Qiye was cautious.

After all, the Painted-skin Demon had more than two months before it would come to the island and devour mental-type talents.

In other words, Lin Qiye was two months ahead of schedule to change fate.

What would happen next was unpredictable.

Anything might happen.

Although the five top-tier mental talents felt that there was an opportunity under the trench, it might be dangerous.

Therefore, Lin Qiye stood at the edge of the trench andsilently felt the waves below.

[Deduction successful: There is no danger.]

After getting the answer, Lin Qiye nodded slightly.

With a thought, the lightning particles dived into the water and found the strange cave deep in the trench.

Guo Huai, the Destroyer, used his mental energy crystal and mental energy to form a strange arrangement.

Air could enter, but seawater could not.

Lin Qiyes lightning particles could enter with the air, of course.

“I have to say that the Destroyer has used his mental energy to the highest level.

If he did not deliberately leave some flaws, it would be difficult to force my way in.”

Breaking in would definitely cause the cave to collapse.

It would even affect Guo Huais arrangements.

In that case, everything inside would be destroyed.

Luckily, Lin Qiye had lightning particles.

A lightning particle seeped into the cave.

Then, Lin Qiye brought everyone and teleported over!

In the depths, crystal minerals were emitting golden fluorescence everywhere.

The five mental-type experts were stunned by the minerals in front of them!

It was a mineral vein that stretched like a dragon.

Each crystal seemed to have a tiny human brain, twisting and releasing mental energy waves.

“Theyre all top-grade crystals that can temper ones mental energy! All of them!”

“There are also crystals that can increase the quality of ones talent when Awakened!”

“Wow, this is the biggest mental-type crystal mine humans have discovered! With this crystal mine, the overall ability of human powerhouses can increase by 20%!”

“This is too ridiculous!”

The five mental-type experts seemed to be drunk in happiness.

After all, the mineral vein in front of them was big, rich, and impactful.

The five were ecstatic and couldnt help but laugh wildly.


Gu, this is good stuff! Although many Awakened ones didnt have mental-type talent, using this crystal could temper their mental strength and willpower.

By increasing mental strength, they can increase their control over their abilities, equivalent to increasing their combat power!”


Gu, you can use it too!”

The five experts looked at Lin Qiye with burning gazes.

“As expected of Mr.


He brought such a large mineral vein to the humans the moment he made his move!”

Lin Qiye: “…”

He didnt expect any mineral vein.

It was all a coincidence.

In response to everyones flattery, Lin Qiye shook his head.

“You guys should heal yourselves first.

Ill leave the mining of the mineral vein to you guys.

Well try our best to create more experts.

“Its time for the humans to launch a counterattack!”

Lin Qiyes gaze was cold.

He ruined the Celestial Plan.

He drove the Winged Wolf Tribe and demon race apart.

The Destroyer died.

The Son of the Netherworlds vitality was greatly damaged.

Zhu Yuheng and Jiang Lianyi were thriving.

On the other hand, he had four SSS-Grade talents.

As long as they were all developed to 100%, Lin Qiye could sweep through and end this life.

Lin Qiye smiled in his heart.

The victorywas right in front of him.

However, just as Lin Qiye was thinking, hesuddenly turned his head.

He looked into the depths of the cave.

“Is there something emitting a weak fluctuation, causing my immortal Qi to sense it

“Is it an immortal item”

Lin Qiye was quite curious.

“You guys stay here to train and recover.

Dont wander around.

Ill go into the depths of the cave to take a look.

There seems to be some fluctuation…”

“Could it be dangerous That powerhouse left a backup plan”

“Lets go with Mr.

Gu, shall we”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“Thats fine too.”

And so, Lin Qiye and the five mental-type powerhouseswent deeper into the cave.

After walking for half an hour, they finally arrived at the hall in the depths.

In the hall, there was spiritual energy, like seawater, filling up the space.

When the few of them entered, they had no idea.

But as they took another step forward, the five of them let out a muffled groan as blood flowed out of their mouths and noses.

“Not good! Its the pressure of high-level spiritual energy! Quick, protect Mr.


“Were already so miserable.


Gu wont be able to hold on.”

The five of them hurriedly looked at Lin Qiye.

However, Lin Qiye stood unharmed in theseawater.

Four wisps of immortal Qi swam around Lin Qiye and sprinkled down rays of light.


The five looked at each other.


Gu is completely fine”

“Looks like this is Mr.

Gus fortuitous encounter…”

The five felt happy for Gu Shaoshang, but they werent jealous.

They looked at each other.

“Lets protect Mr.

Gu here and take the opportunity to heal our injuries.

Then, with the help of the crystals, we can raise the quality of our talents.

Theres rich and mysterious energy here!”

“Yes, Mr.

Gu has his fortuitous encounter.

Thanks to him, we can also enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime fortuitous encounter!”

The five of them looked at Lin Qiye.

However, the next moment, they were stunned once again.

When the immortal Qi appeared around Lin Qiye, in the seawater transformed from mental energy…

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