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“Spirit Shield!”

“Spirit Recovery!”

The five people standing next to him noticed Lin Qiyes abnormality and hurriedly used their talents.

Gentle energy wrapped around Lin Qiye and instantly healed him.


Gu, well use all our strength to block him and buy you time.

You must kill him, or else well all die here!”

The five of them had grave expressions.

One of them even had blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

“Good! You guys hold him back.

Give me ten seconds.

I only need ten seconds!”


The five nodded deeply.


Ten seconds” The Destroyer sneered.

How powerful was his mental strength

He naturally heard Lin Qiyes words clearly.

“I wont give you ten seconds.

I wont even give you three seconds or one second!”

The Destroyer shook his head, and the huge bell rammed hard.


The sound was terrifying and penetrative.

Every collision seemed to pierce through their skulls, smashing into the depths of everyones minds.

The five people used all their strength to resist the damage Lin Qiye received, trying to prevent him from being affected.

However, under this kind of bearing, their brains buzzed, as if they were about to explode.


Gu, we cant hold on much longer!”

The five could not help but tremble slightly.

In the distance, the Destroyers face was ferocious, and the corners of his mouth curled into a brutal smile.

“I will see how long you can hold on!”

As his voice fell, six huge, translucent hooks like those used for fishing swung over from the distance.

The hooks emitted a faint fluorescent light, directly lockingonto the souls of the six people.

The moment their souls were locked onto, the five people felt their scalps go numb.

“Not good! This move!”

“We cant block it!”

The five people were filled with despair.

The soul hooks had not even landed on their bodies when they started bleeding from their mouths and noses.

“Hold on!”

“We must hold on! We must buy time for Mr.


The five of them roared.

“Spirit Recovery!”

“Spirit Shield!”

“Spirit Stimulation!”

The five used all their strength, and their necks swelled up.

Their faces were red, and their eyes were bloodshot.

Soon, the blood vessels in their bodies began to burst, and blood flowed out of their eyes, nose, and ears.


Some people kept coughing up blood but still gritted their teeth and persevered.

No one chose to retreat!

They knew that they had to buy time for Lin Qiye.

But they didnt realize that at the critical moment, Lin Qiye disappeared.

Or rather, Lin Qiye disappeared ahead of timelike a ghost.

In the next moment, he appeared behind the Destroyer.


The Destroyer sensed that something was wrong, and his expression changed.

He raised his head and suddenly realized something.

He didnt know when, but the area around him was enveloped by a lightning domain.

He was surrounded by incomparably violent lightning energy.

There were also fine lightning particles.

Although those particles werent enough to restrain the Destroyers mental power, they were still blurring his vision, increasing his workload and processing capacity.

It was annoying!

The Destroyer was pissed.

“Do you still want to disgust me before you die”

The Destroyer frowned.

But the next moment, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Lin Qiye had teleported behind him without him knowing and emptied his internal organs.

“You… How did you do it How many SSS-Grade talents do you have”

The Destroyer clenched his fists and wanted to resist.

However, he realized that his body was filled with the friction of the thunder particles.

It made him lose the ability to move.

He knew that he was the loser.

He had lost to Lin Qiyes strange teleportation ability.

He frowned and stared at Lin Qiye as if he wanted to see through him.

Lin Qiye let out a breath.

“I have four abilities.

I used teleportation and particle domain just now.

In the domain, I can teleport regardless of anything.

Even if you have mental power as a defense and think that your defense is airtight, my particles can penetrate through anything! Just a second ago, a nanometer-sized lightning particle penetrated your defense!”

“This is my strongest ability.

You wont lose out if I use it to kill you.”

The Destroyer laughed bitterly.

“Im about to die, and I should be honored F*ck you!”

Lin Qiye did not reply.

If the Destroyer wants to curse, so be it.

Lin Qiye was the final winner.

Lin Qiye did not waste any more words andsnapped his fingers.

The Destroyer was reduced to ashes.

Only a faint human-shaped shadow formed by thunder particles was left on the spot.

“Its over! My most dangerous battle!” Lin Qiye finally let out a long sigh of relief.

His body was drenched in sweat.

Just now, he had nearly died in the other partys hands!

Although everything happened in a flash, Lin Qiye knew the dangers within.

If he had been a second later, the one who died would have been him!

“An SSS-Grade mental talent is truly terrifying!”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

He turned around and looked at the five of them.

The people he brought crumbled on the ground.

Blood flowed out of their seven orifices, and their blood vessels exploded.

They lay on the ground, only breathing weakly.

Lin Qiye came to the side and used his Holy Violet Genuine Qi to treat all of them.

A day later, the five of them finally woke up.

They held their heads and coughed repeatedly.

Their faces were as pale as a layer of white flour.

“Are we alive”

“Did we win”

“That guy is too strong!”

The five guardians touched their bodies, their hearts palpitating.

Lin Qiye smiled.

“We won.

That guy is already dead.

Thank you all.

You sacrificed so much to get this victory.”

Although the five guardians felt a sharp pain in their heads, they still became spirited.


Gu must be joking.

You had no choice but to carry out such a dangerous battle to protect the human race.

We were merely bystanders.”

They shook their heads.

After witnessing Gu Shaoshangs battle, they finally knew how terrifying he was.

During the battle, they were really bystanders.

Lin Qiye shook his head and smiled.

“All of you have contributed greatly.

I will ask the higher-ups to reward you.

“Also, Ive treated your external injuries.

I cant treat your mental energy deficiency and injuries.

Ill have to trouble you to think of a way.”

Hearing that, the five of them had strange expressions.


Gu, you might not know this, but this island can actually be used as a training base for mental-type Awakened ones.

Weve slept for a day, and weve almost recovered.”

“Furthermore, weve noticed that there seem to be mental-type crystals under the trench.

Those treasures should be able to increase our talent.”

“Theres even a strange undulation.

That strange undulation is on par with SSS-Grade mental-type Awakeners.

Its definitely not an ordinary object.

Boss, bring us in to take a look!”

Regarding this, Lin Qiye was somewhat curious but also vigilant.

“Will there be any danger”

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